This is my review of the Betfair Trading Expert and it is a somewhat understated website, but its creator Matt Abraham claims to have made a fortune by using the methods he has created.

This Betfair Trading Expert review will deliver my judgement on whether it's one of the best betting systems available or another gambling guide scam.

Who is Matt Abraham?

Well, quite frankly, who cares, as long as the betting systems are good that is.  He is from London, UK and is a self professed geek who has spent his life studying statistics and probability culminating in a phd in the former.  So Doctor Matt, what have you got on offer for us punters….

What do you get?

  • 4 Excellent trading systems
  • Daily picks for life
  • Superb & personal customer service
  • For a one-off fee of…………$69/£43…………amazing!!!!

I've read and re-read the systems and to be perfectly honest, they all make perfect sense, I have been gambling and trading for a while now and now I'm a fully fledged professional, I feel well placed to spot the scams and rubbish betting systems and equally proficient at recognising the quality gambling products that do the rounds.

These systems are quality and come in two separate pdfs, professionally put together and packed with 32 pages of useful information and guidance in total.  The pdfs are not quite as slick as say the Sports Betting Professor pdfs, but they are well put together and extremely clear and concise and thought has obviously been put into how to present the information.  The picks emails follow on from the guides and each day they come through they list the system, the matches, start times etc etc, so there's no way you'd be betting on the wrong match.

I've contacted Matt a few times prior to purchasing the system and post purchasing (I'm annoying like that), I like to make sure there's a real person there to assist me if necessary, he personally answered each one of my emails within 24 hours so that's a nice touch. I did ask him about the $69 price and he said that it is very much a launch price and that it will be increasing in the near future!!

Footy Trading System 1

A guaranteed winner, along the same lines of the Football Trading System, however it is superior in all departments, not only is it cheaper there is good advice on how to pick which matches to trade.  The picks are what are making this stand out for me so far, Ian Erskine's systems picks have started to dry up over the past 4 to 5 months and I can only assume this is due to his ongoing health problems.  To highlight just how superior the picks have been, I have received 20 selections of matches to trade in the past 3 days whereas Ian has supplied 0 (zero).  Those 20 matches would have generated you around £35 profit from £5 lays and you would have paid for  the system almost immediately

Footy Trading System 2

A superb system and one which has got me thinking about how I trade overall and what other winning combinations may be lurking within Betfair.  You place bets on different markets within the same match and then watch the match unfold, the way the game unfolds usually sees you picking up a decent win and the occasional losses are minimal and are far outweighed by the profits.  This is less labour intensive than the first system and practically runs on autopilot.  In fact you could probably make it that way using Bet Angel

Footy Trading System 3

This strategy focusses on showing you to get profits from trading football matches before the kick-off.  If you want to learn how to scalp football matches then this scalping strategy will arm you with the information need to make profits from trading online.  Matt covers trading 4 days before a match, 1 day before a match and 1 hour before a match.  Each one of those scenarios represents slightly different opportunities for you to make profits on Betfair.

Footy Trading System 4

Trading Overs and Unders markets should be a part of any aspiring traders portfolio and this strategy is for the Over/Under 2.5 Goal markets.  As with all of the BTE trading strategies it is clearly demonstrated where to enter and where to exit the markets

Do You Recommend This System?

Absolutely 100%, this is without doubt the best package I have come across, the guides are concise, the systems are profitable and the picks are regular and plentiful.

How To Maximise Your Profits With This System

It's quite simple, just purchase Bet Angel, no more no less, the quicker refresh rates you have, the quicker you can act and trade out for a profit.  Give yourself an edge.

Betfair Trading Expert Summary

  • Cost = $69/£43
  • Difficulty = Easy – Receive the picks & place the bets
  • Value  = The best I have found by far – 4 systems for 1 price + picks
  • Profitability = You'll get the purchase price back within the first week
  • Recommended = Yes 100%, the best Betfair Systems around by far
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