There was a system loss and John Morrison told eveyone to go to a D-bet, that also lost.  Within 24 hours I received an email from him explaining that he was changing the rules of how the system works and that this means there hadn't been a single losing sequence all year.  This was utter rubbish and although I did make money with this system, I believe that this was down to me joining when he was on a hot selection streak.  I've stopped using this now and I have now changed this to a failed system.  Do not buy this, try a better and more reputable product like the Sports Betting Professor instead – that really is the mutz nutz

Welcome to my review on the Sports Betting Champs System by John Morrison.  The Sports Betting Champ System is certainly pitch page certainly makes some bold statements.

  1. Instantly win 97% of your sports bets, with no sports knowledge/betting experience needed
  2. John Morrison makes over $70,000 betting on sports each week
  3. Only 1 loss in 250 bets in 07/08 and 08/09 using the MLB and NBA systems

I am always sceptical about these type of claims, but now that I am in receipt of the system's ebooks, I can see the logic behind the betting system and I am actually excited about beginning my trades.

John Morrison claims to be a celebrated Ivy League graduate from Cornell University with a PhD in statistics.  He is also a huge sports fan and by combining the two he has created the 3 betting systems.  Of the 3 systems you receive after signing up, the NFL betting system appears to be the weakest of the three, but even this guarantees a win rate of over 60% per season.

The website contains several personal testimonies to the effectiveness of the Sports Betting Champ System from wide ranging individuals such as Tony Westlake a member of the Professional Bowling Hall of Fame to Robert Mucciarone who is the Chief Financial Officer of F.W Webb Co. (a large distributor in the New England, USA).

After paying for the Sports Betting Champ System, I received the following items:

  • Major League Baseball (MLB) Betting System Ebook
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) Betting System Ebook
  • National Football League (NFL) Betting System Ebook
  • John's picks via email for life

The ebooks were surprisingly short and I was little displeased by this at first, but after re-reading them all several times, I actually think it's the perfect way to present them.  The ebooks immediately set out how the system works, how to manage your money and how to place your bets.  You don't really need to know any more than that and I prefer not to get all of the waffle that is usually associated with ebooks, just to bulk them out a little bit.

The systems themselves do not involve trading of any sort, it's simply a case of placing your bets that's your lot.  The system is all about how to pick the matches to bet on and the logic is all backed up by years worth of statistics.  To place your daily bets will take you 5 minutes tops and if all goes to plan you'll be increasing your betting bankroll in double quick time.  There is a 3 betting system involved, which sees you increase your stake on bet number 2 if bet number 1 doesn't come off.  Likewise on bet 3 if bet 2 doesn't come off.  If bet 3 doesn't come off, the bet is dead and you've lost that event, however according to the stats and records, this has only happened once in the past 5 years.  The current record for MLB this year is 48 bets won and zero lost, which I guess says it all.  The Sports Betting Champ's selections email comes through hours before the games start, giving you plenty of opportunity to get your bets on.

Betfair cover the markets required, however there is not much liquidity in this market, so you may find better prices by opening an account with an American Sportsbook.  Although liquidity is not a necessity as trading is not part of these systems, American sportsbooks are more likely to be competing with each other to offer the best price so it's certainly worth shopping around.  Sports Betting Champ recommend that you use BetUS and their website is certainly easy to use and to navigate, but I have heard a few stories about how long it takes to cash out from them, so Pinnacle Sports may be a better option, with fast withdrawals guaranteed thanks to Neteller as an option and they also have a poker site attached to the sportsbook in case you like shuffling up every now and then.  Alternatively, check out my betting site summaries as Bodog, JustBet, Bookmaker, BetOnline and Diamond Sportsbook are also reputable and well worth a look.

Sports Betting Champ System Summary

  • Cost = $197/£118
  • Difficulty = Easy, takes a couple of reads for it to sink in though
  • Value  = Excellent, even if you don't start with a decent sized bank
  • Profitability = Extremely, currently 100% profit over 2 different sports & 13 bets
  • Recommended = It was when I reviewed it but stay clear nowadays!

Profit/Loss Made So Far (based on £5 stakes)

  • Sep 09 = £2.79 (2 bets series, 2 wins – MLB – Did these on £2 stakes)
  • Oct 09 = No bets (No NBA/NFL & MLB Finals are not applicable)
  • Nov 09 = £44.78 (13 bet series, 13 wins – NBA)

Profit/Loss Made I Would Have Made So Far (based on £100 stakes)

  • Sep 09 = £139.50 (2 bet series, 2 wins – MLB)
  • Oct 09 = No bets (No NBA/NFL & MLB Finals are not applicable)
  • Nov 09 = £895.60 (13 bet series, 13 wins – NBA)