This is my review of the Tradeshark Tennis and all contained within it.  Paul Shires is the owner of the site and he is a professional tennis trader and tennis system seller from Worcestershire.

First Impressions?

Well, website wise it's not the best looking one that you'll ever come across as it's obviously been done on a shoestring, but that doesn't concern me one bit, as after all how many gambling scams have you come across with their slick looking websites and crap betting systems.  As long as the content is good, who cares what it looks like.

What do you get for your money?

  • General Trading Advice articles
  • Tennis Match Previews on the blog (free)
  • Forum Membership (free)
  • 6 excellent tennis trading strategies
  • Excellent tennis trading videos to watch
  • Cricket trading strategy
  • Access to copyright material
  • Useful website links
  • For a one-off fee of…………£29…………great value!!!!

This is different to most systems that I've bought in the past, in the sense that there isn't an ebook to be downloaded.  It's a bit of a shame there isn't an ebook, because they're handy to have on your phone/ipad for reading later on.

Although there's no pdf, there is no shortage of information on the website and with a blog and forum as part of the overall package if you can't make money from tennis trading on tradeshark tennis then you really need to ask yourself some questions 🙂

The tennis strategies are sound in their logic and reasoning and if executed correctly you will make some excellent money over time, whether short term or long term.

The trading videos available are excellent and you can really learn some useful information from them, so you should take the time to watch the ones in each section before beginning to trade.

Cricket Trading is something I am yet to try, but the logic seems sound enough, so I'm sure that the strategy included is good.

Any bad bits?

The only downside to Tradeshark Tennis, (which is also a huge irony, given how this review came about) is the sheer amount of copyrighted material available to members, there are 5 published books and even a tennis strategy that has been ripped off from Pete Nordsted and typed up into a word document.

This review came about because Paul took exception to me enjoying using the Betfair Trading Expert Systems (very successfully) and writing about them on this blog.  Paul's claim is that all of the tennis strategies sold by Matt Abraham are his work and his alone.

Well now that I've seen the two of them, Matt's tennis systems are pretty much the same as Tradeshark Tennis but if tennis is your thing, then you have to join tradeshark because it's far more in-depth than Matt Abraham's tennis coverage.  I'm not going to get involved in any legal/libel dispute between the two, so I'll leave it at that and I've added a red comment on the Betfair Trading Expert Review too.

Aside from the people in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones and pots calling kettles black n all that type of stuff, it really is a good package and you get some excellent freebies thrown in too 🙂

Do You Recommend This System?

Without a doubt, its an excellent package for the price and it should be part of any Betfair Trader's portfolio.

How To Maximise Your Profits With This System

It’s quite simple, just purchase Bet Angel or any other Betfair Trading Ladder, no more no less, the quicker refresh rates you have, the quicker you can act and trade out for a profit.  Give yourself an edge.

Tradeshark Tennis Summary

  • Cost = £29
  • Difficulty = Easy to Medium, you have to read, learn an apply
  • Value  = Excellent
  • Profitability = you’ll get the purchase price back within the first 2 weeks
  • Recommended = Yes 100%