Premier Winners Update

Main System = -3.81 points

Bonus Serie A System = +1.31 points

With 3 months of the season gone, I thought I'd provide an update to how Premier Winners has been performing.  Whilst it's not been perfect, the first 4 weeks went as I predicted and we lost, every single week.  It gave me no pleasure nor satisfaction in getting my predictions so accurate, but this is a system devised on well rounded statistics and the matches are selected on the basis of certain filters and if those are met, then a selection comes into play, no matter how unlikely that may seem some weeks.

The next 4 weeks were a hit and miss affair, with a few ups and downs, so after an extremely tricky opening to the season in which the pair of systems plunged to around 18 points down I am now heartened to see a superb recovery under way with a gain of 16.55 points over the past 4 weeks, which now leaves us on a loss of only 2.50 points for the season.  Yes it is a loss, but I am hopeful that the system is now finally finding its stride after all of the teams have now settled down and we should see improvement throughout the rest of the season and end up with a decent profit as my research found.

You can find out a little more by clicking any of the links below and listening to my dulcet tones.

As I said back in August, I've created many similar systems over the past 10 years or so and they have always been for my own use and this was the first time that I have offered anything for sale.  The bonus system is actually outperforming the main one at this stage, but like I say, I'm hopeful to for them both to push on now and make some good profits come May 2013

You also get the selections emailed to you for one month for free as part of your purchase price.  I hope to see you on the inside of what should be a profitable finish to the season!

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