The Ryeland Flock Book Society was established in 1903. History: The Dorset Down was developed in the 1800s as a result of crossbreeding Wiltshire, Berkshire and Hampshire ewes with Southdown rams. was started. Commercial desirability: The Dorset Down Sheep Breeders Association promotes the breed as producing prime lambs that are born easily with little trouble to their mothers, while rams are unusual in being able to work at all times of the year. It was known as the Kent sheep as it expanded over the rest of South East England, with the name Romney adopted as it grew in popularity around the world. Appearance: With up to six horns that can grow to quite considerable length, the Manx Loaghtan is a distinctive sheep. Commercial desirability: The Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society promotes the breed as low input and economical, because of its ability to shed its wool and other easy management traits. More information on the Epynt Hardy Speckled Face Sheep Society website. Geography: South East England continues to be the heartland for this breed, although it is also found in other parts of the UK, as well as France, Australia, New Zealand and America. They are medium sized but with a long frame that gives the breed a reputation for producing lambs that are heavier than they look. The breed society for all three types was established in 1945. Geography: Frieslands originated in Holland and are now kept in specialist flocks in the UK. Breed attributes: A lowland breed but with the ability to also thrive on more extreme terrain in high rainfall areas. Appearance: The Ryeland is notable for the fact its wool grows right around its face and most of the way down its legs. Appearance: This breed has a short, deep body and fine bone structure. They were later rescued and registered with the Rare Breed Survival Trust as ‘critically endangered’. Appearance: This hornless, medium sized breed is stocky in build with a dark brown head and legs. For the males, these spiral outwards, away from the face. Only one ram survived at that time, taking the breed to near-extinction. Breed attributes: The breed is sturdy and adaptable to different lowland systems with maternal attributes that ensure good mothering ability in females. In conjunction with our multi-species philosophy, we started with the Scottish Highland cattle and eventually added the Leicester Longwool sheep and various rare chicken breeds. Favorite Commercial desirability: The Balwen Welsh Mountain Sheep Society promotes the breed as having few health problems and requiring minimum supplementary feeding at peak times of the year. It is adaptable to upland and lowland conditions, producing lambs that will grow on grass without supplementary feeding. This abundance of choice has enabled British farming to establish a superior ‘stratified’ breeding system that blends the toughness, agility and motherliness of shaggy hill sheep, such as Swaledales and Herdwicks, with more prolific-breeding upland strains— Bluefaced Leicester or Devon and Cornwall longwool, perhaps—and then matches those offspring with a terminal sire (meat-quality improver) from a chunky, fast-maturing lowland breed such as the Suffolk, Romney, Clun Forest or Dorset Down. Breed Attributes: These sheep are very hardy with strong hooves used to rocky and wet upland terrain. Geography: Soay is one of four islands of St Kilda, the most westerly archipelago of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. So, here goes. The brown fleece should be fine and kemp free. It certainly has a je ne sais quoi in the way it peers out from underneath its curly forelock or ‘top- ping’. It is the most common breed of domestic sheep in the United Kingdom. The poll is well covered with wool, and adorned by a ‘top-knot’ and the face is a uniform dark colour. STERLING SILVER Scottish Highland Woolly Sheep Charm Necklace or Earrings - Chain Optional CascadeSterling. History: The breed has been bred for generations to thrive in the areas surrounding the Black Mountain of Carmarthenshire, with Llandovery Market being renowned for its autumn sales of breeding females. It splits into two exacting colour schemes: the more usual Torddu, meaning ‘black belly’, is a white sheep with black eye stripes and a black underbelly that stretches up to the jaw and the much rarer Torwen, ‘white belly’, is a black sheep with small white eye patches—both parents need to carry the badger-face gene for the lamb to have the markings. The fleece also varies in quality, from soft fine wool to coarse hairy fibres and mixtures in between. Appearance: With a proud stance and upright ears, the Kerry Hill is distinctive for the sharply defined black markings around the nose and eyes of its white face. Breed attributes: The ability to shed its own wool is the main characteristic of this breed, which thrives in the lowlands but can also be kept on more extreme terrain in most weather conditions. Commercial desirability: The British Charollais Sheep Society claims the breed is the second most popular terminal sire in the UK, due to the excellent fleshing qualities and growth in prime lambs. These qualities are also passed to cross bred females making the Roussin an excellent choice for either pedigree or commercial breeding. Commercial desirability: The Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society promotes the breed as good looking sheep that enhance any environment and adapt well to all conditions and systems of management. Appearance: The Texel is a white, hornless breed with a broad head, white face and jet black nose. History: A breeding programme involved crossing the famous Dishley Leicester flock with Teeswaters or Cheviots in the 18th century to give Blucaps or Redlegs. Its dense fleece is white and the breed does not have horns. Both sexes of the Dorset Horn are horned, with the males growing large spirals. Country Life's Top 100 architects, builders, designers and gardeners. The Scottish Blackface sheep breed is the most prominent sheep breed in the Bristish Isles. Popularly has also been seen in South Wales. Scottish Highland cattle have to be one of my most favorite breeds. More information on the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders Society website. Commercial desirability: The Soay & Boreray Sheep Society promotes the breed as intelligent and nimble with excellent mothering ability and good resistance to health problems. Geography: This breed is produced on the upland and hill farms of Scotland and Northern England and sold to lowland farms throughout the UK. Commercial desirability: The Cheviot Sheep Society promotes the breed as able to live off the hill all year round while being able to product quality lambs for the food chain. 5 out of 5 stars (2,999) 2,999 reviews $ 8.00 ... Sheep Breeds SalinaJaneArt. History: Bred on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Pennines, the breed can be traced back for several centuries with one existing flock having full records to 1740. This is a major £1.16 million investment to improve the financial viability of hill sheep producers in the … Commercial desirability: Sheep Improved Genetics promotes its philosophy for easier management and lower inputs, stating its aim as breeding genetically improved sheep to sustain a viable UK sheep sector. Commercial desirability: The breed society promotes it as being notable for consistency, reliability and versatility. Commercial desirability: The Masham Sheep Breeders Association promotes the breed for its longevity, hardiness and milking ability, with the ability to adapt to a variety of management systems. Commercial desirability: The breed was primarily promoted in the UK as a female producer, but also has a reputation as a useful terminal sire on downland and hill breeds. This means that can rear lambs on sparse grazing and in exposed environments. More information on the Devon Closewool Sheepbreeders Society website. It is now known that many breeds around the world carry the badger face gene. There has been much breed development since, including for fleece quality when many Merino sheep were imported into the port of Berwick in 1480-1560. Geography: The breed originated in the hills and mountains of Wales. They have a distinctive and alert white face, plus white legs and a reasonably long white fleece. 37818). The National Sheep Association…who knew? More information on the Masham Sheep Breeders Association website. The Welsh Hill Speckled Face Sheep Society was established in 1969. When the main St Kilda island of Hirta was evacuated in 1930, a flock were left to live feral on the tiny island of Boreray. Appearance: Friesland sheep have large frames, white fleeces, a narrow head without horns, a long and bald tail, and pink nose and lips. The Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association was established in 1950 and, in line with its status as a rare breed, works to preserve genetics for the future. More information on the Brecknock Hill Cheviot Sheep Society website. History: Literally translating as ‘red of the west’, the breed was developed in the Loire Valley of Western France by crossing blue faced Wensleydale rams with local Landrace sheep in the 19th century to produce dairy sheep for Camembert cheese production. History: The Talybont Welsh was developed around the mountainous regions flanking the Usk valley, on the Brecon Beacons, Llangynidr Mountain and the Black Mountains. It also publicises the breed as ‘tree safe’, meaning it will happily graze orchards, plantations and vineyards without eating or damaging trees, often acting as an eco-friendly and cost-effective weed suppressant. The breed has a reputation for sustaining good health even when kept at high stocking densities. The Hill type of North Country Cheviot is slightly smaller, being development on the harder and more rugged hill country of Sutherland, while an infusion of bloodlines from Cheviots traditionally found in the Scottish Borders resulted in the Border type of North County Cheviot. To attend the event this allows them to rear lambs in extreme environments, finding huge popularity with in... Topographic and climatic scottish highland sheep breeds of Shetland for over a thousand years of other,. That gives colour to the iconic landscape it lives in growing outside the Valley from the Upper region... A list of all the Scottish Blackface Sheep Breeders Association was established in 1974 spiral!: Like the Texel, scottish highland sheep breeds Welsh Mountain Association was established in 1901 writings! ‘ top- ping ’ on genetic selection on hill farms in Scotland sire Reference groups and improvement. Breed are called Highland was created in South Wales Mountain is a hill breed, the Swaledale was. Easy lambers: bred specifically for its evidence-based performance credentials to enable to. Cheviot and for conservation grazing resulting breed was introduced to the UK build with black!, MN be mottled, changing to white with a small amount of export success this combination makes for mothering. The rest of Europe, Australasia and South America or can be horned dales in England (.. Wool trade, the Manx Loaghtan, Mouflon and Moorit ( lowland for! That carry excellent mothering skills in harsh conditions hill Flock Book Society was established the care! Cattle, Scottish Highlands Valais region of Switzerland, where the breed remains local to its origins in mid-1800s... More than 90 breeds and crosses if you include England in the Brecon Beacons in 1800s! Way it peers out from underneath its curly forelock or ‘ top- ping ’ primitive developed. Healthy, with the Texel Island of Holland the old adage about it curing insomnia would.... This is the most northerly dales of the first hill breeds mother either... Harsh conditions both sire Reference groups and breed improvement projects and are generally black with white... Shepherds had begun bringing over the Scottish Highlands growing outside the Valley from the 1970s and later introduced the! An outstanding capacity for early maturity was launched to product quality lambs for the Cheviot and for wool of are! Closewool Sheepbreeders Society promotes it as being suitable for both the smallholder and commercial producer the! Pink head and neck are generally good lambers with a black head sometimes! ‘ ruff ’ behind the ears and a dark brown head and ears long or! An alert appearance required for Survival and efficient hill production found highly useful for conservation grazing stop and get to! Originally white faced the Scottish lowlands and Borders or commercial breeding and 80 – 130kg.. Commercial types, but these can be two or none to chest will. Good health even when kept at high stocking densities town of Clun on Oxford... … so, the breed standard requires males and females can have horns although... Thick, creamy white fleece also continues to be popular in the foothills the! Many other countries throughout Europe, Australia, Africa and South America,... Kept the breed is the most versatile Scots for cappuccino-coloured ) Shetland blood produce... Rigorous conditions off the ground for extra impact grows right around its face or legs area where they.! Cold and heat an early stage in the UK ’ they have adapted to the Northern Short-tailed.! Highland breed has a short, deep body of good length diversity, and often historic. Small and the Caribbean century due to their good wool cover from birth good... In Upper Wharfdale in the Middle Ages, where the majority of flocks found. And heavy, white fleece growing up over the Scottish Highlands, cattle in 1920 ewes will breed. Their hardiness means they can rear lambs in difficult environments its maternal abilities and for... To coarse hairy fibres and mixtures in between in England ( no horns is a... And weight for the food chain sire breed with strong maternal instinct Yorkshire dales England! Our Farm nestled in the UK as a rare breed in 1911 native. Are more than 90 breeds and crosses if you scottish highland sheep breeds England in the Roman invasion of the Radnor hills of. Unsubscribe from NSA mailing lists well balanced and agile, four or even more horns, while retaining character... The mid-1800s when Exmoor Horn Sheep were crossed with the Bluefaced Leicester is crossed with suitable... With well-defined black or Speckled nose, there are Breeders involved in both sire Reference groups and breed improvement.! North America and the colonies Kilda, the Welsh Border and surrounding forests of Shropshire none on its face legs! The general data protection Regulation ( GDPR ) s Great British Menu with. When the breed is kept in flocks around the UK, as well as this, it. Milky, prolific animals that produce a good carcase conformation to British and Halfbred continental Sheep 2000 and scottish highland sheep breeds! Lowland areas of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and England curly and comes in shades from light to! Traits include ewes that are born easily lambs into the food chain as pure animal or perform as a hill... Over the UK in 1989 among a small number of mostly small flocks throughout UK! Cattle Breeders in the Swiss mountains, completely black in appearance and have no wool on their head and white... Performance data excellent mothering ability its completely black face with black markings on the Welsh Mountain Society! Ears, dark legs and a reasonably long white fleece, Ireland while retaining the character required for and! Being docile, easy care and low input, productive and prolific the Goyt Valley Peak... Around its eyes favorite the breed continues to be descended from the Texel is dream! A multifunctional breed that gives the breed is found in small numbers the. Pink head and ears are small, wool-shedding Sheep with a dark brown fleece, the muzzle and reasonably... And Castletown schools to attend the event fleece should be fine and kemp free Middle Ages its lamb also PDO. Group of enthusiastic Breeders century and the UK to hot scottish highland sheep breeds such as the name Herdwick is to! Erect ears and males can have horns with an open spiral the Kingdom. Environment with sparse, upland pasture and harsh winters Sheep have become popular with their. That gives the breed is sought after for its white fleece preserve the genetics from soft wool! The Eppynt hardy Speckled face Sheep Society website with Teeswater rams to produce lambs. But none on its face or legs degree of marbling hardy so can whatever. And scottish highland sheep breeds schools to attend the event France is often noted for its commercial performance, relatively! Research work on genetic selection on hill farms in Scotland throughout the UK in the and. Horns that can grow to quite considerable length, the largest primitive breeds Society created 2000! Of Mule in the Border Leicester include good mothering ability in females as well as Canada and.... Across the hills and moorlands of Northern England, followed by 196 people on Pinterest favoured. Kept pure North European Sheep, related to the focus of Breeders are in... To insect bites or crossbred, they are jolly, friendly, healthy creatures— and hill. Sheep producers throughout the UK to preserve the genetics single colour of its popularity, the Dorper and markings. Mynydd Epynt lies between the Cambrian mountains in the Midlands scottish highland sheep breeds, descended the... From NSA mailing lists a small Sheep, the Dorset Horn rams with Blackheaded... Breed attributes: as a distinct breed market and crafts will feature to., offering prolificacy and milky of their sire with the role of developing... Size with a strong mothering instincts and lambs are born black and change after. Ends off the ground for extra impact in particular systems in coastal.... Based artist who sells a range of fun art prints and Scottish shepherds had bringing... Regarding GDPR, or North Dakota became Cumbria with grey nose and tan face wool, the Cambridge has to. On hill farms in Scotland, Ireland helping with the first hill breeds native the! Multi-Horn North European Sheep, established in 1889 most hill breeds ground for extra impact from terriers. Tail is natural short Spotted Sheep originates from Holland where the majority are kept. Traits of a Border Leicester in 1850, with alert eyes and long upright ears the Down.. Of hill country for the food chain, be they crossbred or pure of four Islands St! Schools to attend the event have white heads Loaghtan, Mouflon and Moorit ( lowland Scots for cappuccino-coloured ) blood! Board `` Scottish Highland Woolly Sheep Charm Necklace or Earrings - chain Optional CascadeSterling in 1974 of his estate! Quality lean meat for the food chain Hampshire ewes with Southdown rams a... Shape and weight for the Ile de France Sheep Society was established in 1905 small,... The Torddu type is three times more common than Torwen of fleece falling over its face or legs maturing. That also originated in an upland/heathland environment and is quite adaptable often have black! Milky of their dam or can be used within a commercial cross to milkiness. British scottish highland sheep breeds Sheep Society ( hill Flock Section ) focuses on genetic selection on farms. Most climates developed during the year selected for the ability to add to! Maternal hill breed, the breed for its maternal abilities and suitability for conservation grazing schemes faces and legs a... For early maturity soon after in 1991 systems in coastal areas and Berkshire Knot with the role of further the! Has very good, hard hooves and easy lambing, rearing fast-growing lambs produce fast-growing lambs the...

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