Who Is Best Betfair Football Trader?

My name is Steve, I'm from Manchester in the United Kingdom and I've been a professional trader for a while now.  I certainly don't claim to be the best, I purely ended up with that website name because my original blog (thebetfairfootballtrader) was hosted on WordPress.com and I didn't realise they didn't accept gambling blogs, so I had to register a new domain, so here I am.

I had my first attempt at going full time in 2007 and it was nothing short of a disaster.  I had won quite a bit of money playing poker over the previous 18 months and had a good bankroll but I managed to throw away my entire betting bankroll on the horses inside a fortnight.

Do you have your own trading service?

Not at the moment, but I do get a lot of requests along this line, so I may do at some point as I'd be happy to help people get up to speed with the world of Betfair trading.  I am running workshops though and you can learn all you need to start making ssome

Do you follow any specific tipsters/systems?

Yes I do, but the majority of my trades and bets are from my own research nowadays.  However if you don't have the time and are looking for a good start then Betfair Trading Expert, Total Football Trading & Goal Profits are good places to begin.

How often do you update the blog?

Nowhere near as I used to do in the early days, but I'm doing my best to keep posting regular and useful content, whether that's new service reviews, new statistics sites or just my general ramblings

Can anyone become a full time trader?

In short the answer is yes, but ALL traders have to have discipline and respect for their bankroll.  I suggest you sign up for my free newsletter to see the top 5 mistakes that Betfair traders make so that you don't make them!

Affiliate links disclosure

I use affiliate links throughout the site, which mean that if you click one then I may or may not earn a commission.  It is important to note that I have never and would never promote something just in the hope of earning a commission off the back of one of you.  That would be underhand and I have to sleep at night.  I bought many a crap system myself years ago after reading review sites which were obviously peddling false reviews in order to make you click and buy.  That doesn't happen here, if a product has been reviewed and has been found to be good, then that's a genuine and honest opinion and you should hopefully make some money from the product or service.

There are two distinct types of affiliate links within the site;

1 – Links to bookies – This site has been running for several years now and the largest commission I have ever received is £45.83 from Sky Bet.  Bookies generally give you a percentage of any losses that a player may make, it turns out that my readers are sharp bettors and very profitable and all bar one of my affiliate accounts have a negative equity.  My Bet365 affiliate account is actually over £2,000 in the red.  I'm glad you're all winning!

2 – Links to products/services – These do generate a commission as I will generally get a percentage of the initial sale.  You don't pay any extra for using my links but it all helps to pay for hosting, domain renewal and such like.  It's much appreciated.

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