Blooming time is usually from spring to the end of fall. This upright herbaceous perennial can reach a height of 4 to 8 feet. They have shiny, dark green leaves and display large tropical flowers. Our lineup has since expanded dramatically into other arenas, but grasses remain our signature product. Many colors are available*. (305) 246-5324 | Fax. For the first time in 20+ years in business, we have closed our physical nursery to all visitors. Our products are offered through a wide range of brokers. Mahalo for visiting our Hibiscus Lady website. : 1-787-837-9077 Hibiscus. They are large-flowered, fast-growing plants up to 15 feet tall and 4 to 8 feet wide. Hardy hibiscus are herbaceous perennial members of the genus, Hibiscus. Palm Beach Nursery (786) 255 - 2832 We Deliver: WE DELIVER. For the best foliage colors grow Cooper's Variegated Hibiscus in full sunlight and where it gets plenty of warmth. Please view our list of brokers to find one that suits your needs best. Large, gorgeous deep-red flowers appear in mid- to late summer. Sweetie Dwarf Cajun Hibiscus. Water and fertilize regularly to promote a healthy plant. Happily, it’s easy -- you don’t need to have a green thumb or be a master gardener to enjoy the sunning flowers. Phone: 941-924-8676 Mailing Address: 23550 SW 182 Ave. Homestead, FL 33031 Tel: 305-245-4595 Fax: 305-248-5938 Specializing in exotic and grafted hibiscus plants since 1991. Select Tropical Color Items. *Call for availability of colors. ... Sarasota, FL 34241. We are working hard to bring even more fabulous hibiscus to you. Hibiscus make perfect container plants for patios, around pools or in landscape gardens. Hibiscus for sale, Hibiscus in homestead, Hibiscus nursery. Item # 806. We’d like to thank you for your continuing support and hope that you all stay safe and well. Services. Hibiscus typically don't need much pruning if you grow them in containers. Pruning the hibiscus helps control the size of the shrub. Tel: 305-245-4595 Evergreen fast growers, they can be kept 4 to 6 feet tall. Hibiscus are one of the most widely used plant in landscaping. Hibiscus is not only a staple in the South Florida garden, it also does well in containers, so they can be placed around in the garden, on lanais and courtyards. Plant in a spot with full sun to part shade. It’s the perfect plant to impress your friends with! While not native to the state, growing Florida cranberry in Florida is very easy. Here is an Excel spreadsheet of what we currently have in stock. and Location Map. Do we have it now? Phone: 941-924-8676 Fax: 941-924-3589. Showing 1–16 of 171 results. The most extensive site on the web about hibiscus, we sell exotic hibiscus plants for indoor and outdoor growing. Hibiscus is a cocktail of three parts Champagne and two parts chilled cranberry juice. Hibiscus, Popular Florida Plant. Bernecker's is a wholesale nursery located in Homestead, Florida, that has been servicing our customers for over 50 years. We get discounts and better pricing, and pass the savings on to you! Tips for Growing Tropical Hibiscus. The long sunny days, high humidity and average year-round temperature of 7o° deliver optimum conditions for growing … You may also know Florida cranberry (Hibiscus sabdariffa) as Roselle or Sorrel. Growing best in full sun, these bold, broad-flowered plants can lend an exotic tinge to your perennial planting. Welcome to Keepsake Plants® Keepsake Plants® is the division of Aris Horticulture Inc. that is the wholesale source for quality starter plants, including pre-finished forms and finished products.. Our offering includes Florist quality Azaleas Hydrangea, and Yoder® Pot Mums and Fleurettes as well asTradewinds® Tropical Hibiscus and Suntory® Mandevilla. J&A Home. But, if you do wish to prune your hibiscus, you can do so at any time to encourage a bushier, fuller plant. Events. Newspaper article - from the Miami Herald. This is Jonathan's garden. Morning Dew Tropical Plants buys in large volume. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, in southern Florida… Our extensive stock plantings and modern propagation facilities allow us to fill the diverse needs of our customers, from a single case to large assorted shipments. Nothing takes the summer garden to another latitude than Tropical Hibiscus. This tropical plant can be hurt by cold and does best in Zone 10. Makes a wonderful full bushy Hibiscus or small tree standard where it provides a loud summer long splash of tropical foliage color. Hibiscus attract butterflies as well as hummingbirds. Hibiscus are a vigorous growing evergreen shrub or small tree. Ornamental Grasses Nearly 30 years ago, Emerald Coast Growers opened for business propagating ornamental grasses exclusively. We have relationships with nurseries in Homestead, Orlando, Apopka, Miami, and all over Florida! Home Contact Podocarpus > > > Clusia > > > > > Red Tip Cocoplum Viburnums > > > ... South Florida Hibiscus Plant Nursery. Toggle SlidingBar Area Call Us Today 1-787-837-9077 or email us now! Acapulco Gold Hibiscus Read more; African Safari Hibiscus Read more; Avery’s Candy Corn Read more; Bayou Rose Cajun Hibiscus Read more; Beautiful Desire hibiscus Read more; Bienvenue Cajun Hibiscus ... Sarasota, FL 34241. hibiscus plants range from tiny shrubs to large hedges to small trees. Perennial Hibiscus - all our varieties presented are the tropical species - some people like the hardy perennial kind. The best time to plant Florida Cranberry in Florida is April and May. Since 1997 we (Botanical Growers) have been providing our customers with first rate customer service. A vigorous growing Tropical Hibiscus. J&A's Videos. About. Fax: 1-787-837-5909, Copyright 2020 Vista Farms S.E.| All Rights Reserved | Powered by. Hibiscus. All plants are guaranteed pets-free and grow in the highest quality soil. Contact Info. Plant Availability & Prices. Grow tropical hibiscus for a big, bold look in your yard, deck or patio. Get tips to care for your hibiscus in winter. The long leaves of the marsh hibiscus have slender lobes with jagged teeth. This site represents one of the largest collections of plants available for sale in North America. They like moderate temperatures of 60-75°F, brightly lit areas and moist, well-drained soil. 19460 SW 187th Ave. Miami, Fl. Our friends at Fleming Flowers are growers and distributors of the finest perennial hibiscus in the world. Offering a distinctive group of the finest in colorful and fragrant spring bloomers. We seem to run out rather quickly, so please check with us for availability! The Hibiscus Place LLC. Fax: 305-248-5938, 23800 S.W. Tel. ... 29100 SW 162 Ave, Homestead, FL 33030 Tel. Burnett's Wholesale Nursery 4808 18th St E. Bradenton, FL 34205 | (941) 755-4962 We are the largest or one of the largest customers for many of our 150 plant growers located throughout Florida. Gardeners can choose from the brightest and boldest colors of the season that give the taste of the tropics! Gift Certificates - always available The plant grows through the warmer months of … 33187 (561) 352-6038 Andres (305) 235-3993 Nursery. But here in South Florida, we also see the hibiscus plant growing throughout the area. Hibiscus are a vigorous growing evergreen shrub or small tree. Browse Hibiscus Sun-Fire Nurseries. Friday, January 26, 2018 Hibiscus. With our primary farm located along the eastern fringe of The Florida Everglades, we are centered in the warmest growing region of the country with a true Tropical climate. One hibiscus native to Florida, Hibiscus coccineus, is also known as the scarlet rosemallow, marsh hibiscus, or swamp mallow. Hibiscus Gardens Around the World Florida, USA. The hibiscus thrives in warm weather climates, such as those in Florida. Brokers. Homestead, FL 33031 Do you know of any hibiscus growers who would like to be vendors at our up-coming event, October 16th, Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm? and/or to answer any questions. They are close relatives of the tropical hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) seen commonly in the landscapes of southern and central Florida. Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering shrub that can add lush color to your garden. Hibiscus Assorted Colors. We plant, grow, package and ship nursery direct all of own products from our North Florida facility. Juana Díaz, PR 00795 At Exotic Hibiscus, we offer premium Exotic Hybrid Hibiscus plants for your gardening pleasure. 23550 SW 182 Ave. PO Box 1834 The ideal time to grow hibiscus in Florida is early spring, Although, those in South Florida can almost plant year-round. They produce an elaborate and beautiful profusion of brightly colored single or double, trumpet-shaped flowers. We strive to grow the best plants around. Dwarf hibiscus grow 2-4 feet tall; standard varieties typically grow up to 5 feet tall. Sign-up For J&A's Emails. Our current store and galleries can now be found at Warning: A fallen flower from one of these plants can be a foot traffic hazard - … We provide a variety of high-quality plants, from interior foliage (including palms, dracaenas, and specialty items) to blooming tropicals (such as hibiscus … More. Contact us or a broker near you to find out more. If so please ask them to call (941) 761-2866, fax (941) 7617355 or e-mail us regarding price, space, etc. A hibiscus bush can be kept about 3 feet tall when young, and 4 to 6 feet tall as it matures. Hibiscus produce beautiful flowers with a variety of bold colors, as soon as flowers wilt new ones open the next morning. Homestead, FL 33031. They produce an elaborate and beautiful profusion of brightly colored single or double, trumpet-shaped flowers. This perennial shrub comes in a wide range of … Plants. 12 were here. At Vista Farms, we take pride in serving all of our customers, from small nurseries to large commercial growers. Get a touch of the tropics delivered straight to your door when you shop Spring Hill's variety of hibiscus plants. 182 Ave. Exotic hibiscus sales, hibiscus care, and hibiscus cultivation. Hibiscus is a tropical shrub that produces large, vibrantly colored blooms that range from pink to red. At Vista Farms we cultivate a variety of Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and Ixora young plants as a wholesale, propagation-only nursery. J&A NURSERY, Inc. #1 Wholesale Plant Nursery is the "Only All-Year-Round" Hibiscus Grower In Florida! Hibiscus make perfect container plants for patios, around pools or in landscape gardens.

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