Luis Suarez bites the bookies

It's not just Italy and Chiellini who are feeling the pain from Uruguay's serial snapper today.  Step forward Betsafe, the bookmaker who offered 175/1 on Luis Suarez to bite an opponent during World Cup 2014.

These type of novelty bets are usually a nice way of adding a few quid into the bookies pockets as they're not prone to come off and the odds are very rarely offering any real value.

Undeterred of those facts over 100 gamblers took on the bet amd are this morning counting their winnings.

I'd have to say given that FIFA are looking at this, his World Cup in Brazil will be over within the next 48 hours.

In other news Mick Jagger has attracted the ire of Brazilian fans who blame the ageing rocker for Italy's exit.  The pint sized rocker has so far doomed every team he's suggested will do well at this World Cup and Brazilians are praying he doesn't now tip them!

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