With the major European football leagues soon drawing to a close, there is no time like the present to start researching for next season.  Whilst there will be a lot of arrivals on the player transfer merry-go-round through the summer, it still gives us an opportunity to lock in some profits through competition betting.

Long before I became a professional Betfair Trader, the first time I did this properly was when Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea and Mourinho had just been apointed after winning the Champions League with Porto.  The purchases of Glen Johnson and several others were acquired in the summer, so  I took Chelsea to win the league E/W which gave me the top 2 places and I lumped £100 on Chelsea to win.  At the time it seemed like an easy bet to me as Chelsea already had a good side and their strengthening was remarkable.

Now that was a straight bet and it won, but I only ever enter these sort of bets on Betfair nowadays, as that obviously gives me the opportunity to green up or cut my losses at some point.  There is generally tremendous value in finding 2 or 3 Championship clubs and backing them to win the league, although opposing recently relegated teams can generally prove profitable too as for some reason they tend to have a tough first month or so and their price drifts allowing you to take an easy profit.

My advice is to note the odds as soon as they become available for next season, select a few “target teams” and keep up-to-date on club news through Twitter etc and start to open you position before July is out.  Once the fixture lists are announced you can always select additional teams for trading as there may be a couple of potential banana skins around.

The only downside to long term betting is that you are leaving your money tied up for a long time, but there are some good profits to be made, so give it a go next year and don't miss the boat.  Even if you don't take a long-term Premier League bet for 2012/2013, at least paper trade one next season and see how you would have done.

Good luck with your trading & betting


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