Although it is admirable and commendable when you take the initiative in areas that you have identified, you must first consult with your principal. The assistant principal can easily provide this information so that the new leader understands and can access available resources. 3. This will intrigue the reader and make them want to read on. The exact nature of the role varies depending on the sector and Department/Office in which the vacancy arises. An assistant principal, also known as a vice principal, is an education administrator responsible for facilitating the day-to-day requirements of their school. Although there might be slight variations in the job depending upon the type of school and the structure of the chool district, most assistant principals perform similar duties. Like seeing a perfect 1600 SAT score, school principals want to see experience on a resume done right. True role of an assistant principal consists in making the school a transparent, engaging, and motivating place for both students and staff, so everyone can grow both personally and professionally. Though the principal usually deals with making and managing the budget of the school, the assistant principals will often work to ensure that budgeted activities are handled properly and oversee the workings of extracurricular activities and programs. They need to ensure the safety of students, as well as fulfillment of federal and state student and teacher performance guidelines. An assistant principal typically works at a school and helps the principal in dealing with behavioral problems with students, evaluating teachers, and dealing with certain other school functions such as some extracurricular activities and the cafeteria. Strategies for evaluating student work without bias, National Association of Independent Schools He or she can help keep the focus on instruction by leading conversations around the mission and by inspiring the followers to stay focused on the difference that they wish to make through meaningful work. This is an efficient way to bring the new leader up to speed. Assistant principals have a primary responsibility for the management of significant areas or functions within the school to ensure the effective development, provision and … She has helped two heads with their transitions. In relation to Assistant Principal posts, roles and responsibilities which need to be performed for the effective leadership and management of the school are determined through a consultation process between the Principal, Deputy Principal(s) and the teaching staff. Many of these students come from diverse cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds. With the increased focus in American education on standardized testing, many assistant principals in the United States have also become heavily involved in those procedures as well. This can be as simple as ensuring that the new leader is graciously introduced to various members of the school community. Once the new leader has become established, the assistant principal can help the community build trust in the leader. Describe your role and responsibilities as Assistant Principal/Principal? Add to this a myriad of responsibilities — activity supervision, scheduling, input on the school calendar, building operations, and other tasks — and one can see that the assistant principal holds essential knowledge of many of the aspects of a school’s functioning, and thus is an invaluable support to an incoming head. He or she may also work to prove his or her worthiness for advancement, as many assistant principals take the position as a stepping stone toward becoming a principal. Contact Us, © National Association of Independent Schools. . Hope Kantor is the assistant principal at Hillel Community Day School (New York). Role of the Assistant Principal Learning and Support The Assistant Principal Learning and Support will support schools to provide direct and timely assistance to students with additional learning and support needs and their teachers. It goes on to discuss his years of administrative experience and the leadership role he has played in his current role as an assistant principal. Assistants Principal provide support to school principals and take over their role when absent. The Role of the Assistant Principal in Leadership Transitions, NAIS: National Association of Independent Schools, Cultivate Diverse and Inclusive Communities, Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL), Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM), NAIS COVID-19 Parent and Faculty/Staff Satisfaction Surveys, International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation. The assistant principal can help to ensure that the new leader has all the tools necessary to begin implementing changes. In smaller schools, the assistant principal might be the only person who has the complete map of the institutional knowledge. They will ask you questions to assess your personality, and they will also offer some dilemmas for your consideration, so they can understand your opinions and attitudes to teaching and to leading the school. You are responding to calls on the phone & the radio, potential disruptions to safety, impromptu visits and complaints. Because assistant principals are often given the responsibility of observing and evaluating teachers, they may have information regarding areas for potential staff development. What factors must schools consider to ensure that the leadership transition goes well? For example, in the Educational Administration program at SUNY Brockport, where I am currently enrolled, courses that prospective principals and assistant principals take include Foundations of Educational Leadership, Site Management, Models of Supervision, Resource Management, Program Management and Instructional Leadership, Legal Basis for Education, and Central Office Administration, as well as required participation in extensive practicum and internship experiences. Needles to say, right personality is crucial for this position. Bus dis, custodial staff, two lunch duties, facilities, assist the principal, teacher observation and evaluation, drives buses for games, and attends attend athletic events. An assistant principal will often work with teachers to establish how best to enable students to pass the tests, as well as administering the tests or instructing other faculty members in how to administer them properly. Once the leader has moved out of “survival” mode, the assistant principal can help support change initiatives by taking the time to reinforce and attend to the moral purpose of the school. Also called a vice principal, the assistant principal will usually handle many of the tasks and needs of the school in order to relieve some of the workload from the principal, and often is more concerned with the day to day maintenance of the school. What does an Elementary School Principal do? With the growing number of principals and heads of school retiring, many schools are in transition. Sharing information about professional learning opportunities that have already been provided and sharing data on teacher development can reduce the time it takes for the leader to understand the immediate needs of the faculty. honed particularly to our site” (Ames, 2004). The role of the assistant principal is a great deal more complex than most can conceive at first glance. 1) Administers school student personnel program in primary or secondary school, and counsels and disciplines students, performing any combination of following tasks: Formulates student personnel policies, such as code of ethics. His ability to cultivate a supportive learning environment and reinforce the school's standards, policies, and goals are vital to point out. However, some assistant principals choose to remain assistants throughout their careers. Two factors can be influenced by a supportive assistant principal: climate and a continued focus on instruction. The number of assistant principals at a school typically depends on the size of the school and the number of students, though most schools will have at least one. Because the assistant principal may already have the trust of followers, he or she has the ability and responsibility to maintain positivity and to help reduce the fear and anxiety that the staff and faculty may experience during transition. One current assistant principal from Arizona says, “We must be magicians and be able to have many skills . The assistant principal must ensure that the leader has access to instructional data and information about all aspects of the instructional program. The number of assistant principals that a school employs may vary, depending on the number of students. Assistant Principal Job Description 21. The Role We are looking for a Tax Assistant Manager to provide tax advisory, compliance management and business development services to our clients and targets…This work would include: Being the principal contact with many clients on day to day tax matters and working with managers, senior managers, directors or partners on larger clients Being involved on tax advisory and planning… Welcome to NAIS Online People of Color Conference Week! The assistant principal can be the hidden anchor that keeps the ship in place during the storm of transition. Responsibilities of an Assistant Principal Assist the principal in interviewing and evaluating instructional and non-instructional staff. Apply to Assistant Principal, Office Assistant and more! Redefining the Role of the Assistant Principal. Role of Assistant Principals Assistant Principals commonly head up a specific policy development, business planning, regulatory or service delivery unit within their Department. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. The vice principal completes any tasks assigned by the school principal which can include but is not limited to: handling student discipline (usually); … When new leaders enter a school, they must take the time to learn from those who have been there, and to gain insight into the situation through careful fact finding. Too often, working documents such as curricula and procedural papers are difficult to access. An assistant principal typically works at a school and helps the principal in dealing with behavioral problems with students, evaluating teachers, and dealing with certain other school functions such as some extracurricular activities and the cafeteria. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR LEADERS: 1. New principals and heads of school may find that their administrative team members are capable, well-prepared professionals who enjoy sharing the important work of leadership without necessarily desiring the additional responsibilities held by the main leader. It is important for a climate of trust to continue in order for the school to be effective in realizing its mission. Remember that your role is to assist. As administrator you move from one thing to another in record time. Your opportunity Your Role Will Include This is an exciting position for a qualified teacher looking to lead on inclusion within a vibrant academy setting. Discover more about our roles by viewing our frequently used school-based role descriptions. . If an assistant principal has a good relationship with the departing leader, he or she can proactively work to ensure that the new leader is aware of and has access to all the necessary files, password protected accounts, and other structures that are used in building leadership. Washington, DC 20036-3425, NAIS Office: (202) 973-9700 While it is true that many assistant principals aspire to higher levels of leadership, many are quite satisfied and fulfilled with their role as the key “sidekick.” Assistant principals who stay at a school during a transition may have much to offer the new leader. We are looking for an exceptional experienced qualified teacher to lead on SEND in our academy as Assistant Principal: Inclusion. First and foremost, your title is Assistant Principal. Assistant principals can also share valuable information about targeted areas for professional development. The role of the assistant principal has expanded from that of disciplinarian, attendance monitor, and “firefighter” to one that includes staff development, instructional leadership, and curriculum development. In Change Leader: Learning to Do What Matters Most (2011), Michael Fullan describes the importance of relationship building in establishing a positive school culture. 1129 20th Street NW, Suite 800 The department offers a diverse range of teaching and non-teaching career and employment opportunities. 29,060 Assistant Principal jobs available on 22. Please note that these role descriptions should be used as a guide and may be subject to change. Ensure that school rules are uniformly observed and that student discipline is appropriate and equitable. While an assistant principal may not be able to fire teachers or officially reprimand them, he or she will usually be the first person to discuss areas of improvement regularly, before the principal becomes involved. Home > Events > Redefining the Role of the Assistant Principal. The new leader will also need to know the various roles of all people associated with the school program both in and out of the building. With the advent of site-based management, assistant principals are playing a greater role in ensuring the academic success of students by helping to develop new curricula, evaluating teachers, and dealing with school-community relations—responsibilities previously assumed solely by the principal. This job includes several different responsibilities, such as administration, managing personnel, disciplining students, and communicating to employees and stakeholders. An assistant principal will also often be involved in various aspects of the running of the school itself. 8 th grade dis. Assistants Principal are employed by schools and are responsible for supervising, monitoring and disciplining students. An assistant principal is heavily involved in the daily routines of the students, teachers, and parents who participate in the education of their children. Typical resume samples for this role include implementing school policies, handling administrative tasks, maintaining proper conduct, ensuring a safe school environment, and helping with curriculum development. Kidd has been named an assistant principal at Allen Elementary School. Whatever your status—the sole AP in your school, one of two or more APs in your school, a career AP, an AP aspiring to the principalship—yours is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized positions in education. Stephen Uebbing, in The Life Cycle of Leadership: Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Schools (2011), asserts that leaders are often thrust into “survival” mode when their competence or character is in question. The role of the assistant principal has expanded from that of disciplinarian, attendance monitor, and “firefighter” to one that includes staff development, instructional leadership, and curriculum development. 2) Plans and supervises school student activity programs. The role is extremely diverse, citizen driven and very rewarding. Occasionally, a school system will hire a teacher straight into the principal position, but it's not usually done that way. It is the assistant principal’s job to create a safe and productive learning environment for all involved. Most of your day is not planned by you. The Assistant Principal will: Support the Principal Support the Principal in developing and communicating a clear strategic vision of how to develop the College successfully Model the values, beliefs and vision of the College To ensure, that in partnership with the Principal… discipline role and as people at the bottom rung of the administrative career ladder. How do I Become an Assistant Superintendent. The assistant principal's job is primarily to support the school principal and act as principal in her absence. You're an Assistant Principal. The assistant principal can help the new leader by skillfully assisting him or her in forming new relationships. Remember: your role as an assistant principal is not to always side with teachers or students. The Executive Assistant to the Principal is appointed to be responsible for the strategic operation of the Principal’s Office, providing excellent administrative support, hospitality and executive services. Positioned between teachers and the principal, you are an instructional leader. One key to success lies in the hands of the assistant principal or assistant head. What sources of stability can be tapped during the transition? The various duties and roles of assistant principals are all typically related to the duties of the principal of a school, and being an assistant principal is often a form of training for becoming a principal. Your values and opinions interest the interviewers. Working “behind the scenes,” the assistant principal has the opportunity, ability, and power to keep the focus on student learning and achievement during headship transitions. In addition to coaching, Prestonsburg High School girls’ basketball head coach Brandon Kidd will be working out of a new role during the 2020/2021 school year. The assistant principal knows the processes, procedures, and culture and is crucial to the success of the incoming head of school or principal, especially in cases in which little communication has occurred between the former and future heads of school. Further information The assistant principal’s duties, training, and challenges: From color-blind to a critical race perspective. Another emphasizes the need to be intuitive, Since the assistant principals often deal with disciplinary actions and daily issues, they may be more familiar to students than the principal of a school who is less often directly involved with them. Bookstore: (202) 973-9700 You are there to assist. Outwood Academy Portland is looking to recruit a dynamic and inspiring Assistant Principal who has a passion for ensuring every child receives the very best level of education possible. How are your roles/responsibilities/duties distributed or delegated? The Assistant Principal is a senior managerial grade in the Civil Service. A supportive assistant principal can greatly reduce the implementation dip of transition by sharing information about the various aspects of the culture and processes of the school. 11 Qualities of a Good Assistant Principal For those of you who are wanting to break into the ranks of school administration, then the usual route is to become an Assistant Principal (or vice principal), then move into the Principalship. So— Here’s how to ace assistant principal job descriptions: Start with your recent … Your goal is to successfully mediate difficult situations and make sure all parties’ needs are met. In addition to helping establish a positive climate of trust, the assistant principal can maintain the instructional focus during the transition. One key to success lies in the hands of the assistant principal or assistant head. This often takes the form of discipline when dealing with students whose behavior is disruptive to or unsafe for other students. Disciplinary steps may also be taken when dealing with teachers who are not reaching the mandatory goals set by the state or region in which the school is located. Create the Perfect Assistant Principal Job Description for a Resume. This is especially important during the first weeks when the new leader is still trying to figure out the responsibilities and reporting requirements for the school. Continue with the duties You can elaborate on your answer naming a few duties from the job description. A supportive assistant principal can help smooth the waters by actively interrupting conversations and actions that undermine the new leader, and by creating a climate in which people are encouraged to refrain from spreading negativity or from making assumptions based on a lack of evidence. What are the Different Types of Education Administration Jobs? Supervise instructional and non-instructional staff. Assistant principals are now highly trained and often must take the same steps toward certification as heads of school and principals. Specific duties and responsibilities include: Participating in the development of national economic, social and business strategies and policies

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