Mourinho.  I cannot believe that Jose Mourinho is the runaway favourite to be the new permanent Chelsea manager.  Yes he may very well be the best football manager on the planet, with a CV that others could only dream of, but he didn't get to where he is today by being a fool (insert Reggie Perin joke here).

Jose Mourinho may be many things, but a fool is almost certainly not one of them, in fact my biggest fear as a Man City fan is that he will take over at Old Trafford when Ferguson retires as he would undoubtedly be able to carry on their unparalelled success.

“The Special One” may have bought a luxury pad in London, but I'm sure he owns a few places throughout Europe, if anything I could see him taking the England job for the Euros & World Cup, as Ferguson has said he will be retiring after 2014, so that would all fit in nicely for Jose.

The speculation is all based on the fact that he is seemlingly destined to walk out on Real Madrid in the summer after he has won the Primera Liga and quite possibly added another Champions League trophy to his CV.  He does have a track record of leaving clubs of his own accord once he has done the business and he's 10 points clear in La Liga, with little prospect of dropping enough points to let Barca back in.

So overall, I just cannot see what he has to gain (apart from a nice signing on fee & sacking fee) by going back to Chelsea, unfinished business maybe, but they do say never to go back.  Money aside, would you really want to work for a boss like Roman Abramovich, especially after he'd already sacked you once?

Tonight I'll be trading the Tottenham & West Ham games.  Good luck to everyone

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