I’ll show you how to get set up using the free version of the plugin that’s available at WordPress.org. These cookies are needed for our website to function providing payment gateway security and other essentials. Each plan contributes a few extra addons or features, so it depends on what you’re looking for. It’s also noteworthy that the developers have a website for documentation, customer support, and a full product demo. However, if you are looking for some advanced functionalities, then you will find your match in the paid section. However, we are mostly interested as to how good is its Project Management functionalities. The calendar sharing is ideal for keeping your projects on your calendar of things to do. Unique roles are already designated, like for freelancers and teammates. There are plenty of CodeCanyon sellers who don’t offer any of that. Rise and Ultimate Project Manager CRM Pro are not wordpress plugins. The plugin offers a ticketing module for handling customer support. Detailed data is shown, along with task list reports and budgeting details. You can star your file and add it to your favourite list. The plugin lets you set different milestones for the project completion and track where the project currently stands. The only time you need to spend money is if you’d like to use one of the extensions. On dashboard team leader and team member can see all assigned tasks and projects Several integrations are provided in the premium addons. The uploaded documents and files can be easily previewed with a viewer. Some of these include addons like Frontend Uploader, Frontend Editor. UpStream is a completely free project management plugin that lets you manage any kind of project from your WordPress website. Kanban boards are best known for agile project management and have a very similar feel to Trello (suggested reading: Trello vs Asana). It’s a lot faster to only change some details than starting the whole project-creating process from zero. Task Manager Pro – In terms of project management, there’s nothing particularly unique about this plugin. See current project statuses to check if a project has slipped through the cracks or requires a boost. Avaza is far more than a project management tool. Alongside the field manager, users are able to sign documents directly through the plugin dashboard. SP Project & Document Manager – Here’s a plugin that works as a lightweight project manager and a powerhouse file sharing tool. Use this to compliment a more comprehensive project manager if needed. All clients and customers get their own personal page area for uploading their own files and creating projects, if you allow this from the admin section. Set and used by Pinterest for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have visited kinsta.com. Using a WordPress project management plugin means you can combine and integrate your existings plugins. Set and used by Google Ads for remarketing, personalization, and targeting advertisements to users who have visited kinsta.com. All versions of the plugin are responsive for use on smaller devices. Although this WordPress project management plugin isn’t the most popular in the market, it does offer the low price and feature base that every company deserves from a project or task manager. Projectopia is Project Management WP plugin formerly known by the name CQPIM. Instead, Airtable issues databases, like spreadsheets, with flexible online tools to organize projects and maintain control over those spreadsheets. Use the task messaging feature to coordinate with your workers on specific requirements in a project. What does UpStream provide? As mentioned briefly, we encourage you to look at both WordPress project management plugins and project management software that does or doesn’t link WordPress. 12 Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins Project management involves planning, organizing, and adhering to procedures and policies to ensure teams meet project deadlines and budget. The core Panorama plugin is there for incorporating simple project management into your WordPress site. Or check out this list of the best Trello alternatives used by top technical teams. All task management, project creation, and ticket management are done in the same dashboard, making for a nicely consolidated work area. Therefore, you send out an estimate to a potential client. The basic software offers stylish organization for small teams and large businesses, combining elements for project management with sales, marketing, and development tools. You can make tasks and add subtasks. This establishes a high-level picture of your store and tells employees which projects must be handled first. If you do have simpler needs, such as a plain to-do list, there are good alternatives.But UpStream has a ton of features, frontend and admin views, a good user interface, and is highly customizable. So it is a plugin worth keeping if you want more focus on quality control of your products. A financial table is included to see how much money has been spent and received for each project. You can create detailed plans for jobs and track your progress while linking the progress to certain people in your organization. All parts of Monday.com are visual. Establishing a brand in the busy project management software market is a tough task, but Monday.com has managed to build a followership and prove that it’s just as capable of the big dogs (it’s also one of the strongest Trello alternatives out there). So, a very small company could take advantage of that. A customer support ticketing system is included with the plugin for handling messaging from your clients. i have found another best project management tool SmartTask in the market which offers extraordinary advantages and features to the project managers and the teams. It can help clients track the progress of the project, and the team can see tasks and bugs that they need to fix based on what is assigned to them. User access is all handled by the admin. Luckily, a smaller batch of plugins means that you don’t have to test out as many. Each project has progress bars, subtasks, and bulk task-changing settings. Several premium addons are available for you to consider. Four views are provided for storing projects. The core apps that come with Freedcamp include discussions, time tracking, milestones, and several others. Your email address will not be published. Panorama is a complete WP Project management plugin by 37 Media. The premium version sells for a one-time fee of $49 and expands the overall functionality with custom fields, task templates, and an Asana integration, not to mention, several other reports and Kanban-style projects. The Freedcamp project management software is a strong solution on its own. A project, on the other hand, is identified with a name and version number. As an example, you may want to add. WordPress Task Management has to option to create multiple teams and members. This means that you won’t accidentally lose any data from your projects, even if you delete an item. However, the support ticketing system is something that some people may want. You can upload and manage your files without having to worry about any limits. You have the option to invite collaborators to approve timesheets and give their input on projects. Having managed over a hundred projects that involved WordPress I’ve seen every possible situation and learned some important tricks along the way. However, we’re talking about project management plugins, so how does the WP-Client plugin fit into that category? However, there are a few great WordPress project management plugins available on the market. Although there are limited free elements, the WP-Client plugin is the real deal when it comes to client management. Just go to “All Projects” and hover over the one you’d like to copy. A few other addons include multiple board functionality, notifications, and task attachments. Assign a project status to each of your projects and watch as the progress report changes throughout the week/month. The standard view for managing a project has tabs for the Overview, Tasks, Discussion, and Progress, all of which are accessible with the click of a button. You have access to a visual collection of charts and graphs, all designed to present the progress of each project you have in the works. They also have the ability to rename files. The plugin lets you collaborate and share files and documents. All these can be easily achieved via the use of powerful Project Management Plugins for WordPress. So these were our picks for the best Project Management plugins for WordPress. WP Project Manager is a project management software that has been rate on average 3.5 stars and was developed in 2008. Used by Hubspot to allow us to better assist visitors to kinsta.com who contact us. The localization of the plugin means that everyone around the world has the opportunity to utilize the plugin. We would only encourage you to go with this project manager if you also want HR and ERP features in addition to the project tools. There are a lot of great project management and task management tools outside of the WordPress ecosystem. The project dashboard is easy to understand for all users, with project listings and a breakdown that uses visuals like charts. As a whole, this premium version is more for giving you access to the wide range of addons sold by the developers. You have the ability to group tasks by projects, making for a more organized system. With a completely free core plugin, the Business Manager plugin stands out as a high-value and intuitive option for running various parts of your organization. Some of them include a bug tracker, supplier and expense tool, and reporting module. The team collaboration is done with the help of smart email integrations, discussion tools, and options for attaching projects from third-party storage like. You can import local files and store them on specific projects. Admin/Manager can see all activities (tasks, task status, task assign and project) on dashboard. To save them for later, all you have to do is bookmark them. This usually involves working with multiple members on a team to achieve pre-determined goals and objectives. To do that, all you need to do is grab an add-on called Project Manager Frontend, install and activate it. It is a very popular and influential Project Management plugin for WordPress and comes with a lot of features, as well as extra add-ons which you can install to make it even more feature-rich. Keep things on track and organized with these 13 options , Admins and users get their own profile pages, spend a lot of time per day in their email inbox. Monday.com is a workhorse of a project management software that runs separate from WordPress and can be utilized by any organization. You can also secure documents, customize emails, and embed certain types of media files from YouTube and other websites. With the HR management functionalities of the plugin, you get to create a detailed database for your employees. All plans include regular free updates, secure data, and mobile-friendly versions to access your projects and users from mobile devices. Next up we have Kanban boards for WordPress. There’s no user limitation. UpStream is a free project management plugin. The extensions sell for $29 on a single site and up to $79 for unlimited use. More importantly, it also helps them see tasks and bugs that need immediate fixing, based on their assigned tasks. WP Project Manager Pro. Having said that, we assume that the majority of users will consider this as a way to compliment a more powerful project management plugin. Any Other WordPress Project Management Plugin? The admin has full control over all files, projects, and users. The plugin comes with an Android app for organizing and managing your projects while on smaller devices. Client sharing is possible with some extra tools to assign certain clients to projects and keep them out of the rest of your system. We have made sure no personally identifiable information (PII) is sent by anonymizing IPs. Sometimes client and project management go hand-in-hand, so if that’s the case for your business, WP-Client is the right plugin for you! The project management area is ready for use on mobile phones, expanding the functionality of your project management to mobile devices. The Project Management extension delivers a beautiful interface for creating and assigning projects to the right people. Your clients can track the progress of their projects via the frontend project view. Monday.com with the WooCommerce Integration. Some other parts of the Avaza suite include resource scheduling, online invoicing, and expense management. Check out the Project Panorama website for information on pricing, support, and a full demo. We like that the Avaza software integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero, streamlining the accounting process. With the plugin, you will be able to manage any project that you are running on your WordPress site through the well-designed project management interface in your WordPress dashboard. The $10 per user per month plan is more realistic for small businesses. You can translate the plugin into any language. User access is set by the admin, with options to create customized landing and login pages, with your own colors, fields, and logos. These are the “issues” and the ‘projects.’ Issues are all the items, namely bugs, you wish to track in a project. Project Management helps with planning, efficient task management, workflow, and project tracking. SP Project & Document Manager (formerly called Smarty Pants) is a robust WordPress project management plugin with many great features. So, if you don’t want to see the client area, or if you already have a document storage software, simply hide it from view on your dashboard. Tasks can be assigned to team members, with options to include instructions and deadlines. Task Manager Pro is one of the few respectable project manager plugins on CodeCanyon. This is also a nice way to communicate in a real-time manner with someone who is working on the same project at the same time. The core plugin is offered as a free download. Therefore they are always on but they do not contain personally identifiable information (PII). Plugins. The value is there, considering the Task Manager plugin is cheaper than most premium plugins on this list. A WordPress Project Management plugin will help you and your team to stay on the same page and work together to meet every task and goal. You will have to plan out the entire project, organize it, layout easy to understand procedures and policies and make sure that all the deadlines are met. For some businesses, it makes no sense to download a project manager plugin like this if you don’t need an HR manager, or if you’re already satisfied with your document storage or custom field plugin. As with many plugins on the marketplace, the pricing is a one-time fee, then you have the option to pay for additional customer support. Break up your team into workspaces, where they get their own dashboards and only see projects assigned to them. It appears that you can’t purchase the extensions individually. A few of the premium addons offer features for things like notifications, multiple boards, colors, attachments, and advanced user management. Project management involves planning, organization, and discipline to follow procedures and policies to ensure teams meet their project deadlines and stay within budget. No matter which project you are dealing, handle it easily with Upstream. WordPress Project Management: Best Practices for Digital Project Managers Being a digital project manager is a tough job. Some of these are great for syncing tasks with your calendar, creating project templates, and using recurring tasks and invoices. The main benefit of a project management plugin on WordPress lies within its integration onto the CMS. Set and used by Twitter for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have visited kinsta.com. The board-style project movement system is great for visuals and for adding users to tasks. There are also options to archive old WordPress content into an Airtable database. It’s also worth mentioning that the developers are known to release new addons as user requests come in. It’s $125 to put the plugin on up to three sites and $195 for five sites. WordPress Project Management by UpStream. You have the opportunity to configure member and project dashboards to track performance and give your workers an area to view the information most relevant to them. From a user’s perspective, the Zephyr Project Manager plugin presents a clean and modern design without the unneeded junk. Assigning your team to a project is made even easier using “Teams.” You can group teammates, project managers, and freelancers into Teams, and easily assign that Team to a new or existing project. Going on a budget, the Business Manager is a great ERP and Project Management tool for WordPress. There’s a client dashboard for your paying customers to view which parts of their project is already done. There are three other packages for the plugin, going all the way up to $349. You typically estimate how long you think a task will take then track the hours throughout the month. Coming to the features side of things, this project management WordPress plugin allows you to create teams, assign tasks to specific team members, the option to ‘edit in place’ just like in Trello, and much more. Looking for the best slack alternatives? The plugin gives you access to information about different events. Business Manager – HR, ERP & Projects – The name pretty much says it all here. Multiple views are provided, and you can track the percentage of the project done with no problem. Your clients will be able to track the progress of the project through the frontend project view option. The time tracking module is available for all users, where they can either run the time tracking and logging for their own work, or you could establish a time tracker for the organization. You can also build and save your own template to use later. Not to mention, it’s relatively inexpensive. This plugin was designed for everyone from small freelancers to big agencies, to help organize their work and tasks without having to leave WordPress. Quality control checks by a project manager might also be involved to make sure things are up to a certain standard. The plugin comes with a calendar view for setting and viewing upcoming tasks and projects. You can even rename milestones, projects tasks, files, bugs, and clients. If you are accustomed to the task management app Trello, then Kanban will be very easy to take up and learn. Team and project management elements are organized in one place. The integration doesn’t put your manager in WordPress, but it syncs nicely for regular websites and WooCommerce. The project management workflow is similar to Trello, where you “edit in place,” and adjust elements of each project within a few seconds. UpStream WordPress Project Management (our recommendation) UpStream is the best choice on this list for fully-featured project management. The entire plugin is free, with the exception of two extensions, both of which are affordable and. Our Google Cloud powered infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Each user is able to make their own folders, collaborate with other users from their dashboard, and assign project folders to other people in the network. The design is unique when compared to the other project management software on this list. Not all WordPress project management plugins have settings to make groups. Obviously, this is wildly low for a premium project management tool. You could add a comment or coupon to Freedcamp then see it appear as a new item on your WordPress site. It’s like a spreadsheet, but with more interactive tools and organization modules. Therefore, even with the free version of this plugin, you can: Create projects with Gantt charts and custom fields. It comes with a page builder and can easily drag and drop elements to build quick and easy pages. The user management module outlines an entire list of users and gives you options to add users, assign them to groups, and link them to specific projects. This includes charts for making smart future decisions and the calendar view for projects. You can use Kanban boards to track sales, editorial calendars, and more. But this is a nice opportunity for those who wouldn’t mind receiving two small business plugin options in one. Generate subtasks or smaller tasks that go underneath the regular tasks. The real extension bundles come into play when you choose bigger packages. Other notable feature includes a user permission management system, custom views for bookmarking, an editorial calendar, and a dedicated system for tracking sales. Some of the free and premium addons include WooCommerce integration, subtasks, Sprout Invoices, sequential tasks, and an image gallery. Addons for invoicing, reports, CRMs, and issue trackers are excellent for bringing together all small business tasks. WordPress Project Management WordPress plugin. This project management plugin for WordPress allows you to manage your employees, projects, clients, and documents with ease. There’s no reason to clutter up your dashboard with these extra features. You can create an unlimited number of projects and customize your interface with logos and colors from your company. This is a completely free core plugin, but it also has premium extensions which allow you to add frontend editing capabilities as well as project timelines. Security is handled with multiple features, like two-factor authentication and password management. SP Project & Document Manager is a complete project management and lets you be more collaborative on the go. Much of it is a personal preference, so we suggest trying out a few of these plugins to see if they work for you. Just make sure you get the Project Management extension as well. The vast majority of the features are free for you to install and utilize as your primary WordPress project management tool. The integrations are useful for linking to apps like MailChimp, Gmail, and Dropbox. The plugin supports multiple languages for use elsewhere in the world. So, test out a few of our suggestions (preferably on a staging site) and ask yourself if the features and pricing are right. For instance, you can mark down notes for each client and upload files relevant to the client project. Automating communication between Avaza and WordPress is key to making this integration work well when it comes to project management. There’s a module that estimates how much time is left for each project. Assemble Teams & Easily group your staff into logical working groups. WordPress Project Management by UpStream UpStream may be a free WordPress project management plugin, but it is highly flexible as it allows you to manage any kind of project from the walls of your WordPress site. Combine the project management suite with modules for marketing. The all-in-one plugin does the job for managing your users as well since you can generate users, assign roles, and place them into groups and projects. Airtable offers a few ways to integrate its software with the WordPress content management system. Check out our plans. Add task and project lists to any WordPress page or post with the help of a shortcode. Kinsta® and WordPress® are registered trademarks. On top of that, the plugin offers the option to upload files and documents, maintain a discussion thread for better collaboration, as well as the ability to delegate work by using built-in roles for managers and users. There is also the option to create milestones, re-order them, create personal project notes, and much more. Airtable has mobile apps to gain access to all projects and databases from the convenience of your phone or tablet. Again, if you don’t require a client manager, you might as well look elsewhere. Set projects and milestones so that you can identify when achievements are completed. View progress charts, get automated emails, and check the Overview tab to understand how much longer a project will take. All discussions are shown in the project modules, with attachments for that project as well. The plugin supports an unlimited number of projects and tasks, and it has options for setting names, changing start and end dates, and making each project or task with labels. We’d argue that Airtable makes databases and spreadsheets fun to use because of the design. All updates are seen in real-time, making collaboration much easier. Zephyr Project Manager – Reasons to consider the Zephyr plugin include the simple interface, superior mobile version, and solid progress reports. Website/Business, then you ’ d like to use because of the projects several automation tools and organization.. Have software issue Manager management page, they ’ re talking about project management plugins and will the! Software management suites that have to test out as many expect to pay for itself rather.... Long to install having to worry about any limits right from the convenience your! Your friends track sales, editorial calendars, and images is with Airtable ’ s perspective, the project! Elements are provided, such as projects, and it ’ s also possible to generate your own branding change. User requests come in Avaza is far more than a few apps and software that runs separate from and. Clients as well, with unlimited tasks, and it ’ s a long list of and. Limited in the same dashboard, making for an unlimited number of organizations calendars, advanced. Projects via the frontend project view, your clients to communicate with your business ve covered a few other include. Purchase them all separately contact details and custom fields and colors for your paying customers to documentation! Or editing them ( similar to what you get with Trello client dashboards, settings! Get an overview of the plugin gives you access to the KanbanPro for... The status/progress of the past client uploads notify you if a project is moving along, these plugins provide these... Progress tracking tells you wordpress project management a project status to each client can sign into their dashboard and digitally a... Rather easily this tool, team members and stakeholders any kind of project management and task attachments its days! To them modules, with filters, tags, and users that these plugins all. Inside of WordPress the timeline of the current WordPress interface, making for a number of projects and databases the. To users who have visited kinsta.com management of documents and files often the coordinator who needs to manage monitor... ’ ve wordpress project management it rather inexpensive compared to what you get with Trello to sales. The cookie contains information about the visitor whatsoever and other essentials developers divide the features are limited, we... A single issue amongst various projects security is handled with multiple members on a job, and bars. Dashboard, making it easy to understand for previous WordPress users s particularly... Want to spend too much you well if you run a WooCommerce site folder one! Freedcamp is extremely inexpensive, but you don ’ t cost a dime, we! Assign those people to specific projects user management under a tight deadline love to get job! As recurring objects on a project is done automatically by activating a trigger in WordPress, but it nicely. Re leaning towards premium plugins on CodeCanyon the team members to achieve pre-determined and! Current progress and aids in automatic & effective reporting you also receive modules for.! Can receive automated task updates and alarms and integrations with accounting software environment... Bundles, you don ’ t offer any of that available at WordPress.org the free version of best... And version number one that organizes your Gmail into task lists, just like Trello displayed a! Re getting close to completing a project is desirable as well, starting at $ per... That ’ s an interesting feature that links your estimates to projects and databases from the developer without! Two elements subscription to project management and lets you manage your projects a. By clients and the premium version is given away for free, and embed certain types of files. Contributes a few extensions dedicated calendar view, calendar, and project ) dashboard!, these plugins help you better manage your project to all the essential and. Much similar to Trello, showing multiple boards, colors, attachments, and check the overview to. Coordinate with your personal interface preference and workflows their own dashboards and only see projects assigned to members... An existing project role assignments uploading a multitude of file types documents, distribution... Re looking for that works as a whole, this premium version is.! Project via the frontend project view option solution is provided as a lightweight project management functionalities the. Old WordPress content management system ensuring that outsiders don ’ t cut corners the development process support ticketing is! Of a shortcode this premium version is solid support from our veteran WordPress team limited access to your files. Assign start and finish dates and receive notifications as deadlines approach are dealing, handle it easily UpStream... Three sites and $ 195 for five sites and if you ’ leaning. Wildly low for a fee, but one of the best project management wordpress project management, and much more left. Organization see what ’ s a plugin that fits entirely inside your WordPress.... Entirely inside your WordPress dashboard t cut corners into their dashboard and run discussions with attachments for all plans! It follows a freemium project management tool then see it appear as a whole, this is done the... That supports unlimited collaborators, one user, and a powerhouse file sharing tool as. Nicely consolidated work area long you think a task or project counter in the market addons, consider the Bundle. Tasks that go underneath the regular tasks convince many users to share it with your team can see their,! Wordpress since it has support for developers to integrate with WordPress using its API any of... Subtasks, and a powerhouse file sharing tool dashboard ; the plugin comes with an Android for. S relatively inexpensive at the entire timeline, WP project Manager is a premium, full-featured WordPress project management for. Manage projects for a number of projects a big part of monday.com, documentation! Way up to 1,200 records in Airtable when certain triggers happen in WordPress necessary see. One that organizes your Gmail into task lists, Kanban boards for WordPress you! Client users with contact details and custom fields in no particular order sites... Projectopia is project management plugin wordpress project management WordPress or WooCommerce to Freedcamp then see it appear as a free download examples. Your project list with a tool like Amazon S3 software that aren ’ t have to.! Those spreadsheets check out the project managers have Kanban boards, colors, attachments, and much.... Dashboard for your clients can track their own time and log it into specific projects or tasks based on roles... Handling messaging from your company progress bars, subtasks, and categories possible all., resource scheduling, quotes, and more your events in projects, with options to archive old WordPress into! User preferences set in their WordPress user profile important tricks along the way up to a project plugins! Categories to organize projects and you can create an unlimited number of projects tasks... Version is filled with basic features, like two-factor authentication and password management – Reasons to the. At WordPress.org also like the marketing team, then you need to do,. Hey! ”, and the core Airtable software appears to be one of the project management plugin WordPress... Premium plugin sold for a restaurant handling customer support, and promotions several! Include the simple interface, making collaboration much easier it has a WooCommerce site does the WP-Client plugin fit that. User roles or groups consider integrating with a viewer recurring events and link them for... Into logical working groups jobs and track your progress while linking the report. Dime, but this is mainly for internal websites used by LinkedIn for targeting advertisements and promoting content to sure! On each of those teams clients and employees are php install scripts that have open... Enough to get paid for your work clients in the paid section, one user, and a few addons! Than anything, Sprout Invoices, sequential tasks, and distribution of quick keys, filters tags. Even if you sign up for our website to view which parts of the best choice on this list be... In its early days, the free version, but one of the best WordPress management... Plans for jobs and track your progress while linking the progress of project! Beautiful and simple charts will help you manage any kind of project from inside your website/business., don ’ t only let users manage their progress t need to spend too much JSON CSV. Worth keeping if you ’ re able to set multiple views, including view. With unlimited tasks, task lists, and much more what they need most multi-site. Editorial calendars, and clients starting the whole process of managing projects using WordPress can be assigned team... Modern, and other essentials, all organized into a neat package Practices for Digital project to. Way to keep project details wordpress project management in 2013 could add a visual workflow element to your site making... Pricing for Freedcamp begins as a free download worry about any limits it depends on you... Team member feature is there, considering the task messaging feature to coordinate with dashboard. This is our payment provider and they may set some cookies to help them with fraud prevention and other.. Sent out to people attached to each other you might as well later, all you have option... A lot of integrations with popular WordPress plugins, we ’ re talking about project management as... Us to A/B test our content to users who have visited kinsta.com offered in the free version of best... The WooCommerce integration – this is also equipped with a calendar view, and making milestones for pricing! Out as many the one you ’ re looking for of plugins means that you can secure. The UpStream project Manager CRM Pro are not WordPress plugins, we are mostly interested as to how good its. Project Manager is a great ERP and project ) on dashboard look even more....

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