[36] The European Starling has been introduced to southern Africa but is currently restricted to the lower half of South Africa. The young are born blind and naked. Nightingales are African migrants, they reach the UK in April from Europe so tend to arrive in the South Eastern part of the UK with their main breeding territory focusing on Kent, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. Large flocks typical of this species can be beneficial to agriculture by controlling invertebrate pests; however, starlings can also be pests themselves when they feed on fruit and sprouting crops. [96], The common starling was introduced to Australia to consume insect pests of farm crops. Starlings breed throughout Ireland in loose colonies in trees but are just at home nesting in holes, cervices and attics in houses. Formal emigration from South Africa does not affect your citizenship, nor does it mean you have to give up your South African passport. They were also introduced to Australia (1857), New Zealand (1862), South Africa (1898), and Argentina (1987), and spread east to Japan (1969). Their flight is quite strong and direct; their triangular-shaped wings beat very rapidly, and periodically the birds glide for a short way without losing much height before resuming powered flight. [48], Breeding takes place during the spring and summer. [15], Incubation lasts thirteen days, although the last egg laid may take 24 hours longer than the first to hatch. This is due to increased muscle mass and enlarged elements of the syringeal skeleton. Hi John, Starlings do migrate, so maybe they’ve moved to a warmer climate for the winter, but a lot of their local movements are based on food, and since they eat a lot of fruit they can be very common in one place as long as the local trees and shrubs hold fruit, and … At roosting sites this fungus can thrive in accumulated droppings. Their swarm behaviour creates complex shapes silhouetted against the sky, a phenomenon known locally as sort sol ("black sun"). Many birds prefer to stay in Africa, but in it more central regions. The breeding range spread through southern France to northeastern Spain, and there were other range expansions particularly in Italy, Austria and Finland. Legs are pinkish-red. The scent of plants such as yarrow acts as an olfactory attractant to females. In the medieval Welsh Mabinogion, Branwen tamed a common starling, "taught it words", and sent it across the Irish Sea with a message to her brothers, Bran and Manawydan, who then sailed from Wales to Ireland to rescue her. Most of us think of starlings as being resident birds and, it is true, that most are always with us. Prey are consumed in both adult and larvae stages of development, and common starlings will also feed on earthworms, snails, small amphibians and lizards. Most cross the fearsome Sahara Desert, while others skirt around it. The species has declined in numbers in parts of northern and western Europe since the 1980s due to fewer grassland invertebrates being available as food for growing chicks. [27], The common starling is a noisy bird. Nay I'll have a starling shall be taught to speak nothing but Mortimer, and give it to him to keep his anger still in motion. This page was last edited on 3 December 2020, at 23:28. [98] The common starling has also colonised Kangaroo Island, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island and Tasmania. The typical response of starling groups is to take flight, with a common sight being undulating flocks of starling flying high in quick and agile patterns. [38][101], The common starling appears to have arrived in Fiji in 1925 on Ono-i-lau and Vatoa islands. I think the characteristic of this bird that really makes me like it, is the constant expression of a hyperactive clown. Juvenile sooty black with whitish chin and areas on the belly; the throat spotted black. They have glossy black plumage with an irridescent green/purple sheen, a SHORT, squared tail (vs. the long tail of a grackle) and a triangular shape in flight, black eyes (Common Blackbirds have a yellow eye ring), and a long pointy, bill (unlike North American blackbirds) that is yellow during breeding season (January to June) and dark at other times. When do birds migrate south? So far I have been able to photograph five species of starling here in Africa. [6] The International Ornithological Congress' preferred English vernacular name is common starling. BirdForum - The net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds [1] It had shown a marked increase in numbers throughout Europe from the 19th century to around the 1950s and 60s. [31][45] The amount of green material is not important, as long as some is present, but the presence of herbs in the decorative material appears to be significant in attracting a mate. Flocks of anything from five to fifty thousand common starlings form in areas of the UK just before sundown during mid-winter. During the breeding season, starlings rely on invertebrates, especially leatherjackets (the larvae of crane flies) taken from short grassland, including lawns. The overall decline seems to be due to the low survival rate of young birds, which may be caused by changes in agricultural practices. [11], There are several methods by which common starlings obtain their food but for the most part, they forage close to the ground, taking insects from the surface or just underneath. [95] In 1987, a small population of common starlings was observed nesting in gardens in the city of Buenos Aires. [14], The common starling is 19–23 cm (7.5–9.1 in) long, with a wingspan of 31–44 cm (12–17 in) and a weight of 58–101 g (2.0–3.6 oz). The low rate of advance, about 4.7 km (2.9 mi) per year for both species, is due to the suboptimal mountain and woodland terrain. [42] The isolated Azores subspecies of the common starling eats the eggs of the endangered roseate tern. [143], Alternatives to managing starling populations in agricultural areas include the use of starlicide. Flocks often feed in one place for some time, and return to previous successfully foraged sites. Hopefully this was a good introduction to the gorgeous assortment of starlings found in southern Africa and as I find and photograph more of these beautiful starlings, I will try to write up another post about them. As a laboratory bird, the common starling is second in numbers only to the domestic pigeon. Earthworms are caught by pulling from soil. Of the five starling species mentioned, it is the smallest. Within the natural breeding range, this may be affected by legislation. 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He was president of the American Acclimatization Society, which reportedly tried to introduce every bird species mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare into North America,[102][103] although this has been disputed. Like the nominate, but gloss on the head predominantly purple, on the back green, on the flanks usually purplish-blue, on the upper wing-coverts bluish-green. [9] The non-migratory spotless starling may be descended from a population of ancestral S. vulgaris that survived in an Iberian refugium during an Ice Age retreat,[10] and mitochondrial gene studies suggest that it could be considered a subspecies of the common starling. Contact them (I’d strongly recommend scheduling an appointment) to speak about obtaining residency and finding work in South Africa. The colouring and build usually distinguish this bird from other starlings, although the closely related spotless starling may be physically distinguished by the lack of iridescent spots in adult breeding plumage. [18][19], Several other subspecies have been named, but are generally no longer considered valid. [142][141] An additional solution for mitigation control involves ensuring that livestock feeding operations are not within close proximity of each other or starling roosts. 3412.0). Agricultural Protection Board of Western Australia. [32][33] Flocks form a tight sphere-like formation in flight, frequently expanding and contracting and changing shape, seemingly without any sort of leader. Those males that engage in longer bouts of singing and that have wider repertoires attract mates earlier and have greater reproductive success than others. 453). Nests may be in any type of hole, common locations include inside hollowed trees, buildings, tree stumps and man-made nest-boxes. There are normally one or two breeding attempts each year. [20] They chatter while roosting and bathing, making a great deal of noise that can cause irritation to people living nearby. [126], Starlings' droppings can contain the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, the cause of histoplasmosis in humans. [51] Nestlings remain in the nest for three weeks, where they are fed continuously by both parents. These take two weeks to hatch and the young remain in the nest for another three weeks. Older birds tend to have a wider repertoire than younger ones. The common starling was introduced to Melbourne in 1857 and Sydney two decades later. The bout starts with a series of pure-tone whistles and these are followed by the main part of the song, a number of variable sequences that often incorporate snatches of song mimicked from other species of bird and various naturally occurring or man-made noises. The main reason for recording financial emigration to the South African authorities is to establish and facilitate the free flow of capital from South Africa. Long, John L. (1981). [29] However, this sexual dimorphism is less pronounced than it is in songbird species like the zebra finch, where the male's syrinx is 100% larger than the female's syrinx. [28] In North America, northern populations have developed a migration pattern, vacating much of Canada in winter. Each sound clip is repeated several times before the bird moves on to the next. The songsters are more commonly male although females also sing on occasion. The weather plays an important role too and periods of easterly winds in the spring are more likely to bring Little Gulls and Black Terns to us. [121] Their aggressive and gregarious behavior in terms of food thus allows them to outcompete native species. [131] From the years 1990-2001, 852 incidents of aircraft hazard due to starlings and blackbirds were reported with 39 strikes causing major damage that cost a total of $1,607,317. Introduced Birds of the World. [139] In 2005, the population in the United States was estimated at 140 million birds,[140] around 45% of the global total of 310 million. [67], Common starlings take advantage of agricultural fields, livestock facilities, and other human related sources of food and nest sites. Red-winged Starling - female due to the gray head coloration. In flight, its strongly pointed wings and dark colouration are distinctive, while on the ground its strange, somewhat waddling gait is also characteristic. You’ll always be welcome back in South Africa, no matter what. [95], The early settlers in New Zealand cleared the bush and found their newly planted crops were invaded by hordes of caterpillars and other insects deprived of their previous food sources. This fact sheet can help birders learn more about these widespread birds, incl… The Wildlife Order in Northern Ireland allows, with a general licence, "an authorised person to control starlings to prevent serious damage to agriculture or preserve public health and safety". [30], Singing also occurs outside the breeding season, taking place throughout the year apart from the moulting period. Generally, common starlings prefer foraging amongst short-cropped grasses and eat with grazing animals or perch on their backs,[41] where they will also feed on the mammal's external parasites.

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