In winter, the expo… Majestic Beauty Indian hawthorn can be used as a formal or informal hedge. Hedges & Trees. This thriving spa wanted to reflect the grandeur of its property with a new boundary hedge, to screen two roads around its curtilage. Our Instant Hedge Unit are available in larger sizes than the standard troughs and provide a more mature screen. Hawthorn thrives in any well-drained soil and withstands both exposed inland and coastal sites, whether in full sun or partial shade. Hawthorn Instant Hedge Common Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is a popular native deciduous hedging plant with dark green deeply lobed leaves. Glebe Farm Hedging is a well established wholesale and mail order nursery and hedge plants UK specialist based on the edge of the Dedham Vale near the Essex/Suffolk border. The most cost-effective way to plant a new hedge. Before planting, amend very sandy or dense soil with high-quality organic matter: The sharp thorns that adorn the branches make Crataegus monogyna a great intruder deterrent, whilst providing shelter for wildlife. Our customer in Harrow had added an extension to the back of their home and required a design and plan for a private outside area for entertaining guests and family. To make a hawthorn hedge, keep a distance of around 32 to 40 inches (80 to 100 cm) between each hawthorn plant. We will supply and plant a mature hedge of your choice to give you instant privacy and shelter. A seasonally interesting deciduous hedge, that offers a shelter for wildlife. Hedging deliveries are managed and undertaken by our preferred pallet delivery network. Send us an enquiry online using the form below and one of our expert team will be in touch. Deciduous hedges are naturally more open and will act as a wind filter rather than a wind break especially when bare. A good general purpose hedge that looks superb with regular trimming and it also makes an excellent security hedge. Hawthorn have an extreme frost tolerance and cope with strong wind exposure and … Prove you're not a robot and confirm the word below: Likes dry to moist, well drained, chalk, clay sandy and loamy soils, Strengths include tolerance of extreme frost, wind, heat and drought, Rural hedge, Security hedge, Ornamental hedge, Prune during the growing season and again in the Autumn, Suitable for livestock or horse enclosures, COPYRIGHT © 2020 THE TREE & HEDGE COMPANY. We have very limited stock of our specimen 5ft plants so please order asap to avoid missing out if you want an instant hedge come Spring! Typical woody plants for clipped hedges include privet, hawthorn, beech, yew, leyland cypress, hemlock, arborvitae, barberry, box, holly, oleander, lavender, among others. Exclusive Grower of Royal Horticultural Society Hedging Plants. SL0 9AN. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) instant hedge can be covered with white fragrant flowers in May and if not trimmed these are followed by red ‘Haws’ in the autumn which give the plant its common name. Deciduous deeply cut dark green leaves with up to 4 lobes on each side appear in April and are followed by clusters of pleasant scented white flowers in May. All of our hedges are subject to availability at time of ordering. Readyhedge Ltd is a wholesale nursery growing high quality instant hedging and screening for all landscaping projects. Like other hawthorn tree hedges, it will need six or more hours of daily sun and well draining soil. RHS hedging plants, grown exclusively by Hedge Nursery, 3000+ hedging plants, bare root hedging from 29p, instant hedging from £18.59, Next Day Delivery. As it grows quickly - between 40-60cm per year - it should be trimmed after flowering, or during the autumn, but you must check for nesting birds before doing so. We provide a choice of mature plants specific to your site conditions at competitive prices. The individual plants are clipped regularly to create blocks that when planted in a row form a dense, evenly clipped hedge. are commonly planted in rows as hedges in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. 3. Hawthorn instant hedge. There are many different varieties of hedging plants available to suit your individual requirements, taste and garden style. An early 20th century fashion was for tapestry hedges, using a mix of golden, green and glaucous dwarf conifers, or beech and copper beech. They’re so impressive that the British have dubbed hawthorns “May-trees.” 2. Its beautiful flowers, sharp thorns and hedge-like qualities have made it popular throughout the ages. It has been used for many years as a field boundary hedge sometimes with other species interplanted. If you would like to ask a question, please contact us by emailing. Quickthorn (hawthorn) Instant Hedging 52/60ins 130/150cm. Prices are based on 50 linear metres of hedge supply and are subject to haulage charges within 50 miles of our nursery although we can also deliver to anywhere within the UK. Rich with seasonal interest and wildlife value, the Hawthorn, with its robust, undemanding nature, dense habit and rustic charm, possesses all the qualities of a fine hedge. Pre-grown best hedging plants for privacy & screening in Deciduous & Evergreen Types. These are field grown plants, lifted during the dormant season (normally November-April) and delivered ready for planting without any soil on the roots. Hawthorn hedges are wildlife havens, providing home, food and protection for many birds, animals and insects. The trough range is grown in 1 m troughs and is ready spaced for ease of planting. Our customers on this occasion were a business consultancy company working out of a modern office building based on the edge of beautiful Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. Each plant will grow approx. Tel: 01753 652022. By mid-fall, hawthorns are heavy with clusters of edible, ruby-red or black berries. Plant Information Planting & Pruning Advice It is the back bone of the field hedges that run across the British Isles. Hawthorn Hedge artificial ivy panels offer instant privacy, safety, and beauty. We also have semi-mature hedging units at … When trimmed regularly (a couple of times a year) Hawthorn can make a very attractive and dense garden hedge but with the regular trimming you will lose some of the flowers and fruit. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) instant hedge (also know as Quickthorn, Thorn) is a fast growing deciduous plant makes a dense hedge, which is great for security as well as spring flowers and autumn fruit making it an attractive hedge. They persist into winter, feeding sparrows, cedar waxwings, grouse and other birds. Instant hedge from Practicality Brown, suppliers of real mature and pre-grown hedges since 2001 including Elveden Instant Hedge and Practical Instant Hedge. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) instant hedge which is also know as thorn, quick thorn or May, is a British native plant. Hawthorn trees (Crataegus spp.) If required, hedge ends cost £75.00 each. The unique product is ideally suited to landscape contracts and domestic gardens of … It is ideal for hedges 1m - 5m high, and grows quickly at a rate of 40cm - 60 cm per year. Crataegus monogyna is also known as Hawthorn, Quick Thorn or May. Click & Collect. They are a random mix of different varieties but under pinning nearly all of it is hawthorn. Instant Hedging Planting an instant hedge can provide a fast and complete transformation of your outdoor space, instantly defining boundaries, creating privacy and screening your garden. Known for their impenetrable spiny thorns, hawthorn hedges preference is calcareous, deep, rich soils but will tolerate all nutritious well-drained soils that are slightly acidic to alkaline. This hedge can be either trimmed regularly to make it thicken up or it can also be ‘laid’ using the traditional hedging techniques to make a really dense and secure hedge and perfect for keeping animals in or out. metre. 25-50cm each year given average conditions. Upon planting, incorporate planting soil mix into your garden soil. Unit 3B Hawthorn hedges are traditionally kept natural / informal with a single prune carried out each year in the autumn. The hawthorn is an species of sturdy tree that is widespread throughout the Western world. We have an extensive variety of hedging plants to ensure you are able to find the perfect hedge to suit your requirements. Available in a multitude of forms, sizes and prices to cater for everyone’s specifications. Transform any ordinary structure into a beautiful maintenance-free space. Our guarantee is subject to the inclusion of our automatic irrigation system being installed whilst the planting of the hedge is carried out and also the following on monitoring aftercare costs carried out by one of our maintenance operatives. Orchard Cottage About Hawthorn A versatile, fast-growing native deciduous with an impenetrable dense, thorny nature, ideal for wetter soils and exposed sites. The inspiration for the Mixed Native Hedging instant hedge comes from the hedgerows that roll across the British countryside. Hawthorn Hedge covers unsightly views while providing lush greenery year after year. Where to Plant an Indian Hawthorn Hedge. Hawthorn trees have small, glossy green leaves, with fragrant white flowers that blossom in the spring. Hawthorn loves full sun or part sun exposure to optimize the blooming. Hawthorn is tough and can withstand extreme cold. Pruning and caring for hawthorn The shrubs or trees produce tiny, deep green, glossy foliage and fragrant white or pink blooms in the spring. It is a thorny plant with rigid thorns on the stems making it a great plant for planting where security is needed. Established Indian hawthorns resent being moved, so plan carefully when planting your hedge. The mid-green foliage acts as a foil for masses of white, scented flowers in the spring and then for shiny, red haws when autumn arrives. In mid- to late spring, masses of five-petaled white, reddish or pink blooms nearly conceal its leaves. Best hedges: Buy Garden Hedges available for sale in United States. Plant at a rate of five plants per metre and Hawthorn will create a dense prickly hedge. Buckinghamshire Thorney Mill Road Hawthorn is also known for its May flowers and it makes a great intruder proof hedge. These plants are grown in 1m lengths in a trough or long plastic container and can planted out to make an instant hedge approximately 80 to100cm height. The above costs are for our award winning, fully formed, instant hedges at 1.2 metres (4ft) high. Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) instant hedge which is also know as thorn, quick thorn or May, is a British native plant. Most deliveries can be made within three days of receiving your order, via the pallet network of strategically placed depots across the country. Hawthorns (Crataegus monogyna) are deciduous shrub-like trees that make formal-looking, five- to 10-foot-tall hedges. Follow our advice on planting trees and shrubs. However, if a neater hedge is required an additional trim can be carried out in the summer. Buy Hawthorn Hedging and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! £123.50 per metre (supply, plant & guarantee). Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items ... Bare Root Native Hedging Plants - 3ft, 4ft & 5ft average | Blackthorn, Beech etc. Hawthorn Hedge has white, scented flowers in late spring that go on to produce red, berry-like fruits or haws that attract birds. Hawthorn is just one of our range of flowering hedging species. In the fall and winter, Hawthorns sprout clusters of … The common hawthorn, or Crataegus monogyna is a shrub native to the UK that makes formal 1.5 to 3 m (5 to 10 foot) tall hedges. For orders more than 60+ please contact us, For orders more than 50+ please contact us. Known for their impenetrable spiny thorns, hawthorn hedges preference is calcareous, deep, rich soils but will tolerate all nutritious well-drained soils that are slightly acidic to alkaline. Costs will be provided for this service. In this video Best4hedging discuss the numerous benefits of the popular native plant, Hawthorn also known as Craegus Monogyna. Thorney Weir An informal hedge is a row of closely planted shrubs that are allowed to develop into their natural shape. Hawthorn have an extreme frost tolerance and cope with strong wind exposure and heat and drought. 1.5m (5ft) and 1.8m (6ft) high options are also available.

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