Paddy Power In-Play Offer – £24 Profit

As part of my matched betting blog and challenge, I'm bringing some great offers that will help you make some profits along the way too.  You can find more offers like this in the matched betting tips section of the site.

Paddy Power regularly have excellent offers with the Bet £20 pre-match, Get £10 in-play being their most popular.  This weekend they have 4 of them on offer, so that's 4 times the profit for us!

  • Saturday 7/11/15 @ 12:45 – Bournemouth v Newcastle
  • Saturday 7/11/15 @ 17:30 – Stoke v Chelsea
  • Sunday 8/11/15 @ 13:30 – Aston Villa v Man City
  • Sunday 8/11/15 @ 16:00 – Arsenal v Tottenham

Looking at this with our matched betting goggles on, this means we are guaranteed a risk-free profit of around £24 and here's how you can make that profit yourself thanks to Smarkets:

Step 1 – Your Qualifying Bet

You must have an account with Paddy Power – Click here now if you need one

You must have an account with Smarkets – Click here now if you need one

Go to the match in Paddy Power

Find a close match between the back odds on Paddy and the lay odds on Smarkets.

Place a £20 bet with Paddy Power

Lay this selection off at Smarkets rather than Betfair.  Smarkets only charge 2% commission compared to 5% charged by Betfair & BetDaq.  These savings add up to hundreds of pounds over the year, so make sure you get a Smarkets account now.

You can calculate the lay stakes needed using this matched betting calculator

Don't lose more than £1.50 on your qualifying bet

If you need help understanding this Step, then I've covered it in greater detail in my qualifying bet strategy

Step 2 – Your Free Bet

Once the match has gone in-play you will now have a 2 x £5 free bets that you can use.

Wait until half-time to place your free bet as the odds are stable and no red cards, penalties or goals can be scored.  If you're in a rush and need to place it before half-time, I recommend you placing it on an Overs market (e.g. Over 2.5 Goals, Over 3.5 Goals etc), that way if a goal is scored before you can place your lay bet at Smarkets you will make even greater profits!

The higher the odds this is placed on, the more profit you will make but make sure you have enough money at Smarkets to cover it.

You can calculate the lay stakes needed at Smarkets using this matched betting calculator

If you need help understanding this Step, then I've covered it in greater detail in my free bet strategy


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