Favourite Lays Review – Week 4

My Favourite Lays review has had another good week with around 4 points profit, with this weekend in particular being very profitable.  I have no idea what filters Philip uses to formulate his selections but they are superb.  I'm actually toying with increasing the stakes on this system over the next week, as it really is no fuss at all to get the bets on each day because I use Lay Bot Pro as recommended by Philip.

So overall I'm on a profit of almost £300 using level £20 stakes, which is a superb return of almost 15 points during my first 4 weeks.  If this keeps performing as it has been, I may finally have found a money tree at the bottom of the garden 🙂

The Favourite Lays review will continue for another couple of weeks and then I'll wrap things up and do a final write-up, but barring a total capitulation, I would say that a positive review is highly likely!

Week 4 – Official Results Based on £100 stakes

Potential Tips = 13
Valid Tips = 10
Profit = +£755.00

Week 4 – My Results Based on £20 stakes

Bets = 10
Profit =+£76.86

Overall Official Results Based on £100 stakes

Potential Tips = 54
Valid Tips = 40
Profit = +£1805.00

Overall My Results Based on £20 stakes

Bets = 31
Profit = +£291.18
Favourite Lays
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