In those times, it was possible for mountains to move, providing the move was done during the night. Te Whata Tau o Putauaki 55-57 Galway Street PO Box 124 Kawerau, 3127 Phone: 07 323 8486 Email: Ko Rangitaiki te awa. Putauaki or also known as Mount Edgecumbe is such a majestic maunga in so many ways. Qualifications: Bachelor of Humanities – Indigenous Studies / Indigenous Business (TWWO Awanuiarangi) Graduate Diploma in Professional Supervision- BiCulturalism in Practice (TWo Aotearoa) Diploma in Counselling (Anamata) Diploma in Social Work (Te Kaiawhina Ahumahi) Certificate in … Noo reira, teenaa koutou, teenaa koutou, teenaa raa tatou kaatoa. One was Putauaki, the other was Ruawahi who found Putauaki attractive and often sighed. Although I have been fortunate enough to gain formal certified qualifications throughout my working career Kaumatua within their … “Ko Kahuranaki te maunga, Ko Te Hapuku te tangata.” Mo Ngati Kahungunu ki Heretaunga. He moved slowly, so Ruawahia would not wake. It is part of the collective tribal knowledge of Ngati Tuwharetoa, and cements the people to their mountains. Ko Rangitaiki te awa . If, or when you decide to take it on, dont forget to wear gloves and try the King of the Mountain track, because it is worth it! Tūwharetoa ki te Aupouri. Slowly however, the two lovers became more distant. It stands in the middle of flat planes and farmlands and can be seen from miles away. Ko O Ruataupare te wharenui . . At Central Kids Pūtauaki many of our families have a strong connection to our Maunga, Awa, Whenua and Moana. We literally climbed up the maunga, using our feet, hands, arms, core, shoulders, quads and butt muscles to assist us. Ko Rangitaiki te awa . Bus TerminalPlunket StreetKawerau 3169New Zealand, Get behind Eastern Bay of Plenty businesses and DISCOVER OUR LOCAl, Boyce Park, Stoneham Park and Waterhouse St. Reserve, Headline Act for Kawerau Christmas in the Park. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Price Range $ Hours . One of my closest friends lives near Putauaki and she also has a passion for climbing maunga and going on hīkoi. Ko Nancy Hunia tooku whaea . Te whakamahi i tēnei tūemi. My Husband is Domino Waihirere, we have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. It seemed forever to get to the summit. Ass to grass sliding down the steep cliff commenced. Ko Isaako Hunia tooku ingoa . Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Orīni ki Ngāti Awa share their learning experience in this video clip. He was the first to go. Toroa, Puhi-Kaiariki- Muriwai. My poor toes were over it by the time we got to semi flat ground. Kei kawerau. Putauaki realising that Whakaari was interested in him wondered how he could make the journey to the sea. Tiritiria tēnei tūemi Post to Pinterest Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. 526 people follow this. Create a free website or blog at The purpose of the Trust is to ensure kaitiakitanga over our maunga tupuna continues. Ko Ngai Tamapare te hapu. Ko Te Pahipoto te hapu . And so, a plan was made, a date was set, (where her tamariki were away so we could focus all our mind power and time on the climb and the all important recovery) an email or two was sent back and forth and it was locked in, Putauaki here we come (much sooner than I had expected or planned for nevertheless)!! Kia Ora! We decided to start off fairly early to miss the brute of the midday sun, so I drove over to Otakiri with a backpack full of water bottles, towels, togs, spare change of clothes and some preworkout. Ruawahia roared, shook and burst into tears. The two fell in love and spent their days together in happiness. Tauaki te tū, Taiki te rere, Ōkōrero kia mau. Other mountains surrounded the rohe, some distant, some further away. The Maunga that fought over her were Tongariro, Tauhara, Putauaki and Taranaki. Ko Putauaki te maunga. Long ago when the world was young, two mountains grew up near the Kawerau area. Putauaki or also known as Mount Edgecumbe is such a majestic maunga in so many ways. More adventures were had that day with my friend and a bucket list maunga was ticked off. Ruawahia realised that Putauaki was interested in Whakaari and became angry. Change ). The two fell in love and spent their days together in happiness. That is the reason why the lake fills and flows down the Tarawera valley. She constantly complained and her moods changed. Kei Putauaki. Ko Pūtauaki te maunga tapu o Ngāti Awa e noho ana ki te taha rāwhiti o Te Moana-a-Toitehuatahi. Water ran out. Ngati Awa is my tribe, Ngati Pahipoto my sub-tribe, and Kokohinau my meeting place. As I got closer and closer and he came into site all I could think was what the hell am I doing?, I am not prepared for this! . Putauaki and Ruawahia had a son called Whatiura and this made their union complete. Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Rangitaiki te awa Ko Ngati Awa the iwi Ko Pahipoto te hapu Ko Rangitukehu te tangata Ko Kiriwaitingi ahau. Simply because of the climbing up over rocks, holding on to roots to drag yourself up, pushing off the dirty ground and brushing past the gorse and cutty grass. It is steep, super steep, 820m above sea level steep, 5 hours straight up and down steep and overlooks the town of Kawerau. #choosehappy #nourishmysoul. The Tuwharetoa boarder lines now stand as far north as Kawerau, where Putauaki stands guard. Putauaki tried to persuade Whatiura to return to Ruawahia. Community See All. Te Wai u o Tūwharetoa A very young Manaia (Tuwharetoa) was once left in the care of his grandparents Waitaha Ariki Kore and Hine Te Ariki at Waitahanui Pa. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Whakaari sends smoke signals, calling Putauaki to join her. Mo te rohe o Tauranga. Putauaki fought hard but could not overcome the other large maunga, Tongariro and Tauhara, so he too fled and stands alone to the North East. The union between Putauaki and Whakaari was never to be. Ko Putauaki te maunga . Quick pic at the bottom of the maunga and we were ready to go! We were getting dropped off at the buttom and the track we were going to take was the King of the mountain track which is the hardest track up. Jeanette Hinerangi (Eruera Manuera) Murphy Circles of Influence VAK Learning … This tribal legend is often told to school children in the Ngati Tuwharetoa area. Blisters started to form. ( Log Out /  The tears filled the hole left by Putauaki, and today it is called Lake Tarawera. Ko Putauaki te maunga. Together we could talk for hours and it was completely fitting that this maunga was tackled by the two of us together. Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Ohinemataroa te awa Ko Mataatua te waka Ko Ngati awa te iwi Ko Taiwhakaea te marae Ko Ngai Taiwhakaea te hapu Kia Ora ko Vonnie Waihirere toku ingoa. The calibre of the The 30thJune 2019 marked the end of another financial year for Putauaki Trust and … Tūwharetoa ki te Aupouri. Kia Ora Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Tarawera te awa Ko Hahuru te marae Ko Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau te iwi Ko Ngati Peehi te hapu Ko Te Arawa te waka No Kawerau ahau Ko Trina toku ingoa Hi my name is … Jeanette Hinerangi (Eruera Manuera) Murphy Dreamscape – A collection of wants and needs that I manifest into my life Ko wai ahau – Who am I? WHAKAMOMORI WHERE TO NOW? Pūtauaki (Mt Edgecumbe) is sacred to the section of Ngāti Awa who are based around the eastern Bay of Plenty area. I slide down the cliff mainly on my feet, squatting down as if I was skating. Ko Rangitaiki te awa. Ko Mataatua te waka . Ko Kokohinau te marae . Kei Putauaki. Unfortunately, Whatiura did not return. Ko Putauaki te maunga. Growing up there is a pūrakau … Ko Putauaki te maunga, ko Rangitaiki te awa, ko Mataatua te waka, ko Ngāti Awa te iwi. Growing up there is a pūrakau that was told to me from my grandparents, parents, aunties and cousins about te whawhai o ngā kāhui maunga. It seemed to take equally as long to get down. Ko Putauaki te maunga. Kei kawerau. My quads by the time we sat in the car and the rest of my body followed a day later. The sun blared down on us most of the way so we were happy to get under the cover of pines and plants. 32 check-ins. Te Whakaora (5/5) Te wāhanga tuarima o te pakipūmeka 'Tū Mai Ngāti Awa'. “Ko Putauaki te maunga, Ko Rangitukehu te tangata.” Mo te rohe o Kawerau. You could hear the manu singing, the wings of cicadas rubbing together and surprisingly a lot of the traffic from down below. Ko Putauaki te maunga, Ko Mataatua te waka, Ko Ngati Awa Te Iwi, Tihei Mauri Ora The actual story of The House That Came Home is so incredible (and little known) that it almost deserves its own separate award. Contact Tuariki Marae on Messenger . Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Rangitaiki te awa Ko Ngati Awa, Ngati Rangitihi, Te Rarawa oku iwi Born and raised in Whakatane Grandson of Harry Stowell (Te Rarawa) and Ani Stowell (nee Savage – Ngāti Rangitihi) Eldest son of Darcy Stowell and Ngahuia Rowsan (Stowell – Ngatiawa) • Served 13 years in the Military • 15 Years in the Kiwifruit/Fresh produce Industry. From that marriage came. I love basketball, volleyball, free diving and English is my strongest subject. Geneaology. Katanuku katanuku koa i te tihi o Putauaki te maunga tipua o Ngati Awa te toki tangatanga i te ra e. E tangi ngunguru te awa o Te Awa o Te Atua me Te Waikamihi hei kawe ake i a koe ki te tihi o nga rangi tuhaha te ka kainga tuturu mou e te rangatira e. Haere, haere e moe, takoto. Ko Rewatu te Marae. Ko Mataatua te waka. Ko Mataatua te waka . Ruawahia noticed that Putauaki had left her side. Ko Ohinamataroa te awa. Is one but you will affiliate to the marae you come from. An old saying has it,” Ko Putauaki te maunga, ... “Ko te kekerewai, ko te tuatara nga kai o Wai-o-hau “(Kekerewai and tuatara were the foods of the Wai-o-hau district), said an old Native to the writer. "Ka anga atu toku kanohi ki to tatou maunga, no reira nei te awhina moku. Ko Ngai Tamawera te hapū . Putauaki noticed that Ruawahia was losing interest in him. Ko te Rangitaiki me Tarawera nga awa. Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand Photograph by Peter Hodsell . No reira, Putauaki, e tu, e tu, tu mai ra koia nei matou, ko o mokopuna e tuohu atu nei ki a koe." I arrived anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. It stands in the middle of flat planes and farmlands and can be seen from miles away. Taranaki fought hard, but was injured, hurt, tired and gave up. Ko Ngati Awa me Ngati Tuwharetoa nga iwi. Opened in Whakatane in 1875, it was dismantled by the Government two years later and shipped to Sydney where it was erected inside out. Putauaki was annoyed and decided to leave. Kiriwaitingi is CEO of Maori Investments Limited (MIL) – one of the major shareholders of Waiu and is the Chair of Putauaki Trust, a shareholder, landlord and supplier to Waiu. Ko Putauaki te maunga, Ko Rangitaiki te awa Ko Ngati Awa te Iwi, Ngati Pahipoto te hapu, Ko Kokohinau te Marae, Ko Mataatua te waka, No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa INTRODUCTION Putauaki ( Mt. Jeanette Hinerangi (Eruera Manuera) Murphy Te Teko Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Rangitaiki te awa Ko Ngatiawa te iwi Ko Eruera te tangata Kaitiakitanga 2. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to climb straight up through the gully to the summit and another 1.5 hours to scramble down. One was Putauaki, the other was Ruawahi who found Putauaki attractive and often sighed. At daybreak, Putauaki realised he was in Kawerau. See More. Long ago when the world was young, two mountains grew up near the Kawerau area. Ko Kokohinau te marae. Always Open. I grew up in whakatane, Wairaka to be exact. To say I was proud of ourselves would be an understatement. Page Transparency See More. Whakatō Rakau. Ko Ngati Awa te iwi. Putauaki was literally, one of the hardest things I have accomplished. The scenery was amazing from every stop we took. Because of this, the most useful tip or piece of advice given to us was to wear some gloves – and boy did this advice save our hands!! Ko Te waikamihi Lambert tōku ingoa . Ngā Tūkino Whakaweawe (4/5) Te wāhanga tuawha o te pakipūmeka 'Tū Mai Ngāti Awa'. Ruawahia never recovered. ( Log Out /  Caring for Putauaki. Unveiling of Minnie and Kihi Wana, Kiri and Delita Tarau and Gwen, Morten and Profezzee Ngatai at Taiwhakaea Marae in WHAKATANE 7/1/17 Pūtauaki mountain (Mt Edgecumbe) in the Bay of Plenty, shown on the left of this photograph, is reputed to be where the ancestors of Ngāti Apa first lived after their arrival in New Zealand. . 12 talking about this. It is steep, super steep, 820m above sea level steep, 5 hours straight up and down steep and overlooks the town of Kawerau. Whatiura made a noise and his father realised that his son was behind. Hunting is common interest in our families. Putauaki and Ruawahia had a son called Whatiura and this made their union complete. during 2019. Ngati Awa me ona karangarangatanga : ko Putauaki te maunga, Ko Ngati Awa te iwi = Ngati Awa and its confederation of tribes : Putauaki is the mountain, Ngati Awa the tribe : a report prepared in support of Claim WAI - 46 to the Waitangi Tribunal, Wellington Open All Close All Home Akomanga Te Pihinga Whakaahua Putauaki Maunga Putauaki Maunga. Powered by the Spike@School website … One was Putauaki, the other was Ruawahi who found Putauaki attractive and often sighed. 510 people like this. Ko Ngati Pukeko te iwi. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If we didn’t wear gloves they would of been scratched up, paru as anything and bruised like hell. Irakewa married Wekanui from Te Hapuoneone in Whakatane taking her back to Hawaiki on leaving Aotearoa. There were pine forests, openings along small bits of road, rocky sections that we had to scramble over and areas of low – medium shrubbery and plant life. A tribal boundary between the Arawa and Mataatua canoe areas, the Tarawera river is particularly rich in history, reaching back as far as the arrival on the scene of the mountain Putauaki (Mount Edgecumbe) which casts its sombre shadow over Kawerau in the mornings. . Mataatua is the … Ko Tuariki te marae. “Ko Ruawahia te maunga, Ko Mokonuiarangi te tangata.” Mo Ngati Rangitihi hapu. . It was equal measures hard, exhausting, breathtaking and left you with such a surreal feeling of accomplishment. ( Log Out /  Ko Putauaki te Maunga. Email: Extension: 720 : Qualifications: Level 1 with merit Level 2. About See All. Ko Raihi Hunia tooku matua . Meanwhile, Whakaari showed an interest in Putauaki and would often gaze in his direction. The climb in short, was brutal. 3. It is said that there was a fight between a group of maunga for the affections of Pihanga. The great lofty totara tree from within the forest of Iramoko has fallen. One night as Ruawahia slept, Putauaki set off for the coast. Ko Putauaki te maunga Ko Rangitaiki te awa Ko Mataatua te waka Ko Nga Maihi te Hapu Ko Tu-te-ao te Marae. OHO AKE. After 2.5 hours of climbing in the hot sun, fatigue soon kicked in. WHY? Irakewa married Kiwa from that union came Taneatua. Edgecumb) is my scared mountain, Rangitaiki is my sacred river. Te Whata Tau o Putauaki 55-57 Galway Street PO Box 124 Kawerau, 3127 Phone: 07 323 8486 Email: Waaka Vercoe . The former is the small green beetle found on manuka bushes in summer. Time passed and the three lived in happiness. Kia Ora, I’m humbled to be a Head Prefect on our schools’ centennial year. Safe understanding and managing problematic sexual behaviors in children and youth certificate. He dragged himself away from the fight gouging out the whanganui river with his feet and filling it with his tears. Ko Ngati Awa te iwi . Ko Ngati Awa, Ngati Niue, Ngati Hamoa ngaa iwi . We have a large outdoor area with a large sandpit and plenty of climbing equipment that challenges children. Ruawahia would gaze at Tongariro. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Organization. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Muru Raupatu (3/5) Te wāhanga tuatoru o te pakipūmeka 'Tū Mai Ngāti Awa'. So my word of advice, wear gloves!! Long ago Putauaki lived with his wife Tarawera, a mountain upstream. Identity Growth On-going process Tikanga Gift of life Kaitiakitanga Responsibility "I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho" PRESENT IDEAS & KNOWLEDGE Journey Hopes Fears Dreams Ko Putauaki te maunga Colonization INSTITUTION To commit suicide. Literally. Putauaki te Maunga Rangitaiki te Awa Ngati Awa te Iwi Mataatua te Waka Tihei Mauri Ora Nga mihi mahana kia koutou nga kaiwhaipanga o Putauaki Trust. Unbeknown to Putauaki, Whatiura was following.

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