FTS Starting BankRoll £100  Results +£100.77  Closing bankroll £200.77
 SBC Starting BankRoll £100  Results +£2.79  Closing bankroll £102.79
FMS Starting BankRoll £100  Results -£35.05 Closing bankroll £64.95

Well I've doubled my initial bankroll using the Football Trading System after only 21 days trading on Betfair and I am keen to keep this run going.  It the mutz nutz, bees knees and the dogs danglys all rolled into one and my sincere thanks and respect go to Ian Erskine.  If you haven't already purchased the system, I can honestly say it's the best purchase I've made for a very long time, possibly ever made.  If I had used the recommended starting bankroll of £1000, then I would be sitting on a £1000 profit now, but I want to get to know each and every system intimately and grow my bankroll bit by bit.  It is tempting to up the stakes though, but I'll stick with the system for another month or so.  If you want a low risk football trading system that delivers decent profits, then the Football Trading System is the one for you

Today saw me trading on the City v Fulham, West Ham v Arsenal and Twente v Groningen in the Dutch Eredivisie.  I decided to trade aggressively today to try and recoup yesterdays losses and boy did it work.

The Football Maestro System, unfortunately had another losing day, yet once again it was a case of so near yet so far.  As I said yesterday, I can see the logic of the system, so I really believe it will come up trumps in the long-term, but I reckon I've just joined it during a downswing (which every system will have).  The profits for August & September were okay, but this month has been a nightmare for shocks, Spurs getting beat by Stoke, City not beating Fulham, Inter not beating Kiev, Barcelona getting beaten at home etc etc.  I reckon November could be a great month for the system, so you could do worse than grabbing a copy now and getting used to how it all works.

I'm still waiting for the first NBA picks of the new season from the Sports Betting Champ and I am really excited about this one, especially as he didn't lose a single NBA bet last season.

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