Total Football Trading Review

I bought Total Football Trading by SES Trading quite a while ago a I've been meaning to get the review of Total Football Trading up no here for a while.  Still better late, than never so here goes…

Total Football Trading, is published by SES Trading and the sales page is hosted over at Sports Trading Life which is owned by Ben Michaels.


What Do You Get?

Ebook Number 1 (The Team Talk)

The Team Talk ebook is 26 pages long and is an ideal manual for new traders and experienced traders alike.  If you're new to trading, then you will find some the advice really eye opening and if you follow it to the letter, then you will make the correct trading decisions time after time.

The book takes you through what football trading is, why you should be doing it before imparting sage advice upon you about the best way to go about it.

Even if you are experienced at trading the football markets and getting green screens on Betfair, this guide can still help you, because as much as we might think that we know it all, we do forget things along the way and this guide will certainly help to iron out any little trading wrinkles or bad habits you've developed along the way.

It covers many of the subjects that are available in my own newsletter, but they're in no way connected, but it really is important to learn how to manage your trading bank, knowing when never to trade, knowing how important it is to plan your trades correctly.

All in all this ebook is one of the best around for telling you exactly what is required to become a professional Betfair Trader

Ebook Number 2 (Pre-match Trading Strategies)

Want to make money with a smaller risk, then pre-match is where it's at.  I personally have a couple of strategies I've used for a few years now and I now full well that the ones contained within this 27 page ebook also work equally well.

Pre-match trading carries less risk because the price movements are generally not as severe and nobody is suddenly going to score a goal to ruin your plan, but it's all about timing and predictions.  Trust me when I say it's not as straight forward as you might thin predicting if odds are going to drift or shorten.

This guide contains 3 pre-match trading strategies, which if you follow to the letter will see you make steady profits.  These strategies can be used by people in Australia and other countries who find their in-play trading activities blocked due to governmental restrictions


Ebook Number 3 (The Kick Off)

This book contains in-play trading strategies and that is the area that I specialise in to make my profits each week and once again I'm very impressed with the ebook and the content – 39 Pages of top quality content, once again complete with screenshots which makes it easy to follow, understand and to put into practice.

Superb profits can be made from in-play trading on Betfair and the 4 contained within this particular ebook are geared up to help you achieve just that!  Obviously I don't intend to give away the strategies by talking about them too much, but if you want in-play strategies that work and deliver football profits, then you'll be happy with your purchase

Ebook Number 4 (Extra Time)

Not satisfied with 7 football strategies already, then don't worry, there are another 3 in-play Betfair strategies coming straight at you 🙂  Another well presented ebook, with 25 pages of content which is well written and as per the other ebooks, it is interspersed with screenshots that show you exactly how to structure the trades.  The systems definitely work and make a useful addition to anyone's trading artillery.

Do You Recommend This Package?

Wholeheartedly, there is well over 100 pages of information and it isn't all rehashed rubbish that crops up from time to time, it's original with a couple of strategies in there that I hadn't used before.  For the price you really cannot fail to be impressed.

Maximise Your Profits With This System By…

…Buying Bet Angel, you know I recommend using professional trading software wherever possible.  It really does help and having that quicker refresh rate and ladder trading really does help you to

Total Football Trading Summary

Cost = $77

Difficulty = Easy up to advanced trading (something for everyone)

Value = 10 Winning Systems & a guide & a members section (top notch)

Profitability = You will make the outlay back in no time and a lot more besides

Recommended = Absolutely, if you're into trading football, you need this system