We have more patented coverage than any other trimmer head … 7 uses the 90° line end spacing described above in conjunction with FIGS. 3 is a side view of the assembled embodiment of FIG. Desert Extrusion Corporation (Phoenix, AZ, US), 30/347, 56/294, 56/12.5, 56/12.7, 56/295, 56/294, 30/DIG.5, 30/276, 56/255, 30/347, 172/13, QUARLES & BRADY LLP (PHX) (PHOENIX, AZ, US), Click for automatic bibliography Trimmer head T35 Universal. 1 - Placed a 1/4" flat blade screwdriver in the notch allocated for locking the trimmer head in place. Line exit openings 32 are located in the embodiment of FIGS. 4 is a top perspective view of the lower portion 34/40/42/44 indicating the diverging nature of the arcuate guide paths 40 and 42 on one side of the lower insert portion of the housing. Gas String Trimmers. Shop this Collection (45) Model# GT-225I $ 179 99. 1, ad as shown in the diagrammatic cross section of FIG. 7, two sets of entry holes 30 and 30A are shown as located adjacent one another on the cylindrical portion 28 in generally the same manner as the entry holes 30 of the embodiment shown in FIG. Weed and grass trimmers have been developed which employ a rotatable hub with a short length of flexible nylon or other plastic line extending from the hub. The lower ends of both of the guide paths 40 and 40A are located adjacent the left-hand holes 30 and 30A, respectively, of the hole sets shown in FIG. Change between serrated blades or fixed line tool-free and with ease. As disclosed in FIG. Makes it so much easier to re-spool the original trimmer head at your leasure. 1 and 3. The serrated blades are the ideal choice for trimming in heavy weeds or thick grass. The U.S. Pat. Removal of the line is readily effected by grasping it from outside the housing at the loop between the two entry holes and pulling it out in the reverse direction from insertion. Fixed Line String Head. Best of all, it is an easy load trimmer head that uses pre-cut line pieces, preventing you from having to deal with the hassles of using a standard bump feed spool. The fixed line trimmer head of the Fogle '618 patent, however, does require the user to manually insert the opposite ends of the line through the two entry holes, and then again manually to insert each of the ends of the line segment into the exit holes in the head whenever line replacement is required. $22.45 $ 22. FIGS. It also should be noted that while the entry holes 30 and the exit openings 32 are illustrated in FIGS. 5,023,998 to Masciarella is another attempt at the design of a string trimmer cutting machine utilizing fixed lengths of line. We’ve created a wide selection of trimmer heads and line to meet the needs of different yards and lawns. FIG. & Terms of Use. It should be noted that for each line segment inserted into a pair of entry holes, two line ends exit from different exit openings located on the periphery of the flange 24 of the upper portion of the housing. A new line then must be guided into place around the wedges or guide surfaces. This is an original replacement part manufactured for use with all current Shindaiwa trimmers. Grass and weed trimmers using this principle of operation have become popular for their versatility of use and because the flexible trim line is safer to use that rigid rotating steel blades. Two sets, or two pairs, of upwardly extending arcuate guide channels 40 and 42 are located on diametrically opposite sides of the lower part of the head, and include outwardly diverging guide channels 40 and 42, respectively, in each of the two sets for providing a guide path from, for example, the guide path 40 from the left-hand insert hole 30 to the left-hand exit opening 32, and from the right-hand insert hole 30 through the guide path 42 to the right-hand exit opening 32 shown in FIG. The RYOBI 2-in-1 String Trimmer head adds versatility to any RYOBI automatic feed string trimmer. The entry holes and exit holes are offset from one another in different planes perpendicular to the axis of the trimmer head, and securely hold the line in place during use of the trimmer. If a change from lines of one diameter set to a different diameter set is required, the arcuate guide insert is rotated 180° to accommodate the entry holes on the opposite side of the head. 7. The line, in many trimmers, is wound on a storage reel in the hub of the device, and is fed out of a hole or a plurality of holes in the hub in discrete amounts, as the end breaks off or wears off. Various types of devices have been developed using such trim lines. When a new length of line needs to be inserted, the old line must be removed; and this requires manipulating the line past the wedges once again in order to permit the line to be taken out of the machine. If for some reason, however, cutting from two different elevations simultaneously by line end extensions in different planes is desired, FIG. Consequently, whether a relatively large diameter line is inserted through the holes 30, or a relatively smaller diameter line is inserted through the holes 30A, the converging arcuate guide paths formed in the plug or lower housing part 34 automatically cause the line ends to exit properly out of the corresponding exit openings 32. 2 where the top of the lower unit 34 is located adjacent the interior of the flange 24 to provide communication with the upper end of the arcuate guide channels 40 and 42 with the associated exit openings 32 at the top and with the insert holes 30 at the bottom, as illustrated most clearly in the diagrammatic representation in FIG. 6 illustrates the manner in which this can be accomplished. Gas string trimmers, like a Troy-Bilt 4-cycle trimmer, can take on larger areas and tackle heavier jobs with greater efficiency and ease and are available with either 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. Use our Model Locator ». When the end of a line segment is inserted through the hole 30, it follows the dotted line path 47 along the interior arcuate guide channel 42 (and 40, not shown), as it is pushed through the hole 30, to exit through the line exit opening 32 in the flange 24. 4 is a top perspective view of a portion of the embodiment shown in FIG. From bump-feed heads to pre-wound trimmer line disks, Oregon makes trimmer heads and line that will beautify your yard. The fixed line trimmer head of the Fogle '618 patent, however, does require the user to manually insert the opposite ends of the line through the two entry holes, and then again manually to insert each of the ends of the line segment into the exit holes in the head whenever line replacement … Typically, the line exit openings 32 are of a slightly larger diameter than the line entry holes 30, although this is not necessary. The lower cylindrical portion 28 of the upper part of the housing is open at its lower end, as is readily apparent from the cross-sectional view of FIG. Once the line has exited from the diametrically opposed exit holes, it is pulled tightly and the offset position axially of the entry holes with the exit holes, combined with the arcuate guide paths, firmly holds the line in place during use. The user is not required to turn the head over and manipulate line segments from within or underneath the head. Trimmer Head • Loosen and turn head assembly off shaft. The guide channels which have been described in conjunction with the embodiments shown in FIGS. By locating the entry holes 30 in a plane which is offset from the exit openings 32, additional frictional forces are employed which significantly inhibit the withdrawal of a line segment by an external pulling on either of the end portions, for example 62 or 64. Also, the line entry holes for each set of entry holes need not be in the same plane about the periphery of the portion 28, but may be located in different planes, as indicated in FIG. Copyright © 1994 - 2020 1 through 4, however, the line exit configurations (and therefore, the internal line guide paths) can take any of the path configurations shown in FIGS. This difficulty results in excessive time being consumed for the removal and replacement of line segments. The insert or lower portion of the telescoping housing then has the arcuate guide paths 40 and 42 formed in it in the same manner as described previously in conjunction with the embodiment of FIGS. & Terms of Use. Open eyelet. For example, the line segment with the bight 60 between the two line insert holes 30 shown in FIG. 3), either by use of a pair of pliers or the fingers of the user, and pulling it outwardly, readily withdraws and removes the segment ends 62 and 64 and permits a rapid and relatively easy replacement of a new line segment into the head. This convenient fixed-line trimmer head attaches to most gas string trimmers for efficient trimming and easy line replacement. The manner in which the arcuate guide channels 40 and 42, or 40A and 42A are formed may be by molding them in a particular configuration as shown in FIG. Trimmers of this type sometimes are referred to as “bump and feed” trimmers. The foregoing description of various embodiments of the invention is to be considered illustrative and not as limiting. Cord feed. It wears down to the point that it stops advancing line and a new spool head is needed. 7). 1; FIG. In order to facilitate the use of the trimmer line head described thusfar, a second mating part comprising the lower part of the assembly is inserted into the hollow bottom of the portion 28, as indicated by means of the directional arrow A in FIG. This heavy duty fixed line trimmer head is sold as and individual kit. In the Masciarella patent, line segments are inserted into the machine from the open bottom by manipulating the line around guide wedges in a generally serpentine path on opposite sides of the head. The line is inserted from outside the periphery of the head into the insert hole, where the enlarged end or flange on the line meets an abutment and is held in place. In FIG. Multiple line segments (two are shown in the patent) may be inserted on opposite sides of the head. PRO CUT FIXED LINE HEAD is rated 3.7 out of 5 by 3. 1. 3. A different set of entry holes in a different plane, intermediate the plane of the holes for the line 60 and the exit openings is shown for the bight of line 80, from which the extensions or ends 82 and 84 pass through corresponding exit openings. 7 is a partially exploded side view of an alternative for the embodiment shown in FIG. 4.6 out of 5 stars 15. Consequently, removal and replacement of a line is greatly facilitated through the use of the Fogle '242 head. 1 through 4. Because of the necessity to manually insert the ends of a line segment through separate entry and exit holes for each length of the line, the user is required to have access through the bottom of the hollow trimmer head in order to extend the ends of the line into the exit holes for use. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 1. Typically, rotating line trimmers or rotating string trimmers employ a trimmer line which generally has a circular cross section. Troy-Bilt 25 cc 2-Cycle Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer with Fixed Line Trimmer Head (177) Model# TB25C $ 79 99. The RYOBI 2-in-1 String Trimmer head adds versatility to any RYOBI automatic feed string trimmer. For String Trimmer parts and accessories, think Jack’s! No. Troy-Bilt 25 cc Gas 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Trimmer with Attachment Capabilities. 1 through 4. 3 then are pulled outwardly tightly to cause the internal configuration of the line to follow the path indicated by the reference number 48 in FIG. 1; FIG. From the original Universal™ Twist Feed Manual Head, to Cyclotron™ Technology Trimmer Heads of tomorrow today, Proulx Mfg, Inc. is the only manufacturer of heads that never need splitting to load and/or unload a line. A circular opening 22 is provided in the top of the upper part of the housing for attachment in any suitable standard manner to the end of the operating shaft of a string trimmer machine. bump and .110-in. You may say “goodbye forever” to conventional “line trimmer spools” after trying out this fixed-line trimmer head design. The line then is grasped from the hollow interior of the head and pushed through the exit hole and pulled tight. Simply put, 2-cycle types require a gas-oil mixture for operation, where 4-cycle engines keep those components separate. Each of these sets or pairs of holes 30 are drilled through or formed through the portion 28 in a direction extending radially from the central axis of the various parts of the main housing 20,22,24,28. FIG. To provide eight line end extensions from a head, four line segments are employed with corresponding pairs or sets of arcuate guide channels for each of the four sets of line entry holes being provided. The most common method is to push in, twist and pull off the spool. 2. 4, or by machining them to the desired curvature with them tapering as generally indicated in FIG. The U.S. Pat. Two line segments, each extending diametrically across the head and crossing at 90° angles, may be used to allow the head to have four lengths or ends of line extending from it. For example, FIG. ... Shakespear Push N Load Trimmer Head 14547 Fits Most Models. 3, which has the general orientation of the exploded view shown in FIG. 1; and. 7 is designed to accommodate line segments in two different ranges of sizes, namely a relatively small size diameter range and a second, relatively larger size diameter range. It is relatively easy to remove an expended section of line and replace it with a new section of line when necessary. At least two sets of first and second line exit openings also are found on the main housing member intermediate the first and second ends and spaced apart a greater distance than the distance between the first and second line entry holes. 1 through 7. Price was very good, and product was like all DeWalt products, excellent. 4.5 out of 5 stars 70. With the ability to use fixed line or serrated blades on this trimmer head, you are able to take down thick weeds and heavy vegetation effortlessly. Similarly, the lower end of the guide path 42 is located adjacent the right-hand hole 30; and the lower end of the smaller guide path 42A is located adjacent the smaller diameter right-hand hole 30A in the housing 28. Make your lawn beautiful with Oregon’s quality trimmer heads and line. When the line is worn or broken and needs to be replaced, grasping the line at the bight 60 (or 70 as shown in FIG. Orders will continue to ship. 6,457,242 to Fogle eliminates the necessity for access to the interior of the head through the bottom while employing a single fixed length of trimmer line. This item qualifies for free shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states only. This video shows you how to install the RYOBI Fixed Line Trimmer head on your cordless string trimmer. © 2004-2020 FreePatentsOnline.com. Arcuate guide channels are located between the respective entry holes and exit openings where the corresponding entry openings and exit openings of corresponding sets are located at different distances measured axially on the main housing member from the first end thereof. 1. 5; FIG. 5 is a top perspective view of a variation of the embodiment shown in FIG. This design gives you the choice of 2 different line sizes allowing you to get most any trimming job done. 1 and 4; or it may be more in the order of a solid plug of material with the arcuate guide paths formed into or cut into it at the angles required to cause the line to follow the paths 40 and 42, for example, from the entry holes 30 to the corresponding exit openings 32. For a typical embodiment of the head shown in FIGS. 1; FIG. 45. Also, it should be noted in FIG. 1 through 7 can be varied in order to accommodate a variety of different line paths through the head, as indicated in FIGS. The preference of many homeowners and professionals, the fixed-line design of this string head allows the user to reload string in seconds simply by inserting pre-cut strips of line directly into the head. My old trimmer head was worn to the point of not holding the pre-cut .118 line. 2 is a diagrammatic representation of a feature of the embodiment of FIG. 6,035,618 to Fogle also is directed to a fixed line trimmer head using a single length of line extending from diametrically opposite sides of the trimmer head. 7 as being of a relatively large diameter, with smaller diameter holes 30A located in a plane slightly above the plane in which the holes 30 are located. This lower part of the housing has an outwardly extending skid plate 44 located on the bottom. It is relatively easy to remove an expended section of line and replace it with a new section of line when necessary. The line ends, such as 62 and 64, extending from the bight 60 in FIG. As most trimmer owners know the plastic knob that is pressed by bumping on the ground to release more line wears down. Fits all Trimmers Equipped to use Blades The upper or exit ends of the guide paths 40 and 40A converge to exit at the same exit opening 32 (the left-hand one shown in FIG. The REEL EASY+ Pivoting Fixed Line and Bladed Head works with RYOBI, Toro and Homelite … This video teaches you how to load trimmer line into the RYOBI Reel Easy Trimmer Head. This video teaches you how to load trimmer line into the RYOBI Reel Easy Trimmer Head. Way better than the tap and feed head that melt together and does not work Well. Other items that do not qualify for free shipping are subject to standard shipping rates. A small entry hole is located in the periphery of the head adjacent a larger exit hole. As a result, feeding of the line from the hub when desired does not always take place. This Heavy Duty Fixed Line Head is a solid wheel of aluminum. The trimmer head of the Fogle '618 patent overcomes the disadvantages of the devices discussed above. These dimensions are typical of a head designed for use with a large number of different string trimmer machines manufactured by a variety of manufacturers for the home use market. 2 Line Rapid Loader Easy loading trimmer line head. 8. 5 shows a pair of entry holes 31 which are located substantially the same distance apart as the entry holes 30 of FIG. It should be noted that while the configuration shown in FIG. The REEL EASY+ Pivoting Fixed Line and Bladed Head allows you to choose from 2 trimming methods with 1 easy to use head. COVID-19 Update: We are open and operational. The trimmer line can be reloaded in a matter of seconds, and unlike other trimmer heads, the line in a sure load is not secured by winding or clamping.

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