While the format is definitely not coming back in full force, there has been a renewed interest in the cassette tape in recent years. On the downside, you'll need to connect it to speakers before you can hear anything. By Jacqueline Detwiler-George. Additionally, the USB output lets you connect it to your computer, whether that happens to be a Mac or a PC. Cassette Decks. Information for the Cassette Decks. Specified frequency response of the deck is 30 - 16,000 Hz but what makes this deck really big is it's size of 54 x 13 x 31 cm and 8 kg weight. Cassette Tapes Are Back, Don't You Dare Call Them Obsolete. Tried to fix a vintage Sansui but it just cost me $$$ and it still didn't work. Add-ons; The modern cassette decks come with a tremendous amount of add-ons like automatic music search, preamp outputs, etc. They are seeing a resurgence in popularity, much like vinyl has over the past few years. And of course, you can use the two decks for cassette dubbing at normal speed. Cassette … 31. Top Answer. I tested out the unit and found the buttons were a bit hard to push. This is one of the few new decks that offers features from the heyday of cassettes, such as computer control, Dolby-equivalent noise reduction, and automatic dubbing. I have been thinking about the Pioneer CT-447L and Goldstar GSW-920 double cassette decks, but am not sure that do they work for making mixtapes. Functionality. If your needs are more casual, then the Sony Boombox or Riptunes Wireless might come in handy. Let's find out. Make sure the cassette tape is compatible with your device. $29) is a pocket-sized player with a better build quality than many other new Walkman-style models. This flexible deck not only lets you record from cassette to cassette but also record on both decks. While it is permanently magnetized, it carries electromagnetic signals specific to its contents that can be overwritten many times. Before you buy, try and at least plug it in to make sure that the machine still powers on, and that the buttons still work as they should. Ultimately, the CD ended up blowing the cassette out of the water, with tape sales sharply declining over the course of the CD's inaugural decade. Under the name music-cassettes, the Mercury Record Company brought the format to the American market in 1966. Beyond writing, he’s always had a passionate interest in the clever engineering found in consumer electronics and machinery, with an eclectic interest that spans diverse categories such as photography equipment, musical instruments, and automotive technology. This gives the option of parallel recording – ideal for when you might want two copies of a home recording. If you still value audio cassettes as a reliable recording medium, the Tascam 202MKVII is a modern, practice-oriented solution at an affordable price. They are still in demand by recording studios who want to master music productions in analog. The Naxa NPB-268 (about $33) is a combo model that provides surprisingly good audio fidelity given its small size. Skip to the best cassette player on Amazon. we may earn commissions to in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are linking. The iconic Sony Walkman arrived in 1979 to great fanfare, and other portable tape players, in both personal and amplified formats, proliferated. The heyday of the cassette was generally between the the '80s and the early '90s, so most decks you'll come across will be from this time period. Tim. Google rightly brought you here as we are one of the last surviving companies that still do cassette repairs.....so read on. While it is permanently magnetized, it carries electromagnetic signals specific to its contents that can be overwritten many times. Dual Cassette Deck USB Convert Tape to mp3 copy transfer burn CD, PC, Pyle PT649D Dual Cassette Deck Recording High Speed Dubbing Noise Reduction, Marantz PMD-300CP Dual Deck Cassette Recorder/Player with USB PC Connection, Pyle PT649D Dual Stereo Cassette Deck Player System for Music & Audio Recording, Jensen JMC1250 Bluetooth 3-Speed Stereo Turntable and 3 CD Changer with Dual Cassette, NEW IN THE BOX ~ 90's Panasonic Car Audio Removable CQ-H05EU am/fm Cassette, DUAL STEREO CASSETTE DECK CONVERT TRANSFER TAPE MUSIC SONGS TO MP3 CONVERTER. New blank tapes are still being made. REQUESTS FOR PARTS, MANUALS AND DOCUMENTATION DO NOT GO HERE. Yes, cassettes have a shelf life. tascam.com. Tascam 202MKVII The Tascam 202MKVII is a professional-quality dual deck unit with USB output, so if you're looking for something just for playing old tapes from time to time, this probably isn't it. Those looking for something between a dual deck and a Walkman-style device, you may want to consider boombox-type selections such as the Sony Boombox, Naxa NPB-268, Victrola Classic, Riptunes Wireless. Obscure service subjects that don't … Yes, cassettes tapes are still made. Despite its old-school appeal it still has some modern features, such as the ability to play audio files from an SD card or thumb drive. 2009-10-29 16:32:36 2009-10-29 16:32:36. It has always amazed me the grade of quality and perfection the cassette tape evolved to, running at the very slow speed of 1 7/8 ips and using a 1/4 tk format in such small surface of tape! Today with the advent of so many media types and sources of music, cassette decks are becoming a piece of history; however cassette decks are still being manufactured and sold across the world and enjoyed by many music lovers. Finally, we decided to remove the Jensen SCR 68Y due to ongoing troubles with the playback quality and overall durability. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Dec 18, 2006 at 9:07 AM. After all you may want to be able to transfer your old cassette tapes to your PC, convert them to MP3 format or burn your tunes to CD. There is a risk of hardware damage when you force to remove a stuck tape from the cassette compartment. In regards to unique features between the three, note that the Reshow Cassette doubles as a digitizer, the Byron Statics Portable is one of the most affordable choices on the market, and the Jensen Retro has a slightly superior build-quality and button-feel. Cassette Deck Guide. Report comment Well, without investing a lot of money, you can pick up one of these cassette players and bring those old songs back to life. It's a convenient all-in-one player with a sleek design that offers a great deal of convenience. It also handles CR-RW and MP3 playback, too, making it … I still have my Sony dual dubbing and Kenwood decks, they work great and wouldn’t trade them for the world… Report comment. While they were developed as a replacement for reel-to-reel tape cartridges used primarily for professional audio recording, their potential as a widespread audio distribution format was visible right away. This wiki has been updated 18 times since it was first published in October of 2016. Gave away about 300 cassettes but did keep 70+/-. The exposed tape is stretched flat by a set of guide rollers built into the cassette as well as a pair of spindles typically contained within the player itself. There seems to be a lot of people around who still use, or want to be able to play cassette tapes, and are looking to buy a new or second hand cassette deck. A 12-inch square version of the album art looks great on a wall or mantle, allowing die-hard fans to showcase their devotion to their favorite artists. In 2009, for example, just 34,000 tapes were sold, an astonishingly low figure when compared to the 442 million sold in 1990. STUDER A721 Cassette Decks LCD Display 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: Vintage Star Studio Gabriel Dual Cassette Deck Player Recorder Sing Along New 9.4 8.9 9.5 3: I bought a nice three head deck with Dolby NR for five euros, and it sounds great. However, they still run over $150 on ebay The first compact cassettes were designed in Belgium by the Dutch technology company Philips. Consider the similar Geeklin Retro for transferring cassettes to MP3 files while you're on the go. Want to playback music on USB, CD and cassette? Unfortunately, cassettes don't make quite the same physical impact, and tape enthusiasts can scarcely hope for a boost of that magnitude. Several of these options are also capable of playing CDs, digital audio files, and even music from your phone, so they themselves can serve as an affordable all in one music player if you don't already have something like a dedicated Bluetooth speaker. $499). This unit puts your entire music collection right at your fingertips, whether that's vinyl, cassette, or CD. I used to have a lot of cassettes, not a massive amount, but more than a few. I wish some company did make a quality cassette deck. I assume you’re talking about audio cassettes as opposed to VHS. While the format is definitely not coming back in full force, there has been a renewed interest in the cassette tape in recent years. Still, for underground bands, a cassette makes the ultimate calling card. A cassette deck is a type of tape machine for playing and recording audio cassettes.The consumer electronics industry formerly used the term deck to distinguish them from a tape recorder, the "deck" being part of a stereo component system, while a "tape recorder" was more portable and usually had a self-contained power amplifier (and often speakers). Most tape decks you'll come across are going to be 20-30+ years old. For the most part, cassette players have two modes, playback and recording. There are not lot of cassette decks left on the market to compare the 202MKVII to. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... 5 Belt Replacement BELT SET SONY TC-WE305 Dual Deck Cassette Player #WCNH (Rubber) 5.0 out of 5 stars 8. In addition to being compact these selections are generally the most inexpensive type of player you can get, so they're also a good choice for those who are trying to spend as little as they can. This mechanism is contained within a rigid plastic casing with openings at the top to allow the magnetic tape to be read by a receiving mechanism, and features several holes for external components to assist with rotating the spools. It waited out 20 years of technological advances in audio and is now cashing in … When was the last time you listened to a good recorded Chrome tape played in a high-quality deck? The cassette decks business was pretty good back in the days, especially in late 80’s – early 90’s, but now it seems like a lot of people are going back to old-school music sets. Then check out the Teac AD850, as it will do it all!Quality CD player built-inAt its heart, the Teac AD-850 is a CD player that will playback your CDs with a crisp and detailed sound. Then check out the Teac AD850, as it will do it all!Quality CD player built-inAt its heart, the Teac AD-850 is a CD player that will playback your CDs with a crisp and detailed sound. This is especially valuable when the paltry revenues from streaming take months to actually reach an artist's bank account. This Company Is Still Making Audio Cassettes and Sales Are Better Than Ever. The vinyl resurgence has a lot to do with the size and collectability of the format. Obscure service subjects that don't quite fit go in the Help and Do It Yourself subforum. How m… This particular model also includes an AM/FM tuner and an auxiliary input jack, so you can use it to listen to music from other devices. In my listening room, at the moment, I have, in the $140k Raidho C4.1, the most realistic full-range speaker system I (or any of my listening panel) have ever heard. After all you may want to be able to transfer your old cassette tapes to your PC, convert them to MP3 format or burn your tunes to CD. $299) is a versatile choice, as it boasts not only a tape deck but also a CD player and a turntable. I've totally given up with cassette decks. TASCAM assures me the components used in the 202MKVII’s are new and manufactured to the company’s specifications. It supports both normal and CrO2 tapes and features dynamic noise reduction to reduce hiss and artifacts. It isn't too heavy or burdensome, but you will need to invest in a set of four C batteries, as it doesn't come with any. Google+. Do they still make cassette decks for cars? By the end of the late 2000s, very few cars were offered with cassette decks. Gave away about 300 cassettes but did keep 70+/-. I wish some company did make a quality cassette deck. (see YouTube video) Instead of the usual cassette illumination from the back, the GRUNDIG CNF 300 has front ilumination located in the cassette door. Amazingly it still sort of works (as I told my wife, 'that is why it's worth keeping old gear around') but the cassette drives tend to chew up tapes and generally misbehave. If you believe that your product should be included Additionally, you can use its built-in speaker to amplify tracks from your MP3 player or phone by taking advantage of its 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input jack.

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