Evening all, I'm just gearing up for the United v City match tonight and I'll have my Mancini Scarf on whilst watching the telly, well not quite but I'll be cheering for the good guys.

I'll also be cheering for the mighty East Fife at Arbroath, thanks to Talkbets Powerstat selection.  I also agree with his Everton bet, so if you're reading this, get it placed mate!

Anyway, back to the title of this blog, I originally started this as a vehicle to track my part-time trading of the football markets on Betfair, however, being something of an action junkie and after having so much success with the Football Trading System, it has morphed and grown as I have added more and more systems to my roster.

Seeing as I am now full time, I am about to embark on another project to make money from the world of online betting, I will be trying to make as much money as possible from releasing online casino bonuses by playing casino games with optimal strategies.  I did this back in the early 2000's and it was very rewarding.  I have moved address several times since then, so myself or my missus shouldn't have any problems in re-signing with certain sites.

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