As I mentioned in my post at the weekend, I've managed to get a goody for readers of this blog, what is it I hear you ask, well I've managed to secure a really useful Sports Arbitrage & Matched Betting Guide exclusively for followers of The Betfair Football Trader 🙂

U Cant Lose are the top Sports Arbitrage service available on the internet and matched betting and arbing is something I've had an eye on, ever since I started doing this full-time.  I subscribed to their service and received a copy of their Matched Betting Guide which is exclusively for members only.  I emailed them and asked if I could possibly make it available to readers of my blog and thankfully they agreed, not only that they gave me a mention on the second page too – my name in lights, ha ha, not quite but it just says I'm not breaking any copyright.

Sports Arbitrage, matched betting, arbing, sports arbs, the names are different but the outcome is always the same, if you place certain bets at different bookies you can lock in a guaranteed profit, which I alluded to in this post.

I've signed up for a months service @ £47 and as you can probably see at the top of this post I'm already up by £154.26 not bad for 3 days using this 🙂  I'm working with a bankroll of £1,000 for this as it's certainly worth doing properly!  Their arbing software scours the internet betting markets so that we don't have to and returns the days best arb bets, clever stuff innit!

You get a free 6-month subscription to Gambling Online Magazine by registering for the mailing list at U Can't Lose, this is worth £18 alone and there is no obligation to sign up for a subscription once it has finished.  U Can't lose guarantee a minimum of 50 arbs per month and the minimum arb value is generally around 2%, so if you take every one using a £1,000 bankroll, then that's £1,000 tax-free into your bank account each month – just wish I'd started this earlier!!!

Monday saw me get 2 Arbitrage bets through for a total profit of £48.70 which I have listed below.

  • ARB Received @ 7:31am GMT
  • Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets
  • Football – Australia – Hyundai A-League – Draw No Bet – 08/02/10 – 08:30 GMT
  • 1 – 2.20 – Centrebet
  • 2 – 1.91 – StanJames
  • Guaranteed Return – 2.24%
  • PROFIT MADE = £22.40
  • ARB Received @ 11:37am GMT
  • Hapoel Ironi Qiryat-Shmona v Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa
  • Football – Israel – State Cup – Total Goals – 08/02/10 – 17:00 GMT
  • Under 3.5 – 1.50 – StanJames
  • Over 3.5 – 3.25 – Bet365
  • Guaranteed Return – 2.63%
  • PROFIT MADE = £26.30

After the great start on Monday I couldn't wait for the arbs to come through on Tuesday for some more matched betting profiteering, thankfully it was as good as I'd hoped with me receiving 3 arbs between 10.30am and 4.30pm….I've put 2 of the details below

  • Shrewsbury Town v Barnet
  • Football – England – League Two – Draw No Bet – 09/02/10 – 19:45 GMT
  • 1 – 1.40 – Bet365
  • 2 – 3.75 – BlueSquare
  • Guaranteed Return – 1.94%
  • Boulogne v Guingamp
  • Football – France – Coupe de France (Cup) – 09/02/10 – 17:15 GMT
  • 1 – 2.25 – PinnacleSports
  • X – 3.40 – ToteSport
  • 2 – 4.20 – ToteSport
  • Guaranteed Return – 2.39%

So Monday & Tuesday made me a total profit of £116.40, today has been just as good with another £37.86 being added to the bankroll, my total profit from 3 days is £154.26

I have no hesitation in recommending U Can't Lose to followers of the blog, the only thing you have to remember is to place a few other bets at online bookmakers, so that you don't get earmarked as an arber, thankfully ucantlose set up their pattern of arbing with bookmakers in such a way that you spread your lost bets & won bets around all the online bookies so that you are just taking a slice off the top which makes it hard for the bookies to track.

So there you go yet another system in place, my computer is getting pretty congested with spreadsheets as I try and keep track of all of these, but I'm sure people will find this information useful, so I'd rather share it as it also helps me keep a proper track of what makes me money and what doesn't.  This though is a sure-fire winner and the only limit to your winnings is your bankroll.  The easy way to calculate your profit from arbing is to say that £1,000 will make you a minimum of £1,000, £500 a min profit of £500, £200 a min profit of £200 etc etc

Good luck to all gambling, trading, playing poker and arbing.  I've had a cracking couple of days betting and scored  a mutiple footy bet last night, I'll do a write up tomorrow

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One Response

  1. iow77

    Really enjoy reading your blog and check it regularly. It is interesting reading and helps to make the whole process of trading less of a solitary one.
    The arbing is fun but beware it is only a matter of time before bookmaker accounts are closed or more likely your bets are limited so that it is not worth your while betting. Some are worse than others – it wont take long before Bet 365 close your account. I did my own arbing re horses very successfully and without the help of a subscription company but now have limited or severly resticted accounts.
    This has also been the experience of many on Betfair forum. They have software apparently to spot your betting patterns and the fact that there is a differential on Betfair. Enjoy while it lasts.


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