Own goals are always a nightmare for supporters, often comical and sometimes catastrophic.  As part of my Top 5 series, I've decided to take a look at some of the best own goals ever scored.  Festus Baise is a player you've probably never hear of but after watching his own goal below, you'll never forget his name!

I'd really like to hear from you know of some better ones that should have made this list!


5 – Djimi Traore  for Liverpool v Burnley

Traore won the Champions League in his playing career but this must rank as one of his lowest moments.  This own goal sparked a new terrace anthem to the tune of Blame it on the boogie – “Don't blame it on the Hamann, don't blame it on the Biscan, don't blame it on the Finnan – blame it on Traoré”.  Marvellous


4 – Peter Enckelman for Aston Villa v Birmingham

Can you imagine your goalkeeper doing this in your sides local derby?  Absolutely horrendous stuff and the worst thing of all is that because it was a thrown in, it wouldn't have counted if he hadn't got that tiny touch on the ball.  Surely Birmingham City fans favourite keeper of all time?


3 – Jamie Pollock for Man City v QPR

As a long suffering city fan, I was at the game and it just about summed up the gloom and despondency around the club at the time.  This was a six-pointer and our captain decided to score this peach at the wrong end.  Oof!


2 – Lee Dixon for Arsenal v Coventry

Next time you hear Lee Dixon banging on about defensive solidity etc on tv, please do make sure to send him a link to this clip on Twitter.  What a peachy chip, take a bow son!


1 – Festus Baise for Citizen AA v Sun Hei

A mainly unknown footballer and I'm sure when he set out on his football career he didn't want to be remembered for this but I suppose it's better than obscurity.  A simply wonderful own goal.

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