If you're new to this thread and are not sure what Coral VIP is, then you may wish to read my first Coral VIP post.

So the quest continues and Days 2 & 3 took me a little over 20 minutes to complete and I made £23.88 in the process, so not a bad use of my time.  On Thursday I placed £280 of each way bets at Coral and earned 70 points as a result.  I also deposited another £200 to take my total deposits for June to £600, just £1,400 shy of the £2,000 required for one of the Silver Level triggers.

Friday was a dream of a day as Coral seem to be relenting and allowing me to place larger and larger stakes.  On Wednesday (Day 1), I struggled to get some bets placed for the stakes I wanted, Thursday saw stakes being referred to traders for approval and Friday has seen them just fly through the books, so long may it continue.  I managed to place £490 of each way bets and I also had a play in the casino using an optimal strategy for blackjack.  I made the princely sum of £1.75 playing blackjack but it keeps Coral sweet and I also earned more points from that too.

The current VIP points balance stands at 363 after 3 days and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into Epsom

Once again I used the Each Way & Accumulator matched betting strategies over in Clear Bonus Profits to actually make a profit of £7.50 in the process of placing those bets and my total time spent was 15 minutes.

Good luck with all your betting and trading today!


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