Skybet – Treble Price Boost Offer – £1 Profit

As part of my matched betting blog and challenge, I'm bringing some great offers that will help you make some profits along the way too.  You can find more offers like this in the matched betting tips section of the site.

Skybet have a price boost for the midweek Premier League fixtures this evening and although there isn't a lot of profit to be had from this one, the amount we bet on it will go towards qualifying for their weekly £5 free bet.

Looking at this with our matched betting goggles on, this means we are guaranteed a risk-free profit of around £1 and here's how you can make that profit yourself thanks to Betfair

Step 1 – Your Qualifying Bet

You must have an account with SkyBet – Click here now if you need one

You must have an account with Betfair – Click here now if you need one

The price boost in on the home page of Skybet.  The amount you can bet on the price boost will depend on what Sky allow you to place.  I managed to get £20 onto my bet, so this is what this example assumes.

Bet £20 on the price boost @ 12.00 (Palace, United & Bournemouth all to win)

Find the lay market on Betfair, go to football >> Barclays Premier League >> 19:45 – Acca Tues 12 January

You can calculate the lay stakes needed using this matched betting calculator

You'll make around £1 from this offer but the money you bet also goes towards qualifying for a £5 free bet from the Skybet club


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