The color it goes on wet is the color it dries. In the video I mentioned that there were 2 common ways to do this; spraying or brushing.. The short answer’s yes. So take time and get it right. Duct tape around portholes, and anything that you don’t want in contact with the gelcoat. Tips LEL offers a variety of features that should be considered. While brushing the gelcoat has it’s advantages, it isn’t always the best approach. Compound formulated for gelcoat is more abrasive and cuts faster—never use it on your car, or you’ll be heading for the spray booth. When using these additives, the overall mix needs to be catalyzed at 2% or higher (it will be stated on the product container). By this I am referring to UV-absorbers and pigments / color. I mentioned using well-ventilated areas to apply gelcoat, but on the flipside, you should also avoid the outdoors. If you don’t have a tip that large, most people generally thin the gelcoat. Check the surface for any blemishes once the gelcoat is set. Advantages of this type of gun are: And once applied, if the coating’s dull and chalky—it will not buff up! Here are some great products on the market for this job: Bondo 00277 Glass Reinforced Filler (Check Price on Amazon): This filler sets quickly, enabling sanding within two minutes. 400-grit sandpaper Masking tape Bundle of old newspaper Paint sprayer 2-part epoxy paint (Imron, or similar) Boat wax Wet sand the area to be painted with the 400-grit sandpaper. Boats. If your gelcoat is looking really dull, with no bright or shiny spots, you'll need to apply polish first. It's fairly hard to get a good finish spraying/post applying gelcoat. You may need to apply another coat. Thank you very much for the work of putting them together. You might need to re-coat areas, but the depth should be no higher than 20 mils. Stains can be localized or in the case of some boats cover the entire topsides and hull. Both do the same job, except reactive thinners mix to become part of the gelcoat, while evaporative thinners dissipate within the resin to leave mostly pure gelcoat. Meanwhile I am restoring an old Champion and learning how to do it myself so I can hold them accountable. Hardener, or Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP), helps the gelcoat set. Sea Hawk Gelcoat (check price on Amazon): Premium-grade marine gelcoat for protection against water sanding and the rigors of the sea. The recommended nozzle size for spraying gelcoat depends on the type of spray gun you are using. 2021 Tahoe 2485 LTZ Quad Lounge. After a LONG discussion, they are promising to strip it down and do it right. Husky H4850GHVSG at $69.98. We have never done gel coat and live in key west FL so our average temp is 85°- 90° f, any tricks you can share to apply this sucessfully? Eventually, the rain soaks into the wood and begins to rot the frames. Speaking of color, at this stage in the process, you’ll want to add the color pigment (if white isn’t for you). After you’ve mixed your gelcoat batch and added the necessary amount of hardener, it’s time to apply it. Getting your boat ready for Fall? Most automotive paint stores sell the Preval sprayer, a paint gun that uses a disposable can of propellant and a reusable glass jar for the gelcoat. Now, to apply the gelcoat, stand about a foot away (0.30 meters). After you’re satisfied with the finish, wipe the entire surface with Acetone to remove any grease or dirt. Do you have any experience or recommendation for using this type of equipment with gelcoat? Delete all. Julie paints the wildlife, and Eric likes to bark, mostly. Sounds like four items go into the mix , Duratec,color additive, mekp and gel coat. It is generally not a good option for high production fiberglass work. Using the window frame analogy again, you wouldn’t apply new paint over old paint without preparing the surface. And if you plan on coating your boat’s entire hull and it’s a big enough job to warrant some investment in the outcome, then choose a spray gun. I really appreciate you for publishing this blog here about applying gelcoat with brushes or a spray gun; it’s really a helpful and very useful for us. Thanks in no small part to your videos I have decided to gel coat it myself. Mark Weir lives on a canal boat in the heart of England, with his wife, Julie, and his grumpy dog, Eric. If the old gelcoat is faded but still fine, apply the new coat directly on top. Whin I arrived to my utter amazement my boat had been painted. 2021 Starcraft CX 23 DL Bar. Industrial Epoxy Finishing Coating. Duratec Clear High Gloss Additive, and Patch-Aid. Never apply gelcoat in temperatures below 60 degrees F, and above 80 degrees F. Allow for ventilation. Mask … Central Pneumatic. For the professional standard “Cup” gun, the gelcoat can be added thicker. It also works on wood, fiberglass and other materials. By Jim Hendricks. After the surface is sanded, run your hand over to feel it’s smoothness. Remove all attachments: Cleats, ropes and seals. Here’s why: Although more significant quantities can be mixed, the pot life gets reduced significantly. If your scratches are big enough to require spraying on gelcoat, but you don’t have a compressor with a water separator and a paint gun, you can still make the repairs in your driveway. gelcoat spray. There are two types of stains: mineral and organic. Normal gelcoat should be catalyzed at around 1% – 1.25% Mek-P. At a minimum a 3hp unit will be needed with a 60 gallon tank. It’s what I have and so far (knock on wood) haven’t run into any issues. Unfortunately, mere soap and water frequently won’t remove all the stains, which exist at a deeper level within the porous gelcoat surface. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Thank you. Personally I like to use additives such as the Duratec or Patch-aid. Shop Our Amazon Store For Fiberglass Materials And Supplies! Getting to the point of applying your color matched gelcoat is one of the last steps in finishing off your repair(s). What brand gel coat do you use? Looking at this option a little further, lets go over some of the options for equipment. Typically you will use a … Boat is a '71 Katama, also has little tiny cracks on the deck surfaces where sun has gotten to gelcoat. Sure, applying and spraying gelcoat isn’t the easiest of tasks, and yes, it’s pretty messy. ... Spray, brush, or roll. These videos and blogs have been priceless. © 2020 Boatworks Today. This roughs up the surface of the gelcoat and gives the paint a surface for adherence. These units are typically less expensive and can be viewed as semi-disposable. Your boat is the same! Add to Cart Add to My List. I have used it on several boats to remove the chalky residue on old gelcoat without all the buffing... just spray it on, let it soak for 30 minutes and scrub it off.... but it does need to be washed afterwards. * Gelcoat is quite viscous and almost impossible to spray without thinning it. ), Get in Gear: 16 Cool Boat Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed. Mark likes to travel the waterways in his wide-beam barge, filming his exploits as he travels. Don’t think they won’t show through either. A relatively new development is Gelcoat Spray, which can be sprayed onto surfaces. The Complete Guide to Boat Dock Bumpers (For Beginner Boaters), The Best Marine Wi-Fi Extenders for High-Seas Internet, 4 Helpful Considerations When Choosing Between the Best Outboard Motors, The Best GPS for Your Boat: From Basics to Bells and Whistles, The 5 Best Shoes for Boating in Comfort and Style (and Without Slipping! Evaporative thinners are as they sound, the solvent evaporates from the gelcoat leaving behind mostly straight gelcoat. Choose your day carefully and watch the weather. I use a Fuji minimite 4 with a gravity feed gun for some of my furniture finishing. Ideally, a 5hp unit will provide everything that you’ll require and then some; the compressor will be able to ‘catch up’ with the demand and occasionally turn off. A power sander will do the trick, taking the blistered area back to the fiberglass. NEW. Ship and boat building > Production machines and tools > Gelcoat spray gun. You could spend anything from $65 to $1650 on a spray gun (check price on Amazon), but I reckon if you’re paying around $130 you’re getting a gun that’ll do the job just fine. HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun with Regulator $ 29 99. BetterBoat is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This being said, nothing is perfect. Also, before you add the thinner, you might want to add a sanding aid like FGCI Wax Additive (check price on Amazon). In my opinion, the most attractive benefit of this is that the gelcoat does not require thinning. This is available in practical spray cans. Explanations are understandable as well as enjoyable. When spraying gelcoat, you will need a spray gun with a 3.0 tip or larger. I’m feeling better about only paying $2200 to find mine painted too with automotive paint and clear coat. The other style of gun mentioned is a typical gravity fed gun such as that shown here: Use of this type of sprayer will require thinning the gelcoat to get proper atomization. A material that has been reduced will require a thicker film for the same level of protection versus un-thinned applications. Start the spring by hitting the hull with an oxidation remover and a buffer (after an initial wash-down, … 2 companies | 11 products. Spraying Gelcoat: Please follow the instructions located on the products page or the label. Because Boatworks Today, its owners or partners cannot control how the information provided through these videos is applied, we will not be held liable for any damages; incidental or consequential. Watched your video on brushing on gc. Hi David, As long as the is no damage to the glass beneath the gelcoat, it’s a pretty simple fix (just repair the individual spots). After sanding and dust removal, the surfaces that should not come into contact with the gelcoat spray and its fine spray mist must be masked. For small patches such as chips, dings, scratches and small repairs I believe that it is the most efficient both in prep time and application. Here’s a rough guide to the amount needed to add to the gelcoat mixture: Assuming you’ve used a thinning agent like Patch-aid (check price on Amazon), you’ll need 0.625cc of MEKP per ounce of gelcoat. Nearly all boats have some degree of gelcoat staining. Latest. – Simple design which allows quick break down for cleaning Depending on the method of construction, layers of chopped mat and fiberglass cloth are then built up on top to form the hull, deck, and other molded parts. And you don’t want that, especially when a well-applied gelcoat can last ten years or longer! In this video you'll learn how to spray gelcoat perfect every time. Preparing the Boat. Scaling up, you’ll need to add 11cc (approximately 165 drops) per quart of gelcoat. These types of units are an ‘industry standard’ for higher volume application needs. Would like to re gelcoating the bottom of my wife’s kayak. It’s also worth investing in an air compressor (check price on Amazon), especially if the gun doesn’t have one built in. Gelcoat is an epoxy or polyester resin-based thermoset polymer that is usually applied to the boat exterior during the fiberglass molding process to give a smooth, shiny appearance. ... 20 oz. Use low-grade sandpaper and scale it up, starting with 40 or 80 grit and finishing with 100 or 200 grit. You don’t want dust getting onto your gelcoat’s fresh new layer. Secondly my husband and I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a boat that an the gel coat had eggshell cracked to the glass. View. I use both 2mm & 2.2 mm HVLP gravity feed cup guns for most of my heavy shoots. This being said, nothing is perfect. Although the downside is a less smooth finish. I will be doing the maintenance work on our training boats. For smaller surface areas, like a chair, apply the gelcoat using a paintbrush using short, vertical strokes. TOP GIFT. The first thing that will be needed regardless of the type of spray gun used (we’ll cover this in a bit), is a large compressor. Once set, rub down the filler with a high-grade 180 or 200-grit sandpaper to smooth it like a professional. Spraying Gelcoat: Do It Right and Protect Your Vessel for Many Years. The area that I will want to gel coat is a flat interior deck about 30 sq. Gelcoat isn’t just a pretty resin that makes the vessel look nice; it protects the fiberglass surface and acts as a barrier to water absorption. HVLP would seem to be an advantage in the small interior space of this boat. It is easily applied with a brush, roller, or sprayed to provide a smooth, non-porous high gloss finish on many surface types such as … To add to the problems the paint go figure pealed off in spots driving home. Compare to. Pictured below is an example of a cup gun. One quart of gelcoat, at a 10 to 15 mils thickness, should cover a 14 foot hull. This helps the sanding process once the gelcoat gets added. Keeping in mind that gelcoat is a resin that has a relatively short working time before it starts to set up (normally 10 min depending on the % catalyst used) I like to use guns that can be broken down quickly. When you’ve finished the gelcoat, all you’ll see is areas where you cut corners and adopted a “that’ll do” attitude. These are both what are considered to be ‘reactive thinners’ rather than evaporative thinners. Type. EcoPoxy GelCoat is an epoxy coating with superior chemical, abrasion, and thermal resistance. It’s advisable to remove as much of the old gelcoat as possible if it’s blistered. This ensures the feathering is finer, which makes it easier to apply the resin’s first coat. Over time and with use, the gelcoat on your boat can become dull, making your boat look old. Before applying gelcoat, calculate how much you’re going to need. For best results, leave it overnight. If the gelcoat happens to set up in the gun before cleaning, they can be replaced for $15-$20. I recently came across your videos. Before I get into how’s and when’s of spraying gelcoat, there are basic housekeeping rules to cover: Now we can get on with preparing the surface to be gelcoated. And avoid storing the boat in direct sunlight while it’s curing. | Developed by Fortiris Group LLC. Ps I have been in touch with my attorney over the matter. I accept there’s no substitute for spraying gelcoat finish for ultimate smoothness, but why all that expense when a brush will do? As before, start with a 40 to 80-grit and then scale up to 100-grit sandpaper. The old gelcoat will act as a perfect substrate and allow the new coat to harden. This will provide most of the air needed with brief pauses to let the pressure build back up. using it on a painted surface takes a bit more care, but can still be done. If the old gelcoat is faded but still fine, apply the new coat directly on top. no PVA is required to achieve a full cure.. Accept that the finish will be less professional-looking and move on. A lot of Pro’s use these types of thinners, however in my opinion they are more toxic to work with and not as ‘user friendly’. The paint would peel away within months and you’d have rotten frames. Also, when these products are mixed in, no PVA is required to achieve a full cure.. That’s one of the benefits of these additives, and for this feature alone, I feel it makes them a very user friendly way to spray gelcoat for the DIY.. Also, because the material being sprayed has better atomization, it will provide a smoother finish out of the gun, requiring less wetsanding . You can try mixing the gelcoat 50/50 with clear Duratec then thin with a good slow lacquer thinner. So my son and I spray washed the vessel and took the rest off. Gelcoat spray guns. 20 oz. Speak to marinas; ask about suitable facilities like poly-tunnels and drydocks. Boats. Siphon Feed Spray Gun. On the flipside, you may need to apply two or three coats with the brush to achieve the same thickness as a spray gun. Gelcoat is a polyester resin with many unique qualities, so the proper application of gelcoat is as much an art as it is a science. Remember: You’ll only have a 20-minute window to apply—maximum! This gun is ideal for spraying gel coat into open molds. Total Boat Gelcoat Neutral without Wax (check price on Amazon): This non-sagging, high viscosity formula is easy to apply and has excellent coverage. A red boat is usually red because the fabricator used red gel coat. You are very knowledgable and your style of presentation if wonderful! Gel coat is a unique material due to its heavy viscosity, requiring a catalyst, and its environment requirements. Updated: February 10, 2020. Only add thinner when using a gravity fed spray gun (check price on Amazon). Avoid applying gelcoat in direct sunlight. The Glidecoat Top Coating Kit creates a hard protective barrier over gel coat or paint, giving your boat a showroom finish while making maintenance a breeze. Check the spray gun manufacturer's info to make sure your gun supports the nozzle size you want to use. Details. But first, make sure the surface is free from dirt and debris. I suspect I will end up getting my $ back someday. Shulman White Gelcoat Kit (check price on Amazon): This high-grade gelcoat comes with the hardener for convenience. Before use, the surface is sanded to ensure better adhesion of the resin. If you decide to roll on the gelcoat, be sure to use a solvent-resistant 1/8” or ¼â€ nap. ... TotalBoat marine gel coat can be colored prior to adding catalyst. Keep sanding! If it's a large surface such as a boat or a bathtub, use a gelcoat spray gun to apply a coat over the existing coat. The less you can thin it the better the gelcoat will be, so the use of a larger spray tip is required. If the craft or it’s area you’re gelcoating is smaller in size, then brushes are a lot less hassle. Gelcoat available with and without wax for boat building and repairs. Whenever a material is thinned it displaces it’s properties. Note: These cheap units will NOT provide a good finish with paints! That should remove debris and rough up the surface enough for new gelcoat to bond. The old gelcoat will act as a perfect substrate and allow the new coat to harden. We’ll see. Also, when spraying laminating gelcoat (no wax additive), use of PVA will be required to achieve a full cure. Marine-Tex White (Check Price on Amazon): Great for repairs, filling dents and scratches. The difference being that reactive thinners actually become part of the gelcoat and cure together as one film. Thanks again I always enjoy your videos. I just payed 4000.00 to have my boat regelcoated. Fibre Glast offers spray guns specifically for gel coat. Boats. – It’s able to “dump” a lot of material quickly and efficiently. ft. The mixing chart link is broken. The downside of spraying thick material is that it will not give as smooth of a finish out of the gun, requiring more wetsanding to get the desired appearance. My filters. Gelcoat is essential to maintain your boat’s look and sea-worthiness. Also, when spraying laminating gelcoat (no wax additive), use of PVA will be required to achieve a full cure. 2021 PlayCraft Infinity 2700. When we start to look at thinners (or more accurately gelcoat additives) there are two brands that I’ve used with good results. If you want to spray gel coat with a pressure pot and spray gun. Gelcoat is the first thing sprayed into a female mold when a boat is built, usually to a thickness of .5 to 1 mm. Regardless of your skill level with gelcoat application, the consistent spray pattern and portability of the Preval Sprayer is an ideal tool to gelcoat your boat’s repair touch ups. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In lieu of the clear Duratec, just thin the gelcoat with lacquer thinner as much as 50/50 to spray. This equates to 12 to 18 drops of MEKP per ounce. Is there a way to get this info? Begin by making sure any surface dirt and stains are removed. At this size the thinning is kept to a minimum. Adding color to Neutral gel coat produces bold or dark colors; adding color to a white gelcoat creates lighter, pastel colors. HERE is a mixing chart showing the ratio’s for the various % of Mek-P courtesy of one of my local vendors, Express Composites. Select options; Inflatable Kit $ 149.95. How to Repair Gelcoat. After that, the mixture over-catalyzes and appears chalky. This helps the gelcoat bond better with the surface. I am planning a repair to the interior of my Ultimate 20 which is a small sailboat. 32 Oz. Styrene and acetone would be examples of evaporative thinners. More How To. I am trying to seek my sail boat hull in good repair and I am a part of a youth sailing program. Imagine the punishment it takes under the water line, day after day. Everyone asks what you use to thin gelcoat, and everyone has an answer. Also, when spraying laminating gelcoat (no wax additive), use of PVA will be required to achieve a full cure. Some do, like the Homeright Finish Max (check price on Amazon), which makes life easier when spraying hard-to-reach areas. The tedious prep work is where you succeed or fail in a smooth, well bonded and professional looking gelcoat. Search Results For "Gelcoat Spray Guns" 45 Items. The downside of spraying thick material is that it will not give as smooth of a finish out of the gun, requiring more wetsanding to get the desired appearance. Still bumps? So, why would you risk everything for an easy life? The fiberglass shop also hinted around that it could take 10-15k to redo the whole boat. Thanks for your guidance. Make sure that you wear appropriate face and hand protection too! If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Work in sweeping motions (taking care not to stall when you reach the end) and make sure you overlap slightly during each application, so no bits get missed. For the most part, this boils down to gravity style guns and cup guns (aka dump guns). Once you’ve located and filled all the dents, it’s essential to grade up the sandpaper. It helps cure the resin at room temperature and allows a less tacky surface for sanding. Join our community of pontoon enthusiasts to get the best tips, tricks and tutorials for your 'toon. And most rubbing compound contains petroleum distillates. You are taking the mystery out of working with fiberglass, and I love it. 32 Oz. Haven't seen any info. on redoing entire gelcoat. Spraying Gelcoat delivery rate of no more than 2.5 pounds per minute with conventional air atomized spray, and no more than 4 pounds per minute with airless equipment. We also sell a Brushable Gelcoat that can be applied with a brush. We're using cookies to improve your experience. With that part of the equation in place, now it’s time to talk about guns. Never apply gelcoat in an enclosed space. It’s like the paint on window frames: Over time, weather fades the paint and it starts to flake and fade. While gel coat can be applied by brush or roller, we strongly recommend the use of spray equipment.

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