Well another week has been and gone and overall it was fairly successful although I didn't trade too much.  I attended my mates wedding at Manchester Town Hall on Friday and this was followed by the usual boozy do until daft o'clock when I then took the missus down to the casino for a game of poker.  Unfortunately they didn't have any poker on at the Circus casino and I wish that I'd walked that little bit further down the road to go to the Manchester 235 as I normally do, but we were staying in a hotel just a couple of doors away so it was convenient more than anything else.

So with no poker on offer I hit the blackjack table where the minimum bet was £5, the guy to my right was betting £5 per hand and also putting £5 on perfect pairs, whereby you can get up to a 30-1 return on your bet if you hit the right pair.  Well he hit pairs 5 times in a row and ended up with over £600 within about 5 minutes, now that's an hourly rate. He was lauhing his head off, quite right too, he just couldn't believe it.  I made a quick £40 before moving onto roulette and bagging another £35, my beer had been paid for and it was time to hit the sack.

Yesterday was a complete write-off as usual with the hangover hangin large, still we got the train home and spent the afternoon chilling out and watching a few films.  I made around £80 from trading the tennis matches using Bet Angel, mostly through clicking the “make market” button within there, although whether that's a profitable strategy long-term or I just got lucky, I don't know, but I suspect I was lucky and will need to get some proper stratefy to profit consistently from trading tennis matches.

So the tennis was good and so was the footy trading with me picking 2 matches to trade yesterday and winning both for a profit of over £120, so a £200 day, or so you would think, but then I decided to trade a horse race using iBetMate on my iphone, because my laptop was plugged into the tv via the hdmi whilst we watched The Expendables.  I started trading the 4.55 at Kempton around 15 minutes before the start of the race and before it started, I had profits of over £50 secured on the first 4 favourites, basically I ended up with one horse that would cost me £200 if it won.  So in a 10 horse race, there was only one horse that could beat me, you guessed it, the 33-1 shot came through and took the win (Spiritual something or other).  So a scratch day and a lesson learned, that's why I only trade using Bet Angel.  If I'd done that on my pc or laptop I could have just greened up, but it was so fast moving on the phone and the refresh rate is nowhere near the required speed that I just couldn't work out the right exit bet.

Lots of trading and betting lies ahead today and I'm determined to put my horsetrading reults back into profit for the month, hopefully I won't be throwing good money after bad.

Good luck everyone

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