Boy have I been feeling rough for the past fortnight, it all started on Saturday 20th Feb when 10 if us went to Haydock Races for a stag do.  We met up at 10am in Wetherspoons for a fry-up and a couple of Guinness, this was followed by the short train ride from Manchester to Newton-Le-Willows and we were in our next pub before 12pm.  Another quick couple of pints followed and it was now 1pm and we'd all had 4 pints, things were going to get messy!

The day & night came & went and I must have spent around £50 on taxis throughout the course of the day as we decided it'd be fun to go drinking in different parts of Manchester.  I finally got home at 3.30am and was quickly fast asleep, Sunday brought about the impending doom, although it wasn't so much a hangover, more a the manflu from hell.  For a whole week I was sneezing, not sleeping & generally feeling rough.  Saturday was the first day that day that I felt fairly normal and that just so happened to coincide with another boozy do planned some time ago and so it began again.  2.30pm start this time (very civilised don't you know), it was a cracking day with us using a day rover ticket around West Yorkshire to call into at least 10 different towns to sample the beers/pubs on offer.

The following morning brought back the manflu and I've been sneezing & spluttering ever since, I'm not one for colds/illnesses and I very rarely took time off work before I started this lark full-time, in a strange kind of way it's been so nice to wake up feeling under the weather and knowing that I don't have to go out to work.  I'm feeling a lot better today, so I'll start the blogging again in earnest tomorrow.

Since my last post I've still been betting/gambling/trading & playing poker and I've had a good time with all of my online accounts seeing a decent increase.  I'll spend tomorrow morning/afternoon updating all of my spreadsheets so that I know exactly which systems have won/lost me money and I'll get the reports up asap.

I hope everybody has been winning and doing well, new post coming soon :-)……..

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2 Responses

  1. eddie4444

    Is bet 365 the only bookie you use for Sports Bet Professor? Or are there others?
    I am a bit wary about your results as you recommend Sports bet Champ which is a proven rip off are you getting a cut for saying this is a good system when he doesnt show losing results? Or am I wrong?


    • thebetfairfootballtrader

      Hi Eddy

      No Bet365 is not the only bookie I use, I also used quite a few US based sportsbooks such as pinnacle & Heroes Sportsbook. I also use Betfair when the odds & fixed handicaps line up with the system selection. I move my bets around because I don’t want to win too much with just one bookmaker.

      As for the Sports Betting Champ – my review has just had an update at the top of the page in the past week, I did make money using the system by following his selections, but the first time that there was a system reverse, he changed the system rules. I’m not using this any more and it has now been listed as a failed system in my blog.

      No he doesn’t give me a cut, so yes you are wrong. As for my results, they are all 100% genuine as is anything else that I write about in here. If I wanted to put up mega results to make myself look great then I could do, but my blog exists as a way to keep a structure to my betting. I’ve said all this kind of stuff in my earlier posts, so have a look if want.




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