Guarantee yourself a risk free £8 today
The steps are quite simple to release your risk free profits but this is only available to new Winner account holders…
  1. Join Winner
  2. Deposit £25 or more
  3. Place a £10 bet on Spain at your enhanced odds
  4. In Betfair Lay Spain at 1.90 for a stake of £18.92, your liability will be £17.03
  5. Sit back and enjoy the match
If Spain win, you win £25 at Winner and lose £17.03 at Betfair
If Spain do not win, you lose £10 at Winner and win £18.92 at Betfair
Please note: If the Spain odds change a little bit from 1.90 (say to 1.85 or 1.95), don't panic just lay the same amount, it just means you'll make a bit more on a Spain win or not.  You're still guaranteed a profit.
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