Perhaps the tendency for those of us who ask these types of broader discovery, and “big picture” why-type questions is the manifestation of a certain personality type. Answering and asking questions is an important part of learning. Because asking questions requires a certain amount of vulnerability, corporate cultures must shift to promote this behavior. The Importance of Asking Questions. Don’t use questions to challenge authority or to complain. You can develop an Aristotelian method for asking questions, comparing and contrasting, probing definitions, looking toward analogies, asking questions about classification, and such (see Aristotle's Rhetoric). There are few business settings in which asking questions is more important than sales. When we really start to feel connected to another person, we can split off parts of ourselves, so that we can maintain the connection. We can give someone our best advice, but helpful insights will be much more powerful if our teammates come to important conclusions on their own, guided by the questions we ask. Asking questions allow readers to make connections based on things they already know (their schema). Asking questions give the reader a chance to use context clues to identify unfamiliar words. Asking and answering questions is not only a part of how we learn, but it is also a part of our social skills; we ask … When you interact with information by elaborating on it, thinking critically about its context, or relating some pieces of information to others you … With increased connection comes increased risk of let-downs, hurt, and a feeling of disconnection. We ask questions in order to learn more information about something, and we answer questions to provide more information. Asking questions give readers a chance to make predictions and then later change their thinking. How best to “question up” When “questioning up”—meaning, asking questions of someone at a higher level—your questions should always be asked in a way that shows 1) respect and 2) genuine curiosity. (Gen. 15:8). Abraham received one of the greatest pictures of God's covenant of grace when he asked God the almost impertinent question "O Lord God, how am I to know that I shall posses it?" What many of us start to do is keep our questions and opinions quietly hidden. Methods of questioning Asking questions is a good strategy, but is there a methodology to questions that would yield better insight? This is the biblical mandate to know God and study His Word by asking questions and seeking answers. In asking questions, we help others become better. Leaders should encourage people to ask more questions… importance of asking questions. Asking questions works because it makes you an active learner instead of a passive recipient of information. demonstrates interest and respect, asking thought provoking questions can cause clients to think critically about their health and self-care, encouraging clients to ask questions encourages shared decision making and may improve client satisfaction. And as Michael Hyatt says, one of the best ways to mentor others is to ask good questions. valid and important, although it is less obvious.

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