…but not for me as I managed to cash in a quick hundred from Spurs exit to Real Madrid tonight.

Tottenham had an excellent run with some great results along the way, but they finally met their match in Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid, I couldn't actually believe how much of a chance the pundits on the radio were actually giving Spurs earlier today.  Let's be fair, Spurs are a good side but they don't quite have Ronaldo, Kaka et al in their team do they.  Still it allows them the chance to challange my beloved Manchester City for that fourth spot and I'm hoping that lightening doesn't strike twice when City play Spurs at Eastlands in a few weeks time.

Tonight I decided to trade the under and over 2.5 goals market and waited for the right moment before going for one big scalp.  It was relatively easy and I'm still finding my way around the over and unders markets, but it is a case of so far so good and I am quite warming to these markets on Betfair.

I am going to be doing a review of Tradeshark Tennis shortly, but probably after this weekend's footy shenanigans are out of the way.  Following on from that I have some exciting plans for the blog after being overwhelmed by how many people are visiting each day, I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to visit and the emails and comments I receive are fantastic, so thanks.

The blog will see a good amount of revamping over the summer, providing I keep learning how to do this webby stuff, because I do it all myself and I am far from an expert!  There will also be some really useful resources added for all budding traders out there, that's the plan anyhow.

Good luck to all gambling and trading tomorrow, Steve

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3 Responses

  1. andy


    are you still actively using this Football Trading System by Ian for soccer matches in-play ? I ask cause i want to buy it, but your review is over 1 year old and your 2011 results also are not shown here? why?

    • Steve

      Yes I still use it and post about it regularly in my posts, the system still works and is still profitable.

      I have decided to stop showing results on a monthly basis, as I am now full-time and this blog was about my journey to hopefully becoming a Betfair professional and it can be a little onerous keeping meticulous records, I may consider doing it at some point, but my blog posts show how good or bad I do each month



  2. Blogorama

    […] this weekend I’m going to start messing around with the blog as I alluded to in an earlier post, I have some exciting plans for the site this summer and I need to change the layout to incorporate […]


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