There have been some absolutely rip snorting efforts fired in on goal over the years and thanks to the power of t'internet we can relive them on YouTube, or even better, right here on this very site.  You may have seen some of them before but they're worth another watch and if it's the first time you've seen these, you're in for a treat.

I'm not sure how they calculate the speed, I imagine there's some special software and a tech person who pinpoints the ball and tracks the time between point A and point B.  Quite how they compensate for different camera angles and old footage being grainier is beyond (some pure applied maths & stuff methinks!).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Top 5 and one thing is for sure, they must have put something in the water in Sheffield in 1996 that made their players be able to kick like mules!

If I've missed any or you know of any harder shots, then please feel free to leave a comment.


5 – Ritchie Humphreys for Sheffield Wednesday in 1996 – A barnstorming 95.9 mph


4 – David Trezeguet for AS Monaco in 1998 – A exocet rocket at 96 mph


3 – David Beckham for Manchester United in 1997 – A thunder cracking 97.9 mph


2 – David Hirst for Sheffield Wednesday in 1996 – A barnstorming 95.9 mph


1 – Ronny Heberson for Sporting Lisbon in 2006 – An unbelievable 131 mph

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