What an absolute stinker I had today, I placed a £200 stake on Aston Villa pre-game with the intention of trading out for a profit before a ball had been kicked as I was expecting the price to go down and down.  Unfortunately I got side-tracked with a bit of around the house DIY and missed the trade out, only for Swansea then to take the lead.

I could have took a red screen of around £85 on every result but decided to compound my earlier error by lumping another £110 onto the draw, so I was basically covering the Aston Villa win and the Draw.  I felt fairly comfortable doing this as Aston Villa were approaching the game having just stuck three past Chelsea at  Stamford Bridge and Swansea had not won away from home all season, so all seemed well.

I found myself a live stream of the game and settled down to watch my bet come home, only to see how well Swansea were playing.  I knew at that point that my money was ebbing away and that it would take an almighty upping of Villa's game for my Betfair trade to be saved.  At only 1-0 at half-time, I was hopeful that Villa couldn't play as badly in the second-half as they did in the first.  Well, guess what, I was wrong, Aston Villa were woeful against an entertaining Swansea team who duly took the lead early on in the second half.

I may well be a professional Betfair trader, but it doesn't stop me making these newbie errors every now and again.

Remember, never fear a red screen, if you make a mistake, take it on the chin and trade out, do not compound the error with ever increasing stakes.  I should have took the £85 loss, traded some other games and hopefully finished the day up, as it was I sat there and watched over £300 slip away like a donkey.

Still there's always tomorrow

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  1. Mulldog

    Added your link back up sir. Your message had gone into spam which I was sifting through tonight. Good luck!

    • Steve

      Good man Mully, much appreciated. Hope all has been going well. Good luck for Cheltenham!




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