Following on from my last video about How to place a bet under the Betfair minimum stake where I alluded to the fact that it is useful for Correct Scores Trading, well this video is a correct scores trade for the West Ham v Cardiff play-off and I do indeed utilise a couple of stakes under the minimum stake on Betfair.

So I obviously wasn't telling fibs.  Once again, this video may not show you everything there is to know about Betfair trading, such as my criteria for betting on those particular scores pre-match, but it does show you how to leverage profits once the goals start going in and the final profit was around 62% of my initial liability.

To be fair, I may have been able to trade slightly more aggressively and squeeze more profits from the market, but as I was recording, I just wanted to end up with a green so that I don't have to record these over and over.

I hope you find the video useful, please give it a thumbs up if so

Good luck to all gambling and trading, Steve

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2 Responses

  1. philip

    Hello great site..

    I would like to get into betfair trading .. Can you please advise how best I could train for this and what sites u recommend

    • Steve

      Hi Philip

      Thanks for the comment.

      I would recommend Betfair Trading Expert and Goal Profits as great places to start your journey

      Cheers, Steve


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