Well a shorter and thicker cable will be the most efficient but in some contexts the charger and device may make it irrelevant. Though there are several reviews and blogs present, the only key difference I am noticing is the bend lifespan–with the other features nearly identical. Do the nyalon-braided cables wear and fray over time like you would expect from anything that is woven/braided? In my search, I’ve seen several accounts of people claiming their cables stop working within months of purchasing Anker cables. By Alexa about 10% of Anker cables have a noticeable resistance, How do you check that? Anker PowerLine Lightning Apple Certified Cable (6ft), The best charging cable i have ever used, I have been using this same charger from when i had the iPhone 6 plus to now when i … If gifts Amazing Strength: One of the toughest cables … 5A USB-C was last chabge and USB 4 next. By timing it how long it takes to charge or measuring the current (hope it’s the right term). Them Ohm’s law, the voltage drop across a cable is fixed (at time of manufacturing bit increases with use) a property of the cable, but that fixed absolute Voltage drop becomes a relatively smaller impact at higher voltage, therefore the cable matters less for 60W 20V than it does for say 10W 5V, which is why it matters more to use a shorter Type A than a PD 60W C cable. In regards to micro USB’s, again, I find no need for them as I do not specifically use devices that utilize micro USB’s. … If you will, you could treat this as a comparison page. Anker PowerLine Select+ 6ft USB Cable with Lightning connector Staying Power: Lasts 30x longer than ordinary cables-proven in a laboratory environment to withstand 30000 bends. gadgets The curved ends on the connectors also mean that there's less snagging, which is a nice feature and will be appreciated by anyone who juggles a lot of cables. automation You may unsubscribe at any time. As far as I can tell, I have not ran across data or reviews that substantially suggest the Powerline cables are any better than another in the aspect of charging speed and data transfer–only bend lifespan, warranty duration, and of course, cost. 4 days old 62103 views 6' Anker Powerline II Apple MFi Certified USB C to Lightning Cable $10. Opposed to my usual 3ft cable and I knew it would be ok because I asked here and got an answer, or several like you will @wanderr. which automate, With most of my devices now 9V, the cables are less important as say a 1V drop from 5V is 20% power loss but at 9V is 11% loss. I periodically test my cables, about 10% of Anker cables have a noticeable resistance. Isn't So the trends to higher voltage is making the cable less important. why The PowerLine+ III can support 175 pounds before breaking and has been built to offer a 35,000-bend lifecycle. The PowerLine+ III cables also pack away smaller than the older PowerLine+ II cables, which might not seem like a big thing, but when you're traveling or out and about, the smaller, the better -- as long as it doesn't compromise durability (which, in this case, it doesn't). I edited to following specifications in the original thread, but to reiterate, I am looking for differences between USB-A/USB-C, rubber/nyalon-braided, and the varying lengths of cables. cost You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. your Power Shipment: Use this USB-C cable to Lightning with your USB-C … you? that make Must read: Upgrade your office with these tools and gadgets. Anker's PowerLine+ III cables come in USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning… … With regards to customer support Anker are also outstanding. can Help is on the way. Yes, the Anker PowerLine+ III offers it all. Hi @wanderr, there are many differences between Anker’s various cable offerings: The “+” versions are double-braided nylon, while the non-+ versions are thermoplastic rubbers. Bend radius and stress concentration. I

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