Well I've been plodding away with my new challenge since my last post and I'm delighted to announce that I have now double the bankroll from £200 to just over £400 in the 11 days since I started the task of turning £200 into £20,000 through trading on Betfair.

The main thanks for achieving this go to the Betfair Trading Expert Football picks and Phil who has now appeared on Matt's blog giving out greyhound tips each day.  I've been to the dogs a few times (insert appropriate joke) and I've always enjoyed it as a night out, but I've never even considered it as something to bet on using a betting exchange.  There is generally very little liquidity until the preceding minutes before a race, but that hasn't stopped me putting on £3 lay bets (in my challenge account) as soon I see the tips on the BTE blog.

As you can see from the picture below, I managed to get most bets matched and only picked up the one loser.  I've started using slightly different parameters than those that Phil sets out in his GLS (Greyhound Lay Service), and hopefully it keep doing the business.

Barring a complete disaster, I can see this one becoming a paid for service and as long as Matt & Phil price it sensibly (i.e. sub £50 per month), then I'll definitely add it to my portfolio for at least another month.

Another system I have been impressed with has been the Sporting Winners system by Lee P (I think it was a P), I've been placing £5 bets over on bet365 and I'm around £70 up so far in the 14 days that the tips have been going out.  The other great thing is that the odds have been averaging over 2.00 for the betting period so far, so they're very much value bets, with the odds dead cert thrown in.

The Laymeister service went off in spectacular fashion but is now down to break even, so I'm going to keep following those with sensible stakes.  Frank's Footy lays is a couple of points down and I know that a couple of the bets were very close to seeing this one in profit, so I'm going to keep faith in Frank for now and see how he ends up a the end of month.

The jury is out on The Morph as not enough picks have come through, however I'm at a loss with some of the picks that Pete has sent through, but at least he has the balls to stick his neck out and have a go, so I won't sit here and criticise the guy, I just won't be betting too many of his selections 🙂

So there's my review of the subscriber trials thing over at Betfair Trading Expert, this wasn't what the post was starting out about, but I get easily distracted.  Trading wise June has been surprisingly good so far and I've managed to get into 4 figures on my main account whilst making another £200 on my challenge account, so I'm happy with my mid-month position and hope to sign-off with a flourish as my Man City season ticket is due in the next week and that's going take a big chunk of my kitty

That's enough of me rambling, good luck to all gambling and trading, Steve


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