), Platforms are higher than Dreamland preventing certain characters from platform cancelling; Ledge DI can cause an SD by "warping" the character into the bottom due to ledge physics; Unavailable without hacks, Acid disrupts gameplay; breakable platforms distort already-awkward stage structure; over-centralization of the aerial game, causing many characters with poor aerial games to have an unfair disadvantage, No ledges to grab; irregular stage design and frequent rotating of the stage causes drastic changes in gameplay; contains, Overly large; excessive camping/stalling behind the big fin; fin allows for wall infinites; random, powerful stage hazards in Arwing lasers; several positions from which characters cannot recover which they can easily be forced into, especially by characters with good aerial games; overall gives unfair advantages to fast characters on the stage and aerial-based characters off of it, Extremely disruptive stage hazards (such as falling, damaging materials, appearing and disappearing platforms, and oil slick); stage is overly small; no bottom blast line; walk-off blast lines, Solid, middle platform above two lower platforms allows for easy, low-risk, no-, Over-centralizes gameplay on camping; randomly appearing, Randomly moving stage; disproportional advantage to characters with high, fast jumps; over-centralizes gameplay on keeping up with the stage's scrolling, Overly powerful stage hazard in Klap Trap; unusually high ceiling gives a disproportional advantage to horizontal finishers; high potential for camping and stalling; very poor matchup balance, giving a disproportionate advantage to characters with projectiles and those that can traverse the stage well. However, even with this rule in effect, it rarely sees use to play on banned stages outside a much higher-skilled player letting an opposing more casual or very young player choose any stage they want, as most competitive players never want to willingly play on the banned stages for the same reasons the ruleset had them banned. Archived. Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Ike and Zero Suit Samus on the middle tier. Very unusual geometry; large size and slope on far right can promote camping. Powerful camping position on the rock platform on the bottom right of the stage; Above average size gives an advantage to fast or projectile-bearing characters; higher ceiling forces characters to rely more on horizontal KOs; disruptive aesthetics, especially in one-on-one play (pitch-black background, camera errors), Irregular stage design forces major gameplay changes; bricks create caves of life, camping spots, and can block hitboxes; walk-off blast lines, Walk-off blast lines; stage is too small; random, disruptive, Lack of ledges on main platform; main platform poorly accommodates doubles play, being too small and potentially causing slowdown in gameplay; car hazards are overly powerful against fast fallers, Unusual geometry; overly powerful and frequently appearing stage hazards in cars, which deal in excess of 30% damage and can KO at low percents; no lower blast line; permanent walls promote camping and infinites; walk-off blast lines, Irregular terrain; scrolling stage; layout frequently allows circle and run away camping; stalling; potential for stage spikes. Member. To view the full list of 103 stages, press the button below. Treated the same as Battlefield and struck alongside Battlefield when either is chosen. Lower blast zones practically nonexistant. is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Major tournaments have largely erred on the side of having relatively large (eight to ten) stage lists, but some regional tournaments have already cut back to four to six legal stages. Pokémon Stadium 2 in Brawl, for instance, was generally banned in the Tristate Area, while tournaments in Texas usually allowed the stage to be a legal counterpick choice. Level 13. Close. Link: www.ssbu-stage-guides.com. Slope in center of stage, asymmetrical layout, top platform can promote camping, stage altogether is large and paired with large blast zones. Too large; abundance of ledges and strange layout can promote stalling. The following is Smash 64's banlist for stages in tournaments. Too large; promotes camping and stalling, especially on the right side of the stage; unusual gravity mechanics and physics due to stage being curved, Yellow Devil is too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard, Stage has walk-off blast lines and frequently lacks a lower blast line; autoscrolling overcentralizes gameplay on navigating the stage and avoiding obstacles; unfairly benefits characters with good mobility, Right side of stage features walk-off blast line, Disruptive geometry, especially on the lower part of the stage and the triangular platforms; Bumper hazard is too disruptive, Too large; high ceiling creates over-reliance on horizontal finishers; Tent creates a powerful camping position and has a cave of life; tornadoes are too powerful and disruptive, Unpredictable stage layout; potential for walk-offs; disruptive stage hazards, Cannonballs and catapult are too powerful and disruptive as stage hazards; frequent absence of lower blast line; King of Red Lions and the area underneath the ship on the island create powerful camping positions, Overcentralizes gameplay on Materia, which can summon powerful and disruptive stage hazards, Some transformations feature walk-offs and caves of life; stage aesthetics can be distracting. Gravity inhibits certain horizontal projectiles. Also, the effort to get items such as Smash Balls can cause players to focus on that rather than the battle. The stage dynamically changes based on the time of day, and even the day of the week, determined by the internal clock of the console. In general, all stages fall into one of three categories: Neutral stages may be chosen in any game of a set, including the first game. Too small; walk-off blast zones; no proper center platform. Too large; contains walls; helipad and platforms to the left promote camping. The road at the bottom of the stage will move players very quickly to the blast zone; no bottom blast zone; main body of stage is very small; unusual camera. (I count stages with hazards off, no omega and battlefield forms except the originals and specific ones like dreamland, I also count fountain of dreams even if it was not revealed, it would be a sin to not exist) Share to. Transformations cannot be turned off. Irregular stage design; houses allow for infinites; contains walk-off blast zones and generally disruptive geometry. Features walk-off blast zones; the bridge remains intact with hazards off, covering the lower blast zone. Too large; promotes camping and circle camping; walk-off blast lines; grants advantage to characters with good aerial mobility, Tree on left side of stage can promote camping and stalling; Duck Hunt Dog can be disruptive; blast lines are close to stage, Walk-off blast lines; Fish and other stage hazards are too disruptive and powerful; lower blast line is difficult to utilize, Walk-off blast lines; some transformations can promote camping and/or stalling; blocks are too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard, Dark Lord is too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard; stage can grant buffs to some players, Overcentralization of gameplay on collecting Materia; stage hazards from the Materia are too powerful and disruptive, Hazards are too disruptive and powerful for gameplay, Walk-off blast lines; signposts create powerful camping positions; frequent lack of lower blast line, Yellow Devil too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard, Cave of life potential; high upper blast line overcentralizes gameplay on horizontal finishers; ghosts too powerful and disruptive a hazard; overcentralization on collecting pellets, which can grant buffs to players, Walk-off blast lines on right side of the stage, Some stage transformations feature walk-off blast lines and caves of life; aesthetics can disrupt regular gameplay, Sometimes banned due to being identical to Final Destination; sometimes legal as an alternative to Final Destination due to Ω forms sometimes having different blast line distances or main platform shapes, Too large; promotes circle camping due to abundance of platforms, Transformations feature disruptive elements; stage hazards such as, Stage has constant walk-off blast lines and lacks a lower blast line; unusual curvature and gravity of the stage can also impact gameplay physics, Some transformations of the stage can block off blast lines; Shy Guy racers too powerful a stage hazard, Stage transformations can have walk-off blast lines or no lower blast line; some potentially powerful camping spots; strongly benefits characters with good air mobility, Stage has constant walk-off blast lines and lacks a lower blast line; Shy Guy racers too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard, Lower levels of the stage have caves of life; stage geometry can promote circle camping; breakable columns can be disruptive to characters that rely on projectiles, Stage's two "planes" are disruptive to gameplay; background of stage creates a powerful camping position; parts of stage can collapse, creating a randomized layout, The underside of stage can meteor smash players, Stage features walk-off blast lines and frequently lacks a lower blast line; upper blast line is too high; King Bulbin and his bombs are too powerful and disruptive a stage hazard, Too large; enables circle camping; walls create caves of life and promote powerful combos, Lava on all sides of the stage are too powerful and disruptive; abundance of ledges can promote stalling; overcentralization of gameplay on the capsule, F-Zero racers are too powerful and disruptive, as well as difficult to predict; ground hazard is too powerful. Created Apr 19, 2019. r/SSBUStageBuilder Rules. Top platforms are too high (characters such as Ness can have difficulty approaching without double jumping); Lack of ledge DI hurts recoveries; poor lighting; barrel turning is randomized and it removes double jump hurting certain recoveries. 1. Ω form stages are not all functionally identical, as the shape of the platform's underside varies, with some stages having walls all the way down to the lower blast line. Massive debates raged over the years on whether or not to ban him from tournaments, with the eventual general consensus being that Meta Knight would be legal, but teams with two Meta Knights were not. Title: Ssbu Custom Stages; Date: May 06, 2019; Size: 1287kB; Resolution: 1023px x 900px; Download Image. Presets. U. Untouch Smash Master. Features walk-off blast zones; bridge remains closed with hazards off, covering the lower blast zone. Too large; cave of life/the tent at stage's right side promotes camping and can lead to powerful combos; left slant is hard to approach; Tornado stage hazards are too powerful and disruptive to gameplay and can also randomly be fast or slow.

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