When you start out as a new Betfair Trader, you may only have a small bankroll to begin with,  I certainly did!  It can be infuriating at times having to place a minimum bet of £2, which may not be a lot, but whilst you're learning and experimenting with Betfair systems and strategies you may well want to places bets for much less.

The video I have quickly put together will show you how to place a 50p bet on Betfair, but you can obviously substitute the 50p for 10p, 5p or whatever you want under £2.  As a new Betfair trader you may have tried trading or betting on the correct scores market with the intention of hedging several scores.  This might be 5, 6 or 7 scores, but what you quickly discover is that to get an equal profit across your selections, means that your total stake easily gets to £20 because you're placing £2 as a minimum on all odds resulting in larger stakes being require on the favourite selections within the market.

Now once again, £20 may not seem like a fortune, but if you've just deposited £50 or £100 to start your Betfair Trading journey, then it does represent a large chunk of your betting bank and could see you go bust very quickly.

I hope you find the video useful, please give it a thumbs up if so 🙂

Good luck to all gambling and trading, Steve

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    • Steve

      Thanks mate, lots more to come. Hopefully it will help some people out as I always wondered these sort of things when I started out


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