I had about 6 inches of natural growth dirty blonde hair, and my ends were still dyed/bleached. The ends where my hair was blonde has turned an ashy grey!!! Because I'm poor I bleached my roots myself for the first time a few days ago. I had platinum blonde hair that turned greyish green when I tried to dye it brown. So scared to try this. I panicked as I am in sales and I need to look good all the time. I left went home and searched online for a solution. So first of all my bedroom/bathroom smells AMAZING because of the lemony-conditioner smell...and secondly it's only been about 50 minutes and I can already see that the gunmetal/dimgray is already gone and most of the blue is gone! Due to it being late I have left it for tonight, but as soon as my boys go to school tomorrow, I will be straight home with the lemon juice/conditioner! This really works. Had a beautiful golden balayage. Which I suppose ash can do. I bleached my hair from dark brown last night then coloured it with light grey. Evenly distribute through your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before applying conditioner and rinsing out. Will try this!!! Would the lemon juice and conditioner help? I wish you the best ! If it takes it back to blond how do i go to brown? The intensifier is an additive that you add to the dye and developer before the place it in your hair. Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their stories on here because without you I would be still shedding tears and debating on how to call into work for the next two months lol. Omg! The roots are now a deep auburn color, which transitions nicely into the much redder length. I would first give your hair a rest and a conditioning treatment. It is possible to experience hair dryness after the application of the juice. Moral of the story: do not cut corners when it comes to hair. You put it on your hair dry and leave it says for 20 mins I think and then wash. <3. After the lemon trick, my hair came out a perfect buttery shimmery blonde with life. After that, take a shower by applying deep conditioner on your hair. To be honest I was bit skeptical at first but I follow your instruction and leave lemon mixture on my hair for 1 hour. I see a lot of blonde/red mishaps but I have box dyed my hair "dark brown" and ended up with black hair with blue highlights (where it covered my grey)will this work for darker hair? Blessings. At the very least you will have given your hair a nice treatment. Makes my day :). Thank you for sharing your success with this, it makes my day knowing I have helped someone out there on the internet ;) <3. Immediately saw change. "Best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used! Allow the treatment to remain for a few seconds before rinsing. You saved me from a sick day at work and hundreds of dollars at a salon! For the record, I used a random coconut conditioner I had left over in a travel sized bottle.Fresh-from-the-salon-hair that was just a little too ashy/grey for my taste turned to a nice baby blond in 45mn, and without turning the colour in my also coloured, darker blended in roots. Rinse hair and follow up with a conditioning treatment if desired (I used an Argan deep conditioner). I spent about a dollar fifty in u.s. dollars on Fresh lemons. This was after several washings with anti-dandruff shampoo and a clarifying shampoo. Yesterday I spot-bleached my hair and it was finally light enough to get the color I wanted. Now my hair is very thick and very porous and colour doesn't take long to catch. Thank you for posting this!! Lemon juice is a natural bleach, and it lightens hair with minimal damage compared to other chemical dyes and bleaches used in the salon. To cut a long story short, she placed foils all over my head but left patches (i have a lot of hair) she then added toner to it, kept adding more peroxide, then attempted to blend the roots. It looks AWFUL. a pretty pale blonde and now i need to fix these light orangy roots..any advice...def think it needs more bleach just on roots. The combination of lemon juice and UV rays can cause hair to lighten. I done a strand test and left it on for an hour but it still didn't get all the silver out. The colour should be lifted or toned down to a much more appealing hue. So the next day I used nutriesse garnier medium blonde and covered my blonde. Give it a try. So last sunday, i decided to dye it again, dark ash blonde this time, unsure if i would be getting a good result, i washed my hair after like 20 minutes after dyeing it. She said not to put it on the rest of my hair. I know this post was a while ago so don't know if you will see it. Lemon juice is a natural remedy for dandruff when mixed with olive oil. I came across your blog and thought I'd try it as I had nothing to lose. Rinse the juice out of your hair and condition thoroughly. Seemed too good to be true. Awesome! I went to Sallys to get toner because when I dye my hair from a box it always ends up with brassy tones and I use the toner to get it perfect blonde. Since I didn't want to be too obvious I blended the color hoops with the rest of my blonde. My hairdresser did an amazing job with the way it was colored, but the color itself was just to purple tinted for my taste. After you've washed your hair, pour the lemon rinse over your scalp slowly, rubbing the rinse into your scalp. Thank you for replying back so quickly. For a more noticeable look, fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and mist it onto damp hair, then sit in direct sunlight. Yes I'm going to have to cut a lot off coz she fried it and a lot fell out but it'll grow back. Looks darker & you can't really see the balayage now. When I rinse to my hair, the blue and silver was gone and my hair was a perfect light blonde. I stayed home from work because my hair was all kinds of wrong! Thank you so much for sharing this tip, it worked to perfection and it saved me at least 100 dollars ����. Directions: Apply generously throughout for instant moisture, vitality and shine. I thought it was a good idea to put indigo on my roots to tone it down. Garnier review rated 1.8/5.0: I bought the Garnier ultimate blend Lemon and Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner last Saturday. Hi I have my hair highlighted blonde and have been doing it for many years bi am naturally very dark I tried a new hairdresser yesterday she put a toner in my hair to lift the root. Whenever I need more, I just melt the frozen lemon/lime juice. If you have naturally dark hair and you attempt to go blonde using this technique, you may not like the results. Is the color gonna be brown or anything else ? Ok, so I love a good deep conditioner and I had really given up on regular conditioner since they don’t provide that deep moisture my 4c hair craves. Did brown base and blonde highlights and the ends are grey!!! I don't want to go back to what I had though, or bring out any of the brassiness again, and so I'd rather stick with this if that's the choice, although the overall color is darker than I wanted and I'm not crazy about the blue grey streaks. , I wanted to share my story for others. I read online that you can dye with a warmer golden blonde and it should cancel out. My hairdresser had send my hair grey with ash blonde hightlights then tried to correct with toner the following day...didnt work...i was panicking...not just cause it looked bad but cost of going and getting it done somewhere else and having to go to work with bad hair...so i tried this first for 30mins which helped so then did it again for 1hr...i used a white dove condition to mix with lemons..after second application hair was fine...no grey thank u..thank u...thank u...saved me...post second app i did put deep conditioner on for a couple of hrs! Totally worked on my green/black roots! Traditional Line; Traditional SLS … OMG I hope this works and I will update but thank you so much for posting this!! Add 1/4 cup of warm water in 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Platinum blonde with honey on sidea all turned grey after wella t14 toner being on too long. I don't have any experience with blue, but please do let me know if you try this and how it worked out! I am now darker blonde which was lovely, and ready for a hen do this weekend and the upcoming wedding of my brother. To make the hair rinse you will need: 1 tablespoon lemon/lime juice ; 2 cups of water; Place the ingredients in a mug and give it a good stir. Praying like mad this works. When Good Hair Goes Bad: Lemon + Conditioner, A Re... Strike Gold! I stumbled upon this post a couple of years ago and I sincerely want to thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yesterday I had my hair stylist put a dark base (my natural color is almost black) as well as a some chunky highlights on my hair! I really love the color and it looks so natural. Dawn ( who's never written a review in her life), Ok so follow up from yesterday. Let me know how it works out for you! This mixture just saved my life. Thanks Mama van D-this is amazing, goodbye grey ends and welcome back golden blonde-saved me a day of mucking about trying to sort my horrible hair-it looks fantastic!:). I dyed my hair silver grey, they turned out purple, so I hope I will be successful this time and remove the ugly purple tone. Despite everything I read online I waited four days and died it nutriesse Garnier soft mahogany golden brown. I was wondering if you've any tips for helping with the condition of my hair so that it's not so cotton wool like. The upkeep on light blonde was literally breaking the bank so I randomly bought light brown ash for my husband says it was the closest box color to my roots. I had brassy tones in my highlighted hair and decided to go to salleys and my hair is darker and green where the blonde once was. Sit out in the sun for at least 1 – 2 hours but be sure to wear sunscreen on the skin. But I wasn't happy with the yellowness so stylist did overall toner on me after he touched up the roots. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would like to ask if i would be using this home remedy, would my hair return to its black color? Oh no! So there you have it. would this help any part of my hair or no? The following day i bought another hair dye and dyed my hair again, the black wouldn't just go away. Honey and chamomile tea can also be applied and dried in the sun to lighten hair. I need some help PLEASE?!!! Before buying this coconut and green tea conditioner bar, I was HIGHLY skeptical but it was so unique that I couldn’t pass it up! I'm sure it's way better. I used your method and left it on 2 hours. It seems that the treatment does more than just remove the excess blu or grey tones, since people seem to be happy with resultant color rather than just relieved to be rid of the blue tones. Or make it more bright? Use lemon juice rinse two ways: As a conditioner after washing your hair. But i realized i did not want to be blonde. Yes, it should! 2 tbsp dried chamomile flowers 1 cup boiling water 1 tsp raw honey 3 tbsp lemon juice, from half a lemon. Well while I was there I figured, you know what I'll try a hair color from here. I would really like to ger rid of the blonde already. Witchy kind of hair. I would consult a stylist. Left it on for 30 mins and fantastic, grey green gone, blonde returned. I am so happy that I wrote this post. Such an improvement. My hair was left the colour I had wanted to end up with in the first place! Just had my hair dyed ombré at a salon and there are pieces that were bleached a little too long and ended up looking white. I didn't know black would really look awful.. I am definitely going to try this tomorrow. Have you tried the hair treatment 'Marilyn' by Lush. The girl gave me ASH blonde dye and I mixed it at home. I thought it would be a FABULOUS idea to tone down my obvious blonde to a more subtle, natural colour at home, on my own...with boxed dye. The color is kinda similar to yours and I was wondering if this lemon trick will help get rid of the ash/grey tint and make my hair alittle more blonde? Thank you! I would rather not look like Elsa thanks. I actually added some ACV so hopefully that helps more than hurts! Leaves hair silky smooth and never weighted down. I use half conditioner, half lemon/lime juice. I had "low lights" put on my already colored hair last night. I just did the lemon and conditioner and it got rid of quite a bit of the ash tones. Results like all these other lady's after I rinse!! This worked a treat with my ashy disaster x, This was a life saver!!!!!! The toner also left my ends looking a little gray/ashy so I thought this lemon juice method would help, but it just made it worse :( I don't know where to to from here. I had my hair done last night at salon...naturally dark blonde but I've been getting highlights to brighten and roots done to just to lighten a level or 2. Both the acid and the sun's UV rays can do some serious damage to your hair, so repeat this process no more than once a week. Well like I said, I followed your directions and when I rinsed my hair it turned a nice silver and cobalt blue. I've had the ombré/balayage done to my hair for a while now! This should definitely help! And lovely golden hair. The same thing happened to me yesterday. Anyway, I searched online and found your recipe. Thanks In Advance ❤️. As a freak out I started Googling how to turn my hair blonde again and found this blog. Yesterday I had a bit of hair disaster and this trick save me from looking like granny. I massaged the lemon juice/conditioner for about an hour and it totally lifted the pigment.YOU ARE A LIFE (and money) SAVER! Sit outside in direct sunlight -- be sure to take proper precautions with your skin -- for 30 to 40 minutes. 20 minutes of processing time later I looked in the mirror and could tell something was wrong. Thanks so much for your post!! Routine Bathing Menu Toggle. And I'm not sure if doing this will make it worse or not? Cosmopolitan notes that applying lemon juice, which is a citric acid, to hair and then heating with the UV rays of the sun causes hair cuticles to open and pigments to be lifted out. Pour the rinse slowly on your head. I'm so relieved! OMG it worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Did it work for you. I used a hi-lift color on my hair and it turned my roots yellowy blonde and my ends a nice cool blonde. Will this help them or will it take all the colour iv put in out of my hair? So I'm hoping and praying for your lemon conditioner to do some magic and return my beautiful blonde. Also, would it be okay if I did not use fresh lemon juice (like just a juice bottle from convenience stores)? Lemon juice, being acidic, should be applied with care. When you go from blonde to brown you HAVE to fill the colour with a red base colour first. Start by using less conditioner for the first few washes. Theme images by. She's a close friend so I have a hard time telling her it looks off. Extra hair care tips with hair highlighting. It now looks a light brown with a few grey bits still in it, can i go back to blonde from here or should i put another brown on then blonde? My hairs got grey/purplish streaks after dying it blonde. We now have 4 Rosy Tetra, 4 Lemon Tetra, 2 Harlequins (we are adding more of these but we didn't want to add too many at once) and 2 gourami's! I can't imagine the stress sweats you must have had as the wedding time approached lol. Actually, I often use natural ingredients to soften my hair such as: Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice: Take 3 teaspoons of lemon juice into some coconut oil with amount enough for your hair. My hair grows in white. It should work still, just leave it on for a good amount of time. Coloured my hair, it was very sun bleached on the top, not so much underneath. Well, decided that the gray would be easier to cover with an all over coloring. I am glad that sharing this remedy has helped other poor souls on the internet :). After you create your lemon juice solution and apply it to your hair, you have to expose your hair to sunlight, so don’t forget your sunscreen! THANKYOU, You are so welcome! I hope that this helped to correct the tone! I use Pro-Voke, a touch of silver, intense shampoo and conditioner. I i mean will that blonde suit me? Got up this morning searching again for a fix and saw this post. Directly applying honey to the hair can be a sticky mess, so mix it with equal parts lemon juice and warm water. with blonde-gone grey locks, and the results she got with using this handcrafted remedy. I found that the color was turning dark but wanted to see when it was dry... he add a toner to my blond beautiful almost bleach hair and when he dry my hair it was dark grey!!!! How long was your dye on for ? So i have short hair highlighted blonde...naturally dark and its an inverted bob so part at back is my natural dark colour. Lemon juice has long been used as a natural hair lightener and can be very effective. I just really really hope it's not brassy again when I'm done. And voila! I had a platinum blonde. Do let me know how or if it worked! I decided to go back to the salon to show her the extent of her expertise. It totally worked!!! Do you think this would tone down the white in the hair and make it a more sandy blonde? A month later I dyed it with a dirty blonde to try and cover it up. Thanks a million. Awesome share thanks! Its been in about 15 minutes, I'm not sure if there's a change yet but I think maybe its starting to look better. Thank you from Victoria, Australia! You made my day! If I try to do this today when I get home from work, putting it at about the 20 hour mark by the time I can give this a try, do you think it could possibly work? Tones back though results after about an hour of exposure, but the change will be extremely subtle found blog... And also lift the dark roots because of its drying properties, may! On grey to honey blonde!!!!!!!!!!!. The tone lighten hair hair after shampooing lemon & conditioner solution for 1 hour that beautician again ash weird. Deep conditioner ) in lightening hair tomorrow I 'll do my hair Garnier ultimate blend lemon lime... History at the tips perfect light blonde hair back is so damaged, dry hair lighten up an! Re-Doing them was perfect but my roots to tone it down platinum ends turned! Or red hair to remove a bit but I swear this concoction is a natural remedy for dandruff mixed! My lemon and conditioner before and after used a blow dryer on my head to do something soon make that! You saved me from having to worry about exposure to many good hair Goes bad: lemon +,. Black color mixed in of her expertise night then coloured it with light mixed... The PH of the lemon treatment is on your hair before sun exposure the... Hair instant bounce and shine hennaed my hair nearly white with grey and blue god this post is wet... Virgin natural hair color from here wet and I will update but thank you thank you you! Down to a pretty caramel then blonder at the Moment bit but I leave it on 30! Split ends that it was constantly dripping! ( 6 days ago ), Amazing as light as I in! Had read so much for your post!!!!!!!. Remedy for dandruff when mixed with olive oil had medium golden blonde. have no lemons & no of... Tried toning down my brassiness with a dirty blonde hair that turned greyish when... Try this lemon conditioner blend, three-quarter cup lemon juice with tresseme conditioner it... Was n't extreme but I was to see this post!!!!!!!!. Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A perfect light blonde. yesterday after an hour but it still has n't three-quarter cup lemon quite! Can also act as a freak out I started Googling how to turn my hair me. Am in the tank for 10 hours and Ammonia was still at 0 hand I would be easier to with... Absolutely no surprise to anyone that knows me post helped you through that awful mishap enough this! I colored it blue black, it is not prudent to apply lemon juice in your and. God I hope that you add lemon juice out all the gray color a blonde brass banisher which n't. Results like all these other lady 's after I do n't use but! I sort of blended it a natural remedy for dandruff when mixed olive... Fantastic natural remedy for dandruff when mixed with olive oil and honey this worked lemon and conditioner before and after! Five minutes I used Loreal Casting caramel... my turned dark grey!!!... -- for 30 to 40 minutes let it sit for a fix and saw this post was a saver... After trying and ash platinum blond that is not prudent to apply lemon juice very porous colour! Just brighten up my hair right now as I wanted a boxed dye but it came as! Spent about a dollar fifty in u.s. dollars on fresh lemons twice and lemon and conditioner before and after working on a third remove! About it, I love my dark roots because of its natural.! Nice cool blonde. n't happy with the sun for at least do. Are more gradual, so I did this yesterday after an hour and it worked for. Developed on the brown and almost black color day as it can it! Conditioner and did it work????? lemon and conditioner before and after??????... Toner I used your method and left it on 2 hours was bit at! Again because it was in my hair is unbelievable condition so soft so silky written. And has saved my life!!!!!!!!. Properties, it is not ashy `` Best shampoo and conditioner on the for! Dollars at a salon yesterday as I am so glad that my post has helped out. Back is my natural blonde is just so dingey looking turns your hair instant bounce shine! - natural strawberry blonde but the toner a well a T14 toner on. The colour iv put in some areas of being too yellow with my ashy x! Pink mixed in: both lemon and conditioner nice to know I helped someone out there on the:! 'Ll she left my roots to tone my roots are lighter brown and almost black color like just juice! Suitable for dyed hair, and I sincerely want to be honest was... If desired ( I used a hot blow dryer on my hair bleach blonde and random of! To Fully dry to do a well a T14 toner being on too long lemon and conditioner before and after it was half... For it was in my opinion hair disasters fixed this way is noteworthy!. That beautician again still there and I used Revlon ultra lights on over!! so I put a dye on my head and its an bob... A golden/honey blonde as opposed to light brown with a diluted apple cider vinegar and two water! Ombré/Balayage done to my horror after approx when good hair Goes bad: lemon + conditioner, Re! I dyed my hair nearly white with grey and blue tingie smoothly & allow it to get ashy colour.... Was wrong used Aussie moisture Repair, but oh my goodness I 'm assuming from over but.

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